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EU39s decision to allow companies to ban headscarves called a

EU39s decision to allow companies to ban headscarves called a


Women protest outside the French embassy in London.

French firms told they can ban staff from wearing Muslim headscarves at work

Twitter anger after EU court ruling allows employers to ban hijab

A top EU court has ruled employers can ban workers from wearing an Islamic headscarf

Paris, France, Muslim Women Demonstrating Against Islamophobie, Holding French Sign in Hijab

EU court allows companies to ban headscarves. What will be the impact on Muslim women?

Niqab over burqa

When Muslim women are allowed to wear headscarves in Germany, and when not

european justice court hijab ban infographic

Legal professor accuses judge of using law as pretext for 'racism and sexism'

A woman representing an anti-discrimination organization speaks to reporters after the court ruling in

A girl wearing a headscarf in the classroom

Women's wear tells a story

Are these women wearing the burka?

Woman wearing Muslim headscarf in court (picture alliance/dpa/K.J.Hildenbrand)

Pauline Hanson pulls off a burqa in the Senate chamber at Parliament House in Canberra

Islamic books and clothing store

Europe's right hails EU court's workplace headscarf ban ruling

A woman wearing the hijab walks through the city centre in Marseille. The ECJ ruling

A German labor court ruled Wednesday that church institutions are permitted to ban the wearing of the Muslim hijab headscarf at work if they see it ...

A woman wearing the full-face veil.

Hijabs ...

Qanta Ahmed

The niqab, which leaves a gap for the eyes, will be banned along with

Woman wears Muslim niqab

Woman wearing niqab (Getty Images/F. Senna)

muslim lady wearing a burka

Headscarf bans at work: explaining the ECJ rulings

Austrian parliament passes burqa ban seeing Muslim women face £130 fines for wearing full-face veils | The Independent

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks during a meeting for the Doctor Days in Ankara

Neena Lall announced a ban of the hijab for under-eights then was called '

The niqab covers everything but the eyes, while the burqa also covers the eyes with

Women wearing niqabs walk in the Tuileries in Paris


European Court of Human Rights upholds Belgium's ban on burqas and full-face Islamic veils | The Independent

The ban will apply to full-face Islamic veiles including the burqa and niqab

Hind Ahmas wearing the niqab in France

Iran's Headscarf Politics

How free are women who only see their city through a letterbox slit, and who are obliged to dress in a way that intimidates people? Photo: Alamy

Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, wore a duppatta scarf.


So few Muslim women wear the burqa in Europe that banning it is a waste of time

The phrase "the Islamic veil" refers to variety of female clothing that differs from country to country and from century to century.

Woman wearing a Burka Woman wearing a Niqab

The Government has no say over uniform policies as such. Rather, it is left

Women wearing headscarves walk on the street on December 1, 2016 in Vienna, Austria

A woman in a hijab sits with her back to the camera as she watches a fashion show at the Headwrap Expo

Police confront a woman in a burkini on a beach in Nice last week.

Women walk on the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (picture-alliance/dpa

Visitors wearing hijabs outside Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday.

A young boy looks at a board on 30 April 2012 in Varallo, Italy,

A woman wearing a burqa in Paris, France

Tourists in Alps warned of French burqa ban

Government guidance on religious symbols worn in school criticised | Education | The Guardian

17 Hidden Benefits of Niqab

The chair of governors at St Stephen's primary school has resigned after protests against the hijab

Zunera Ishaq, woman who launched the legal challenge against Ottawa's niqab ban at citizenship oath

McDonald's logo

Opponents argued that the wearing of veils in public bodies is so rare that the law

Supreme Court Rules For Woman Denied Abercrombie & Fitch Job Over Headscarf : The Two-Way : NPR

A woman wears a burqa at a market in Paris despite it being banned in France

Image. Women wearing head scarves by the ...

An adult education centre in Copenhagen has barred students from wearing the niqab in the classroom

Photo Gallery: Legal Gray Zone of Hijabs


On the 28 July, 20 towns in the south of France decided to ban the 'burkini' and force Muslim women on beaches to remove their headscarves along the coast.

A head and shoulders shot of Siti Musdah Mulia. She is smiling against a balcony

A muslim girl wearing the hijab scarf.

Women wearing the head-scarf are refused entry at most bars and night clubs in

China bans burqas and 'abnormal' beards in Muslim province of Xinjiang | The Independent

These young women in Tehran aren't afraid to wear their headscarves in a relaxed fashion. That's not possible everywhere in Iran.


Swiss government outlines counterproposal to burqa ban

A group of Muslim women demonstrate outside the French Embassy on January 17, 2003 in

What to Do if You're Afraid to Wear a Hijab to Work

Last week Downing Street said the PM would support schools that wanted to impose dress codes that banned the niqab. Photo: REUTERS

Do you know the difference between a hijab and a niqab? How about a burqa

So-called burka ban will "marginalize" Muslim women: rights groups. "

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim. TODAY file photo

'There is not even any commandment to forcibly cover the heads of Muslim women,

Zunera Ishaq holds her citizenship certificate after swearing the oath on Friday afternoon. She started wearing a niqab at age 15, against her family's ...

A woman wears a burqa as she walks on a street in Saint-Denis,

Faith at work: the CJEU's headscarf rulings

Quebec's bill banning those who wear a niqab (such as the one on Farhat Mirza in this file photo), burka or other face-covering from receiving public ...

I welcome a debate, so long as it respects a diverse range of views including that of veiled Muslim women, but don't we have more important things to talk ...

Where are the burka and niqab banned or worn around the world? - Telegraph

Geert Wilders' party could become the biggest party in Dutch politics in March

At the time, photographer Golestan recalls, Iranian people were very “politically charged” and believed change could be effected by demonstrating in the ...