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Eridan Ampora hair Homestuck t Homestuck Cosplay

Eridan Ampora hair Homestuck t Homestuck Cosplay


Eridan Ampora: The one that is hated by all his 'friends' and I don't yet know why.

Feferi x Big Hair OTP by notzilon

He looks like Cronus with purple in his hair... Homestuck ...

Eridan Ampora hair

Eridan Ampora from Homestuck.

eridan! his freckles are so pretty.....Also I like to · Homestuck ...

Homestuck: Eridan Ampora 1 by Yonejiro ...

Homestuck: Eridan Ampora by Yonejiro ...

Homestuck Eridan Ampora And then there's Eri!

Eridan ampora

Homestuck: Cronus Ampora by Yonejiro ...


Homestuck cosplay - Eridan Ampora http://kibamarta.deviantart.com/

Finally an HS genderbend I like

#homestuck #eridan #ampora i would do anything to have cool hair and clothes like eridan

Eridan Ampora Makeup tutorial. Alamapaca Cosplay

Eridan Ampora. Homestuck CosplayButlerPisces

Eridan Ampora *cry*

Homestuck Cosplay · Celestial · Comic Con · Eridan Ampora Hair

Eridan Ampora Cosplay by kingkimochi ...

Eridan Ampora - Homestuck

Homestuck Eridan Ampora. I have a crush on a sea dweller. Is that weird

Sol got lost in her hair. So cute #homestuck #feferi #sollux

I'm putting this under my Homestuck board and my Welcome to Nightvale board because

i like the hair here

oh the whale

Eridan Ampora (Hey, it's my profile pic! :D) · Homestuck ...

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Sollux Captor - EriSol

Humanstuck Eridan Ampora looking fine

[HOMESTUCK] FEM Eridan Ampora - Makeup Cosplay

Homestuck cosplay Kankri Vantas and Cronus Ampora < < < oh gosh this is amazing and beautiful and aww I don't read Homestuck often but just plz yes

[Kasou Wig] Homestuck Eridan Ampora all back black with hightlighted purple streak cosplay wig

Eridan <---- okay I have to admit this picture is adorable

gamzee cosplay | cosplay cachedgamzee cosplay homestuck gamzee cosplay agenuine costume .

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[Rotation pic] beta condesce doodle 'i want everything about you.

Eridan -- Homestuck ((Hipster Clothing Shop Worker)) i lovve it wwhen people draw eridan so prefectly

Eridan Ampora from Homestuck Cosplayer: MissArisugawa [TW / DA / FB]Photographer: KralikSetite [WW / DA] <3

Sleepy Gamgrub. Homestuck ...

oh. Homestuck ...

#cosplay #homestuck #homestuckcosplay #eridan #eridanampora #eridancosplay #eridanamporacosplay #amporacosplay #ampora #costest #troll #homestucktroll ...

Comic con cosplay · Cronus Ampora ...

Image is loading Homestuck-Eridan-Ampora-Black-Layered-Wig-Cosplay -Halloween-

Throw back to my first eridan cosplay :) . . #homestuckcosplay #homestuck # eridan #eridanampora #ampora #cosplay

Homestuck cosplay

HS - Eridan Fashion by ~Synnesai on deviantART · Homestuck TrollsHomestuck CosplayGeek ...

homestuck may be over but that doesn't mean i still don't love my son

Imagen de homestuck, and edrian

The logical conclusion.


Homestuck Cosplay, Cosplay Costumes, Celestial, Bro, Fandoms, Bridge, Fandom

Eridan Ampora underwater and above.

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Feferi Peixes - EriFef

Eridniwe by alison-nyash on DeviantArt | Eridan Ampora | Pinterest | deviantART

homestuck cosplay | homestuck cosplay eridan ampora feferi peixes lapini i'm gonna stop ... //you cutieessss

Find this Pin and more on Homestuck cosplay!!!!!!. Humanstuck Eridan!

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Sollux Captor - EriSol < <

Eridan Ampora

Eridan Ampora

Homestuck: Cronus Ampora Cosplay 2 by SNTP ...

shoutatthedark: Idk it just happened. Basically I googled horns and coyote teeth and half

Eridan ampora cosplay- that Tshirt is so perfect

Eridan Ampora Cosplay - Homestuck < < < omg amazing cosplay of him

Eridan Ampora from homestuck Cosplayer: http://askcosplay-myotocrimson.tumblr.

Homestuck: Eridan Ampora- Prince of Hope by BlackRoseMikage ...

uniquepain: sticksandsharks: That's what you get for wearing a cape underwater.And then there's Feferi's giant hair.

Eridan Ampora from Homestuck Forever alone with a bottle of Faygo :C Eridan cosplayed by Photography by =fenyxdesign SukoshiCon : Destin Janua.

Eridan, you're perfect.

cronus ampora - Google Search. Homestuck FunnyHomestuck CosplayMy ...


Homestuck comic of kankri and cronus. Apparently off of a star wars meme? :/ meh I just liked this>>>>>>>> April cronkri day we cosplay

Homestuck female gamzee is SO ADORABLE WITH HER BOW

ampora rotation Cronus(ancestors troll) -> Orphaner Dualscar (beta troll) -> Eridan (alpha troll) -> Cronus —————————————- *just re-design. u_u -explain: ...

eridan is probably my third favorite homestuck character

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Feferi Peixes - EriFef | Eridan & Feferi | Pinterest | Homestuck, Otp and Cosplay

Watching his love life spin out of control.

Cronus Ampora God Tier

Eridan Ampora

eridan ampora cosplay | Tumblr

Trickster Eridan Ampora

homestuck homestuck cosplay terezi pyrope terezi pyrope cosplay terezi cosplay vriska serket vriska serket cosplay vriska cosplay equius zahhak equius ...

cute homestuck cosplay troll black pink fish peixes kuroshitsuji sweet eridan ampora feferi peixes myart pisces

Eridan Ampora · Homestuck TrollsHomestuck CosplayFandoms ...

Eridan Ampora ...

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Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Feferi Peixes - EriFef


Eridan Ampora (more like life ruiner ;w;) <3 · Fictional CharactersHomestuck ComicHomestuck CosplayHomestuck ...

homestuck Gamzee Makara vriska sollux doodle eridan ampora aradia megido gamzee eridan aradia humanstuck sollux

FUCK YEAH HOMESTUCK COSPLAY, kisbe: Finally cosplayed a troll that isn't.

Homestuck gamzee cosplay. Ugh, love this. I don't know this kid, sorry if this is creepy, but damn child.

Eridan Ampora · Homestuck Cosplay

Genderbender Homestuck Trolls < < < I really like Tavros, Equius, Gamzee, and Eridan.

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Karkat Vantas - EriKar

#cronusampora #cronus #ampora #wip #workinprogress #homestuckcosplay # homestuck #alphatrolls #dancestors #alphatrollcosplay #homestucktrolls #makeup ...

nerds and hipsters by kaalashnikov