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ECM Mark II cipher machine Patents t

ECM Mark II cipher machine Patents t


Interior of the CCM SIGABA, showing the modified rotor basket.


Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

SIGABA interior


SIGABA front view after removing the hood

Art Print

KL-7 removed from the transit case. A. 2 / 8. KL-7 cipher machine

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

World War II Rotor-Based Cipher Machine SIGABA

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

KL-7 without the rotor basket

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Illustration of the Navy's printing and coding machine

C-36 (cipher machine)

Internal view of the CCM without printer and rotors as described oin Patent 6,175,625 filed December 15, 1944 and approved on January 16, 2001.

Protective Device

A message is typed with the left hand while operating the handle with the right. The encrypted text was printed on a paper tape. The machine had ...

Apparatus for firing an underwater depth charge – U.S. Patent 3,511,182

"Toy Building Brick" Patent Illustration Filed 1958 dated 1961 Inventor Godfred Kirk Christiansen. The how of Legos.

As ...

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap


Dirk Rijmenants

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

CSP 1600 was the replacement stepping unit to adapt the ECM Mark II to CCM.

Stepping mechanism in the CSP 1600

Singlet (BID/60)

We've got the Monopoly on this: Collection of patent designs reveals simple ideas behind world's most famous toys

Patent - SIGABA Cryptography Machine by AKindChap

Fialka. In cryptography ...

1900 - Initiating Device - Spanking Machine - E. & U. S. De Moulin - Patent

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Crystal and method of fabricating same – U.S. Patent 2,489,393

Edison Incandescent Lamp

A patent drawing of the Johnson cyclemotor

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This was shown to the Cypher Committee on 14 June and they immediately approved an order for 350 Mk II machines ...

C-52 (cipher machine)

The K-7 was a small lightweight (20lb) electromechanical keyboard moperated cipher machine which enciphered and deciphered at a rate of approximately 60 ...

This Day in History: Nov Garrett Morgan patents three-position traffic signal

Patenting the Artificial: Moustaches, Bark and Ideas

Dirk Rijmenants

Siemens and Halske T52

The British were also considering the replacement of book systems by cipher machines and in 1928 two commercial Enigma machines were purchased at Admiralty ...

Tooth telephone, 1880, patent drawings for device enabling the deaf to hear on the

Type A Cipher Machine

Patent drawings are actually cool.

Hebern rotor machine

First of all, a KL-7 rotor has 36 contacts, whereas an Enigma wheel has 26 contacts. Of the 36 contacts, 26 are used for the encryption of the 26 letters of ...

typex_top_view.jpg. Typex Mk II ...

Creeping Baby Doll, March 1871 patent application, R.

Jerry Proc

Ducati - No, You can't take a photo. by AKindChap

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Shut Your Face Grandma by AKindChap

Froomey - Chris Froome by AKindChap

Milan - SanRemo, The Spring Classic. by AKindChap

Improved Hydrophone Casing – U.S. Patent 2,641,751

Beware of the Huskies by AKindChap

Apparatus for facilitating the birth of a child by centrifugal force (patent from 1965)

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Kryha - The inner ring stepped an irregular number of places with each lever press,

Mark J Blair

The story of Enigma and the introduction of machine cipher systems is well documented in other histories concerning codes and ciphers but its connection ...

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Lego-dimensions patent.jpg

Typex Mk 6 (Photo source unknown)

Cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher

Gillette's patent drawing of the Razor, 1904.[9] - Patent drawing

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Michael Jackson's Anti-Gravity Illusion Patent

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Revolvy User


NEMA (machine)

cryptographic algorithms middle ages - Αναζήτηση Google

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Patenting the Artificial: Moustaches, Bark and Ideas

Cryptanalysis of the Enigma

Patent Drawing for LCW Chair, 1951. EAMES

19 Patents Invented by Ingenious Celebrities (Plus One by Paula Abdul)

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Lego Man: The Official U.S. Patent Stretched Canvas


illustration of U.S. Patent 4,183,301

12 Beautiful Old Drawings For Bizarre Inventions