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East London had the most wellknown slums of that time The upper

East London had the most wellknown slums of that time The upper


East London had the most well-known slums of that time. The upper crust of society referred to the east side as the “darkest London”.

East End Slum 1949& we wonder why William Booth [salvation Army] started the first soup kitchen by the Elephant & Castle pub.

Sorting rags in an East London slum court.

A photo entitled 'View In Wapping' in the groundbreaking book. Disguised as a

Part of Charles Booth's poverty map showing the Old Nichol in the East End of London, published in Life and Labour of the People in London (1889).


Life in 19th-century slums: Victorian London's homes from hell - History Extra

The Saffron Hill Rookery where Dickens placed Fagins Den in the masterpiece that is Oliver Twist, London, century was the birthplace of a couple of my ...

The Billingsgate Fish Market in the early 19th century

The Balfron Tower on the Brownfield estate in Poplar, East London, which is a

East End slum Street 1912 ~ The Whitechapel district of London at the end of the nineteenth century was generally regarded as being a 'horrible black ...

Ogilby & Morgan's 1673 map of London. The East End is developing outside Bishopsgate, Aldgate and along the river - it is separated from the western growth ...

The Old World Lives — Victorian alley with open sewer and one privy

People are leaving east London 'because of immigrants', BBC documentary reveals


Slum clearance[edit]


The Slums of East London

London Slum scenes. Off Louisa Place, Shoreditch, East London. Children skipping in the street.

... East London Walk - Slums and Stencils

'Slums': Newham Council has prosecuted more than 500 people in a crackdown on. '

VICTORIAN LONDON SLUMS by Gustav Dore - Stock Image

The Slums of East London

... East London Walk - Slums and Stencils

Sandrine, Enfield. Shelter 50th

Grim: Cleaners at the Olympic Park are being housed ten to a room at a

Inside the Very Real World of 'Slum Tourism'

“In 2014, over one million tourists visited a township, a favela, a barrio or a slum”: on the rise of slum tourism

Poor Victorian Houses Slums1

This photo of Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010 shows housing in central London taken

Urbanisation. Slums


East End London

Bronco Bullfrog (1969) publicity still

Just another day: Dressed in grubby clothes, a young girl poses for a photo

Slum Tourism: How It Began, The Impact It Has, And Why It Became So Popular

Esther Hawes Almshouses, Bow Lane, Poplar, 1935

The technicolour images taken between 1960 and 1980 give an intimate portrayal of East London,

The People of the Abyss (1903) is a book by Jack London about life

Jack the Ripper Illustration



East London Housing

East London's moment

The Salvations Army Barracks Near the Surrey Theatre. London said: This is the breakfast

Victorian slums illustration

How residents of the world's five biggest slums are shaping their futures

1882 Reynolds Map of the East End. Development has now eliminated the open fields pictured on the map.

Cleaning up: Taking in laundry for pennies... or a ha'penny

A view of Society Hill taken from inside the Society Hill Towers.

Mumbai's Dharavi slum - one of the largest in Asia - is set to become home

Powis Square, London, c. 1970

The East London Mosque was one of the first in Britain to be allowed to use loudspeakers to broadcast the adhan.

Basket ware: Something to carry what ever he has to sell

The shame of London's slum clearance programmes

Victorian London

'Wapping Slums', Tenement housing in East London 1950s, photo Bert Hardy.

7 things we learnt from BBC's The Victorian Slum

Royal Victoria Docks

Shanty town: Up to 40 squatters are living in the demolished Hendon Football Club ground

Children sitting under a washing line in a slum area of London, 1889

Aug 29 2014, 12:15am

Kitchen on a Brixton staircase London 1972

Whitechapel Gallery.

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Poor Victorian Houses Slums1

Photograph of Abbey Wood

Slum Britain

HUNDREDS OF SHANTY towns line the riverbanks, train tracks, and garbage dumps in the Filipino capital—the most jammed-packed areas in one of the world's ...

We must fight the return of the slum landlord | Mary Dejevsky | Opinion | The Guardian

What were the poverty maps?

Best of all, it's "real people's London" – and they're still there, too. Guided by Harry.

Three of Leonard Raven-Hill's depictions of life in the East End: A Corner in Petticoat Lane, The Hooligans, and A 'Schnorrer' (Beggar) of the Ghetto".

Eight Big Street Art Names to Look out for in East London

A group of starving 'ticket men' queue at a Salvation Army Courtyard, waiting

A London alley, 1899: a hotbed of crime and vagrancy

Boundary Estate bandstand was built on the rubble from the clearance of the Old Nichol' slum.

The St Giles slum just north of Covent Garden was one of the very poorest parts of London. This letter to The Times, printed in the edition of Thursday 5 ...

East End History image

Shoreditch slums give way to country's first social housing: archive, 5 March 1900 | Society | The Guardian

New formal housing offered for let, Kibera slum, Nairobi.

FT montage; Getty Images

People dressed as Victorians taking part in The Victorian Slum

Limehouse Basin Canary Wharf