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Famous DjTipsTricksThe Key to Become a Successful and

Famous DjTipsTricksThe Key to Become a Successful and


Famous Dj|Tips|Tricks|The Key to Become a Successful and Famous DJ: How to Become the Life of the Party Becoming a professional and Famous DJ can be a very ...

You don't go from bedroom to main room overnight: DJing is a journey complete with struggles, triumphs, and tons of hard work if you want success .

How To Become A DJ: A Beginner's Guide

The Two Simple Secrets Of Every Successful DJ

5 Tips For DJing With Just A Laptop

Tiger and Woods at Movement Festival 2012

I believe an experienced DJ can read the crowd and know what direction to go in before the dance even begins. Usually during the latter part of dinner I ...

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Getting into DJing's the easy part: Staying in it by developing your career and consistently performing at your peak, like Carl Cox, is another thing ...

5 Tips For Building A Successful Club Night

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Check out some highlights from our first ever Mobile DJ Survey.

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Check out six of the top mistakes that beginner DJs make in this article…

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We bust the top myths about becoming a DJ/producer in this article. We'll even start with one right now: You don't need a ...

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7 Surefire Steps To Becoming A Better DJ

Should Digital DJs Be Bothered About Mixing in Key?

The number one tried-and-true tactic to get your guests to let loose on the dance-floor is great song selection! Having DJ'd so many different kinds of ...

How To Become a DJ

How To Play Successful Indie DJ Sets

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How to Become a Famous DJ

ENTITY discusses how to become a DJ.

Martin Garrix's Tips On How To Become A DJ

“The key to being a good DJ is knowing how to pace the energy of the night. I guarantee you will get way more compliments if you play appropriately to your ...

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After Our last article: The Key to Become a Successful DJ: Dj Tips to


Learning to mix does not have to be a difficult process. With these digital DJ tips, anyone can become an expert mixer. Digital Dj tips.

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At every event there is a layer of ice on top of the dance floor that HAS TO BE broken before people really start enjoying the music and vibe.

Bedroom DJ Woes: Why You're Not Getting Booked (And What To Do About It) - DJ TechTools


DJ Gear - Mixed In Key Launches New Flow DJ Software for Mac & PC -

The main part of the night is usually around 12 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. so make sure you've got enough bangers in your collection to rock the dance floor for this ...

I'm a music producer and I'm passionate about sharing my experiences. Things that worked, things that I f*cked up and what I learned from it all.

How to Build a Successful Career as an Artist

Over the years I have learned that people sometimes are hesitant to let loose during the wedding reception. Some of the tips/tricks that have worked for me ...

Many DJs love that tactile feel of moving the physical record, and many people love watching a “real” DJ playing “real” records.

What is key notation software?

Things a Karaoke DJ (KJ) May or May Not Tell You

the benefits & traps of key notation software

As a DJ, you are literally the life of the wedding reception. Sometimes, people are hesitant to let loose and have a good time.

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There are many bits and gimmicks some performers use to coax people onto the dance floor, but they can seem desperate or make guests feel awkward. Being ...

The ...

... your ability as a DJ to justify the self-promotion you need to be doing. Back to the studio to keep practising until you're 100% confident you're ready ...


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For sure, the more followers, plays, likes and comments you have for your account, the more visibility your account have.

As we have DJed several events with many being weddings we have found that it's easiest to pack the dance floor by turning the lights down low and playing ...

You can also piece together a setup from any number of smaller modular DJ controllers. This option is preferred by DJs who have very specific needs, ...

Here at Inkredible Sounds some tips and tricks we use to pack out the dance floor is to play a love song and invite all the married couples to the dance ...

Becoming a Music Producer Pt. 2: Music Career Tips

DJing will always to a great passion of mine so to have it as my full time job is pretty awesome. I am touring, making music and enjoying my life of music ...

Communicate and engage with your crowd over the microphone! Play music that they will respond to (i.e. The latest Billboard Top 40's or Top 100's, ...

Pioneer CDJ Nexus Setup

How to Become a Successful Rapper

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How to Network in Life: !llmind Shares the Key to Making Successful Connections

Even with all the music production and beatmaking information right at your fingertips, it can still be difficult to figure out how to get started making ...



Dubspot Radio Podcast: DJ Amir (Live Boogie Mix) + Interview


Why the Pursuit of Happiness Is the Most Important Key to Creative Success. "

3 Tips for Producing Music Faster

... the decks' BPM display is set to only 1 decimal place. Some CDJ setups might not show any decimal place or only 1 decimal place for the BPM figure. DJs ...

Adam Freeland. “

David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia


The controller market continues to grow, and DJs may choose among the options which fit their budget, workflow, and preferred software.

Kontrol S4 Jogwheel

Self Motivation

Mobile DJ