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Ehh pak cik bawa slow sikit Ipoh the town of of my degree

Ehh pak cik bawa slow sikit Ipoh the town of of my degree


We went for hiking at Bukit Batu Putih! Well there are some white rocks along

Me with my best buddy dressed as Harry Potter and Ron Wesley, plus, we

Ehh pak cik, bawa slow sikit!

This is my campus! Royal College of Medicine Perak (RCMP) Universiti Kuala Lumpur

A real hipster cafe with cheap food! Ehh pak cik, bawa slow sikit!

Crazee Cheese pizza also @Miker Food

Ipoh, the town of of my degree. 16 Pins41 Followers. Wing Zone!!! Nice place to get variety flavours of chicken wing.

This is Iceball or known as 'Ais Kepal' in Bahasa Malaysia. You can get this at a stall near a restaurant called Plan B, it is open from 10am to 5pm!

cheap time band

Nothing much happened at that makan, except that the guy to my right (yeah, in tie) devoured everything in sight and the guy on my left lost his appetite.

Aja came! She brought along her kids, Danish and Najihah.

Eager beavers listening to briefing on treasure hunt!

the whole gang, with me and my mom.




Participants tengah mentekedarah! Hehehe.


MisterWives - photo Shervin Lanez

Datin Narimah, our MNS Pahang chairman, giving the opening speech. Our MC for that day is Mr. Yong Sau Peng (the one with the hat on!)


HE MIGHT STAND A LITTLE TOO CLOSE – If he's invading your personal space just slightly, this could be a major sign that he likes you!

... maksimum 113PS/[email protected],200rpm dan tork maksimum setinggi [email protected],000rpm, seterusnya digandingkan bersama transmisi 6-kelajuan.

Manau rattan strewn across our trek. Its characteristic is thick and spiky all over!


pinjam backdrop studio untuk amik gambar dengan mak I.

Anwar Ibrahim & William Cohen



me, Subashini, Mai and Munirah.

Ex-1MDB CEO claimed Najib refused revaluation of assets despite concerns

10. HE WILL SMILE AT YOU A LOT – This is obvious. If you notice a guy smiling at you for longer than what seems normal, it's a pretty good indication he ...

A walk in the forest with the students and the BASF people.

Ni tengah berhenti traffic light...ish2 mamaku,sempat lagi posing...hehehe

with my mom, while waiting for Nora.

One of the proofs that I'm not gonna betray PNB. (Hmm.. dodgy!)

Earth Day Celebration at Taman Teruntum

My son, Hilman, in front of the Earth Day banner. After this pic, I handed the camera over to Hilman coz I was on duty for that day.

wayne graham

KLIA2 for Streaming

My Beautiful Mother. 181593_108609535883712_2527034_n


Munirah, Dijah, Wan Zack, me and Rama outside DECTAR.

Nora and me.

Thank you to this supporter of mine who has been supporting me since wen i first


and the lot of us.

Royal Rebuke. "

HE MAY TOUCH YOU SUBTLY – A hand on your arm, an extra hug, a pat on your back, a grab of your shoulders, tickling?


So here we are, finally having our own home after 11 years of marriage.

lawyerlyscrewed and KOKA, tucking into their food.

TIGA BERADIK HILANG DI TAMAN MERU IPOH. Polis Perak menyeru orang ramai agar membantu pihak polis dalam menjejak 3 orang kanak-kanak yang dilaporkan hilang ...

Note to remember : Alan was aimed by cik mes for fooling on everybody's presentation. and kakzu, y u took away the mat from us? lol. Love yall.

in the hall with Subashini.

Belasungkawa Pak Cik Salahuddin Md Lazim. Semalam ke Hospital Enche' Besar Hajjah Khalsom kat Kluang. Ziarah sepupu abah, Pak Cik Din.

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We trekked on.


Shortly after this shot, beach hopping gone wrong when my



Things got much different when your best friend is already married. You hope that the binding will always still be strong but now that she is married, ...

Gambar LCCT Baru Atau KLIA 2

HE MAY BE AKWARD WHEN HE TALKS TO YOU – If a guy acts nervous, blushes, gets flustered, or is just awkward around you… DUHH HE LIKES YOU!


Note to remember : Alan was aimed by cik mes for fooling on everybody's presentation. and kakzu, y u took away the mat from us? lol. Love yall.


KLIA2 for Streaming

with kanak2 cilik...anak pakcik and makcik...macam2 ragam mereka..hehe

KLIA2 for Streaming

at 8:45 am

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We were also lucky that the Forestry Department participated by labelling the trees in the forest for us and also sent their officers to join us that ...

Ok ah ni ada beberapa gambar utk tatapan anda yg cudn't make it.

Inilah pakcik yang kami tanya tadi.

My mother is the love of my life. Even when I argue with her or disagree with her, (and I do plenty of those, trust me) that fact would never change.

**Untuk gambar yang lebih dan spesifikasi yang lengkap untuk model Z800 2013 boleh rujuk entri ini >> Gambar & Video Spesifikasi Kawasaki Z800 2013 Di ...

Y.M Tengku Tan Sri Dato Sri Ibrahim bin Tengku Ngah (1989-2011)

Malaysian critics of the fund have questioned why the committee hasn't focused more on Mr. Najib, who played a key role at 1MDB, including firing auditors ...

Tengokkk muka kakak??amboiii busynyaa beliau...tak sempat nak angkat muka dah..dekat pukul 2.30 baru laaa ada masa nak berposing..so memang tak ada gambar ...


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