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Ecstasy as Juno reaches Jupiter but now the hard work starts

Ecstasy as Juno reaches Jupiter but now the hard work starts


Artist's impression of the Juno spacecraft and Jupiter

A 2010 artist's impression depicts Nasa's Juno spacecraft with Jupiter in the background.

Discovery: Thanks to Nasa's Juno probe, scientists will be able to see what lies

Ecstasy as Juno reaches Jupiter, but now the hard work starts | Science | The Guardian

An illustration depicts NASA's Juno spacecraft successfully entering Jupiter'

Nasa scientists celebrate as Juno probe successfully enters orbit around Jupiter – video | Science | The Guardian

Algorithmic-based scaling and coloring reveal a vivid look at the Great Red Spot,. Photos: Juno, meet Jupiter

Juno made a flyby of Earth in October 2014. This trio of images was taken

This infrared image gives an unprecedented view of the southern aurora of Jupiter, as captured

An artist's impression shows the Juno probe carrying out one of its close flybys of Jupiter

Jupiter's vibrant bands of light belts and dark regions appear primed for their close-up during our Juno spacecraft's 10th flyby on Feb. 7.

Nasa reveals Juno craft has mysteriously lost access to its main computer | Daily Mail Online

The Juno spacecraft was launched in 2011 and reached Jupiter last year (Image: Nasa)

Jupiter's clouds of many colours, showing the 'String of Pearls' phenomenon (Image: Nasa)

Jupiter was 445 million miles (716 million kilometers) from Earth when Juno was launched

NASA's Juno spacecraft has sent back its first photo of Jupiter,

LIVING CORAM DEO · Home · 2016 · July · 8; Juno Reaches Jupiter

This was the final view of Jupiter taken by Juno before the on-board instruments

The crimson clouds of Jupiter's Great Red Spot are more hypnotic than ever thanks to images

Jupiter and the gaseous planet's four largest moons -- Io,

Jupiter ¿ the fifth planet from the sun ¿ has a mass 2.5 times the sum

This one's called “The Edge of Jupiter”, since it shows the reach of Juno's camera during its flybys (the black region to the right is the cutoff point).

This composite image, derived from data collected by the Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM

By looking at the composition of iron meteorites, researchers suggest that Jupiter's solid core was

Trapped between two jet streams, the Great Red Spot is an anticyclone swirling around a

Lua, Venus e Jupiter

This striking view of Jupiter's south pole was taken by Juno on May 19, then processed by two “citizen scientists” to bring out the photo's contrast and ...

An astronaut and a lunar roving vehicle during an Apollo moonwalk Canvas Art - Stocktrek Images x

Astronomers have used radio waves to peer further than ever before into Jupiter's atmosphere to reveal

208 best Spacial images on Pinterest | Astronomy pictures, Background images and Blues

AS16-117-18818 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Three Lego figurines are flying aboard the Juno spacecraft. They represent the Roman god Jupiter

The moons are yet to be named, and are currently being referred to as S

Apollo 16 Hasselblad image from film magazine - Earth, Undocking, Moon

AS17-145-22240 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

"É questão de tempo até um grande asteroide nos atingir", diz ex-astronauta

Apollo 17 Hasselblad image from film magazine - Lunar Orbit, LM Rendezvous

Juno Captures Jupiter 'Pearl'This image, taken by the JunoCam imager on NASA's Juno spacecraft, highlights the seventh of eight features forming a 'string ...

Every single satellite orbiting right now…

Active region AR 12192 on the sun erupted with a strong flare on Oct. 24

This is a view of Jupiter's south pole (upper left and lower right) and

Long journey: An Atlas V rocket launches with the Juno spacecraft payload from Space Launch

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When the news constantly bombards you with statements and claims that you can't verify, fact checkers become extremely important.


Jupiter in Scorpio Notes: Since Jupiter has been in Scorpio but a few days and it already feels, well, different. So here are some random thoughts on this.

Web: Dark Sky is one of the coolest weather apps, providing minute-by-minute weather tracking. Up until now, it's only been available on iOS

Quibe - A Little Taste of You

According to Business Insider, “brieing” is the practice of wrapping MDMA (aka “Molly”) in a ...

Here is a picture of today's work about understanding a war poem.

... Now, is the time to explore the Open Portals of each one of these Cosmic Forces known as Planets and also The Neters. In most simple terms, ...

Back into the Eclipse Cauldron we go!... and this one is EXTRA POWERFUL... Ring of Fire Annular North Node Solar Eclipse in Virgo Opposite Pisces Neptune ...

... Tulip and an Irish ...


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, for those of you not in the know, can best be summed up as motorcycle driver's ed. In some states, it will waive ...

Jupiter timeline with Silex, JLL Sept 2017

... I would go to Carl Holty's studio and show him my work and talk about these theories. Then I started to show my work in galleries in Greenwich Village.

shortly: Planets have unic power, signs tel how is manifested, houses tell where.

Saturn, Uranus, Makemake, Juno, Jupiter & Pluto

Yukiteru's Random Diary gives him the ability to see what happens around him in great detail, from his own point of view. This mimics the concept of of ...

This is part of the Jupiter's “string of pearls” storm cloud. The image was taken during Juno's fifth flyby, on March 27, 2017, but was only recently ...

IC sockets all have the correct power and it's all within .5 vdc which is perfectly acceptable. How exciting! Now it's on to the capacitors!

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Jupiter timeline, JLL Sept 2017

The Judgment of Paris; he is sitting at left with Venus, Juno and Pallas

European and American Paintings in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (1974) by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - issuu

Venus/Aphrodite ...

Well, Mr. Hadley has been mastering these signs, and now, after many years' hard study, you see he can write it.


Maxfield Parrish - Ecstasy

No Denials – The Instantly Evolutionary Full Moon

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3. Connect the BA662 chips 4. Calibrate. PART SIX – VOLTAGE TEST TWO

... START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE ART OF KISSING *** Produced by Demian Katz and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at http://www.pgdp.net ...

... START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK BURLESQUE PLAYS AND POEMS *** Produced by Susan Skinner, Jane Robins and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team ...

Stunning new pictures from Nasa's Juno spacecraft show Jupiter's 'String of Pearls' - Mirror Online

... journey exemplifies her reaching the stage of Union. This famous event, held to be a miracle, is immortalized in Bernini's sculpture the "Ecstasy of St. ...

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Neptune is an ice giant. It has an intense magnetic field that is tilted 50 degrees to rotational field. It was discovered in 1821. Imagination, ecstasy ...

Sure, it's fun to oooh and ahhh over embroidered newborn mittens and tiny bathrobes sewn in the shape of a shark. But if you want to be practical with your ...

Jupiter and Ganymede

... including The Tassajara Bread Book and his most ...

with Sedna in the chinstrap, and a Venus-Juno tassel on the left side. Every corner of the Fez is the focus of a Finger of God except Chiron, ...

More incredible pictures from space (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Betsy Asher Hall/Gervasio Robles)

THE GREAT INITIATES A Study of the Secret History of Religions BY ÉDOUARD SCHURÉ Translated from the French by Gloria Rasberry Introduction by Paul M. Allen

This image of a crescent Jupiter and the iconic Great Red Spot was created by a citizen scientist (Roman Tkachenko) using data from Juno's JunoCam ...

Volcanoes on Io - One of Jupiter's Moons

Le Goff, Jacques - Time, Work And Culture in the Middle Ages | Anthropology | Historian

Ecstasy Lover

... time to actually connect these two modules I couldn't make heads of tails of the words. I have blown up my share of Doepfer modules (first one ever, and ...

Take the launch of Juno, for example - no, not the movie, or the awesome world-famous Canadian music awards - but a solar-powered NASA module on its way to ...