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EL 16 Stater 478455 v Chr LESBOS MYTILENE circa t

EL 16 Stater 478455 v Chr LESBOS MYTILENE circa t


6 May 2018, Unsold

12 May 2018, 170 EUR

6 May 2018, Unsold

3 Jun 2018, 425 EUR

... Electrum Stater of Kyzikos (Mysia), Probably the Finest Example Known of this Issue | MYSIA, Kyzikos. Circa 500-450 BC. EL Stater (18.5mm, 16.08 g).

6 May 2018, Unsold

24 Jun 2018, 900 CHF

26 May 2018, 32 EUR

26 May 2018, 55 EUR

20 Apr 2018, 480 USD

Macedonia, Philippos II., 359-336 BC, gold stater, approximate 340

Tetradracma - argento - Selinunt (Selinunte) Sicilia (467-445 a.C.) ΣΕΛΙΝ-ΟΣ il dio fluviale Selios con "phiale" nella destra è davanti a un altare sotto al ...

G112 A Rare and Important Greek Electrum Stater of Maroneia (?) (Thrace)

Lot 99.LESBOS. MYTILENE. Electrum Hekte (1/6 Stater), 454-428/7. Head of Silenos facing slightly left. Rev: Head of lion r.

AR stater or nomos gm). Head of Leucippus right, wearing Corinthian helmet pushed back on head, bunch of grapes behind /

LESBOS Island City of Mytilene 377BC Electrum Ancient Greek Coin NGC i66632

APOLLONIA PONTIKA Authentic Ancient 450BC Greek Coin w APOLLO & ANCHOR i70058

The Coin is embossed with a design of shoulder-length portraits of brothers-sovereigns wearing Tsar's crowns. Above them there is an image of the state ...

MARK ANTONY Cleopatra Lover 32BC Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin SHIP i69862

Bizarre composite deity with attributes of Serapis, Ammon, Asclepius, Helios and Poseidon,

Female runner Electrum one-sixth stater, ca. BC, Mytilene, Lesbos Obverse: Upper body of a female runner right, flowing hair tied back; right shoulder and ...

Bruchteil eines Staters, ca. 3. Jahrhundert v. Chr. Silisiertes Rad mit Strahlen auf konkavem S..

CORINTH Ancient 405BC Silver Greek Stater Coin ATHENA & PEGASUS NGC XF i66892


PTOLEMY V EPIPHANES Authentic Ancient 204BC Greek Egypt Coin w ZEUS NGC i70011

20 Apr 2018, 700 USD

stater - electrum - Kyzikos, Mesia BCE) - lion with large mane above tunny fish - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Silver didrachm from the city of Kyrene, North Africa, circa 308BCE. The plant

Aureo - oro - Roma (88-89 d.C.) - DIVI TITI FILIA -

Esta moneda compuesta de plata, fue creada entre los 560 - 546aC. Fue usada

Celtic coins, central Europe, around 1st century BC

Electrum Stater from Mytilene, Lesbos c. 521-478 BC Obverse: a winged

Непревзойдённые шедевры монеты Древней Греции - Русские Афины | Новости Греции

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Грифон с копьем в пасти на золотом статере Перисада I (345-310 гг до

AE26. Roman Provincial, Caracalla, Marcianopolis, Moesia Inferior. AD 198-217. 26mm, 10,70g, 2h. Verbanov 945. Good VF. Price realized (2.7.2016): …

Schekel (1 1/2) - elektron - Cartagine (264-241 a.C.

Lesbos Mytilene.jpg ...

Denario - argento - Roma o Brindisi (32-29 a.C.) C. Giulio

Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de https://numismaticamedieval.files

Lot 36.KÖNIGREICH MAKEDONIEN. PHILIP III. to KASSANDER (323/2-315). Gold Stater. In the types of Philip II. Pella mint. La.

11 Jun 2018, 300 EUR

Numisarchives. Imitations of coins. Celtic coins. Prototipo de estátera de Filipo II de

alexander the great coin - Explorare Googles ope

Belem is a city in the northern part of Brazil. It is the capital and also the biggest city of the state of Para, and is also known as the Metropolis of ...

More 1912 coin references

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Schermafbeelding 2017-06-15 om 18.16.37

Moneda: 200 Euro (Tribute to the Spanish Aviation) (España) (2004

Lot 16.INSELN VOR THRAKIEN. THASOS. 1/8 Stater, 500-480. Satyr running right, masturbating. Rev: Quadripartite incuse squa.

Opäť tu máme niečo pre vášnivých zberateľov. Súbor obsahuje dve strieborné medaily s motívmi nezrealizovaných

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Electrum Stater, 550-450. Head of lion left; to right, tunny upward. Rev: Quadripartite incuse squ.

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Augustus Caesar Coin

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Na tento tyždeň sme pre Vás vybrali 4 parádne vínka 1 Prosecco Treviso a 1 ružové Spumante ktoré rozlievame aj na degustáciu u nás na teraske aby ste ich ...

Find this Pin and more on Pamätné Medaily by Vinco Janina.

Ancient Greek Gold Coin.1/6 stater.

Monedas de oro 1/5 Crown 1991 Gibraltar Barcelona'92.

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Silver coin from Samos (400-365 BC)

ONZA NUGGET 1987 Oro puro 999.9/1000 Peso 31,1035gr

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Historia De La Moneda Argentina: La Moneda Metalica Argentina.

ELEFANTE SOMALIA. ORO 999,9 31,10 GRS. 2016

This coin of Lakshmi belonged to the last 'Hindu' icon to occur on a

Electrum Stater, 550-450. Double-bodied sphinx with one head facing, wearing ouraios; both atop tu.

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Panda China oro puro 999,9/1000

Isl of Lesbos, Mytilene LION El Hecte NGC Choice XF 5/4 ancient gold

photo Pontus refugees arriving on Lesvos 1922

old coins - Pesquisa Google

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AE26. Roman Provincial, Caracalla, Marcianopolis, Moesia Inferior. AD 198-217. 26mm, 10,70g, 2h. Verbanov 945. Good VF. Price realized (2.7.2016): …

Gold #Stater, #Panticapaeum, 370 BC - 350 BC Original Weight: 9.1

WW1 British SIlver War Badge issued For King and Empire good cond

"Hectaeus and Hellanicus were certainly the most important of the very ancient writers of history, if we may judge from the frequency with which they were ...

Slimák - menovky, zoznam detí, medaily, listový papier... - Aktivity

Ionien, Kolophon, Bronze 4.Jh. v.Chr., ss:

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Silver Denarius - Aburia ( -134 to -132 ). Obverse: GEM,

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Slniečko - medaily

21 Nov 2017, 480 AUD


Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt medaily pre male deti

31 Mar 2015, 225 USD

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El Castillo de Bran, en Transilvania Rumanía, sirvió de inspiración a Bram Stoker para

“This portrait depicts a refugee on the island of Lesvos, Greece, which has served as the entry point into Europe for hundreds ...

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Argilos ca. 495-478/477 v. Chr...Geflügeltes Pferd