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Etz Hayim synagogue Izmir synagogues t Izmir

Etz Hayim synagogue Izmir synagogues t Izmir


Etz Hayim synagogue, Izmir

Sinyora Synagogue · Etz Haim Synagogue

Sanctuary of the Etz Ha Hayim synagogue

Bikur Holim synagogue, Izmir

sadiravan mosque izmir

Bikur Holim Synagogue

Shalom Synagogue · Foresteros Synagogue

Shalom synagogue, Izmir

Signora Giveret Synagogue

Bet Israel Synagogue (İzmir) - Bet Israel Synagogue is located in Karataş, İzmir

Al Gazi Synagogue, HEVRA SYNAGOGUE

Shalom (Aydinlilar) Synagogue. Oldest Synagogue in Izmir(Shalom ...

Algaze Synagogue

Etz Hayim Synagogue, Izmir

Beit Israel synagogue, Izmir

Other Synagogues in Kemeralti-Konak

Great Synagogue of Gaziantep

Yabets synagogue-Constructive: Yitshak Bengiat-Year built: 1875-Bergama- İzmir

Jewish Heritage in Turkey

Ashkenazi Synagogue, 1900

Old synagogue, Verona.

Kadosh Synagogue, Izmir, a.k.a Foresteros Synagogue (to be restored)

Restored Beit Hillel Synagogue, Izmir

Al Gazi Synagogue, HEVRA SYNAGOGUE

Old Portugal Synagogue - Izmir

Jewish Sacred Sites in Turkey

Etz Hayyim Synagogue

tire izmir city vision

The Algazi and Hevra synagogues have a central bimah (the elevated platform from which the Torah is read aloud to congregants). The Etz-Hayim ...

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Al Gazi Synagogue, HEVRA SYNAGOGUE

Bergama renovated synagogue, Turkey

Smyrna the city of Homer. “Beautiful Izmir” ...

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Karatas Synagogue, Izmir

Sinyora Synagogue, Izmir, Turkey

Etz Hayim Synagogue in Chania, Crete

Izmir's Beit Hillel Synagogue facade after restoration (photo credit: Jewish Heritage Europe)

On left - Old Sonsino and on right - Sinyora (Gveret) Synagogues - Izmir

Algaze Synagogue - Izmir. See more. Sinagog-Year built 1862-Repair year 1896-Restore: Municipality-Restore year

Italian Synagogue, 19th century

Izmir Lady's Museum

Smyrna (Tepekule-Bayrakli). Old Izmir ...

Once one of the world's most vibrant Jewish communities, Izmir is now home to only 1200 Jews. The cultural legacy of the Jewish Community of Izmir is in ...

Izmir History & Art Museum

Unique Judaica ritual objects left from the collapsed synagogues.

Bikur Holim, Izmir, Turkey

List of synagogues in Israel

Crete Chania synagogue

Tofre Begadim Synagogue

Yanbol Synagogue, 18th century

(Jewish Museum of Turkey), c. 1671

Izmir Art & Statue Galley Museum

Kadosh Synagogue, Izmir, a.k.a Foresteros Synagogue (to be restored) | synagogues | Pinterest | Izmir, Jewish temple and Temple

Bikur Holim, Izmir, Turkey

Grand Synagogue of Edirne - Interior of Grand Synagogue of Edirne.

Bikur Holim, Izmir, Turkey

Hasköy synagogue

Kol Israel Synagogue

Grand Synagogue of Edirne - Facade of the ruined Edirne Synagogue before restoration.

Bikur Holim, Izmir, Turkey

Yeniköy Synagogue

Karaite Synagogue

Ankara Synagogue - View of Ankara Synagogue

Shalom Synagogue, Izmir, Turkey

Tofre Begadim Synagogue


Haim Synagogue

The Izmir Project: Izmir Intenational Juewish Cultural Heritage Seminar – 19-23 April 2017

Izmir Archaeology Museum

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Hemdat Israel Synagogue - Hemdat Israel Synagogue

Sardis Synagogue

Shalom Synagogue, Izmir, Turkey

Yeshurun Central Synagogue, Gedera

Mayor Synagogue


izmir history

Mayor Synagogue (Bursa) - Mayor Synagogue (1996)

Palermo To Open First Synagogue Since Expulsion Of The Jews

Algazi Synagogue, Izmir, Turkey

Algaze synagogue, Izmir (Juhasz, Sephardi Jews of the Ottoman Empire: Aspects of Material Culture)

Synagogues in Turkey


Unique Judaica ritual objects left from the collapsed synagogues.

Maalem Synagogue

Hollandse Synagoge - Hollandse Synagoge

Temple of Israel Synagogue (Rockaway Beach, New York)

Or Zaruaa synagogue, founded by Rabbi Amram Aburbeh in Nahlat Ahim neighbourhood, Jerusalem, Israel, exterior photo of the building declared as historic ...

Zulfaris Synagogue, Jewish Museum of Turkey in Istanbul

Sardis Synagogue

Ashkenazi Synagogue, 1900

List of oldest synagogues

List of synagogues in Ottawa

JPG · Sinagoga Tofre Begadim1. Foto Miguel A.Otero Soliño.