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EWG Urges Congress To Require Safety Tests Of New Chemicals

EWG Urges Congress To Require Safety Tests Of New Chemicals


Warning: Food Wrappers Still Coated in Cancer-Causing Chemical. New research based on nationwide tests ...

10 chemicals EPA should act on now

In 2015, scientists at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality reviewed the arguments presented by Dourson and said that the “available scientific ...

EWG's Guide to Safer Sunscreens! What to avoid, surprising facts, and recommendations for

Now that President Obama has signed legislation to overhaul the nation's primary chemical safety law, the Environmental Protection Agency is facing a ...

Activists Urge Congress to Require Schools to Test for Toxic PCBs. Millions of kids may be exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals

We use the EWG sunscreen guide to find the best non-toxic creams to put onto our babies largest "organ" - their skin! Everything you put on the sk…

... R-Maine, would require companies to ensure products are safe before placing them on the market and give the Food and Drug Administration the tools it ...

You can use it to check out the ingredient safety score of known and suspected health and environmental hazards for each product. (EWG, 2015-B)

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Chemicals of Concern - Did You Know?

... during the early months of the Trump administration, urging her to stay the course. The sender's information has been redacted by The New York Times.

The EPA only collects the data every four years, and chemical companies often don't know and aren't required to find out where or how the chemicals they ...

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Good Food on a Tight Budget: EWG's New Easy-to-Use Guide |

From 2010 to 2015, 1,4-dioxane was detected in 1,060 public water systems, according to data from tests mandated by the EPA under the Unregulated ...

Real Reform Works for Small Business

Including chemicals linked to hormone disruption and even known carcinogens like coal tar and formaldehyde. The worst part?

Source: Spokane County Water Resources

Busting Cosmetic Safety Myths

EWG Lists The Top 10 Toxic Chemicals EPA Should Review Now - mindbodygreen

Personal Care Products Safety Act

It is simply unacceptable that we cannot do a better job of preventing and responding to the thousands of chemical accidents that occur every year in this ...

How safe is my tap water?

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Most of the chemicals found in consumer products have never been tested for safety. (pedrosala/iStock)

Advocacy groups identify 12 of the worst and most prevalent chemicals capable of altering hormones, some of which are nearly impossible to avoid.

A newly published study led by Duke University scientists, with key contributions from researchers at EWG and six other universities, found a dramatic ...

EWG Cosmetic Database for Safe Natural Skincare

A bombshell federal report raises new questions about the safety of your drinking water.

11. 11Campaign for Safe ...

What Real Reform Looks Like

Tests Find Asbestos in Kids' Crayons, Crime Scene Kits

While it's no secret that modern society consumes huge amounts of chemicals, many of them dangerous, it is surprisingly difficult to get a handle on the ...

A Chemical Shell Game

EWG's® | 2012 Sunscreen Report- The Environmental Working Group has researched sunscreens for harmful

California Kids Bodies Have Higher Levels Of Flame Retardant Chemicals « CBS San Francisco

It is frequently claimed that GM foods are not properly tested, or asserted that few independent studies have been published to establish their safety.

Why Basic Protections from Harmful Chemicals Are So Hard to Get

EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists

Ever looked at the labels on your shampoos, moisturizers and cosmetics? Do you really know what chemicals you're putting on your body?

Critics say U.S. law has done a poor job of regulating the many chemicals that enter

In a letter, an E.P.A. official addressed Dr. Beck's ability to be involved in matters affecting her former employer.

Promotional image from the Environmental Working Group's film: 10 Americans. Photo: Environmental Working

The map reveals that the entire country has experienced direct impacts from chemicals that Dourson has argued should have less health-protective standards.

EWG Lists The Top 10 Toxic Chemicals EPA Should Review Now - mindbodygreen

For ...

EWG.org and see how your product scores in a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) or A-F (F being the worst), also look for mentions of endocrine disruptors ...

Chemicals That Should Disappear

Here's other work the EWG is engaged in to keep us safe from pesticides: EWG and pesticide safety. (Environmental Working Group, 2014)

tap water statistics

Download high-res image (562KB) ...

Nation's Pediatricians, EWG Urge EPA to Ban Chlorpyrifos Pesticide that Harms Kids' Brains Lowering IQ

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Why the Innate GM potato is a good thing and how labels about real risk could make a difference

Bastrop County Commissioners Court Resolution in support of labeling GMOs

Remember 'That' Biomonitoring Study? Car Seats Are Just the Beginning.

Preliminary testing in the HealthyStuff lab showed the presence of TPHP in Butter London and Spa

Ohio Republican Mike Turner urges HHS to release study on dangerous chemicals after EPA refuses to

Kourtney Kardashian spoke to Congress Tuesday at a briefing urging regulatory reform of the cosmetics industry

They are a founding member and national coordinator of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a broad-based coalition working to eliminate dangerous chemicals ...

EWG's Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean Fifteen Lists

Nzuri Gold ...

... Beautycounter's 5th birthday, 100 consultants (2 per state) were invited to Washington, D.C. to meet with senators and members of congress on the need ...

Nation's Pediatricians, EWG Urge EPA to Ban Chlorpyrifos Pesticide that Harms Kids' Brains Lowering IQ

Dark Act

$340 billion dollars: a new study estimates that's how much it costs Americans every year for daily low-level exposure to chemicals that mess with our ...

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EPA decision to not ban pesticide raises flags

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is urging EPA and the Defense Department to overhaul the process for cleaning up military bases in order to ...

Our number wasn't even that high until a few years ago when Beautycounter urged Congress to pass some stricter laws.

Congress Wants to Put Artisan Soap Makers Out of Business for Your Safety

Whether or not you currently suffer from asthma, it's important to understand the respiratory risks associated with exposure to chemicals from cleaning ...


Ten Years after Toxic Chemical Settlement, DuPont Failing to Keep Its Promises

KRWA's analysis found that each public notice costs over $1 per

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chemicals in cosmetics

You'll Never Guess How Many Chemicals Are Inside Your Body Right Now | Big Think

Rebecca Lange - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant: Chemicals of Concern

For More Than 50 Years, DuPont Concealed the Cancer-Causing Properties of Teflon

More than 200 tons of plasticized PVC is used for medical applications in Europe each year

The food industry, along with a complicit congress, has destroyed our diet, reducing food to a list of nutrients.