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Drupal fixes the CVE20176922 flaw exploited in spam campaigns

Drupal fixes the CVE20176922 flaw exploited in spam campaigns


CVE-2017-6922 drupal

Drupal fixes the CVE-2017-6922 flaw exploited in spam campaigns in the wild

The Eternal Blues scanner allowed administrators worldwide to discover more than 50,000 computers vulnerable to the

Drupal community under attack due to a critical SQL injection flaw

WordPress 4.7.5 release addresses six security vulnerabilities

Drupal attacks leveraging CVE-2014-3704 | Security Affairs | Pinterest | Drupal

Judges convict crook of operating Scan4You Counter Antivirus Service

Wordfence warns of a huge increase in brute force attacks on WordPress http://

May 2018 Android Security Bulletin includes additional Meltdown fix

Apple iMessage flaw exposed chat history and more with a single click

Drupal Patches Flaw Exploited in Spam Campaigns

An information disclosure flaw still impacts SAP Systems to the Internet http://securityaffairs

Red Hat Linux DHCP Client affected by a command injection flaw, patch it now!

RIG Exploit Kit Usage Declines as Browsers Are Getting Harder to Hack

More than 800,000 DrayTek routers at risks due to a mysterious zero-day exploit

Hackers Threaten to Take Down Steam as Summer Sale Begins

Honda halted production in a factory after finding WannaCry traces in its networks


PayPal flaw allowed hackers to send malicious emails

US intelligence claims Russian hackers probed electoral networks in 21 US states

How to exploit TFTP protocol to launch powerful DDoS amplification attacks

New GhostHook Attack Bypasses Windows PatchGuard Protections

ProDefence Ltd Pushdo Spamming Botnet: Επανήλθε δριμύτερο!

PRMitM: Attackers Can Hide Password Resets Inside Account Registrations

One kind of Android smartphone ransomware is behind a massive rise in malicious software

NSA Malware Used to Infect Windows PCs with Cryptocurrency Miner

Google issued a new security update to fix flaws in Chrome 49

FBI reveals BEC attacks pilfered $2.3bn from US companies

GitHub urged some users to reset their passwords after accidental recorded them

Hackers can exploit flaws in Samsung Smart Home to access your house

Google patched Nexus devices, including a critical Wi-Fi flaw

Spectre-NG – Researchers revealed 8 new varieties of the Spectre flaws

File attachments: mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x140.jpg mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x250.jpg mem_campaign_2017_q3_twitter_1.jpg

SIM swap fraud cases force bank to improve security

File attachments: mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x140.jpg mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x250.jpg mem_campaign_2017_q3_twitter_1.jpg

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Patch Issued for Actively Exploited Drupal Vulnerability

Lenovo releases updates to fix Secure Boot flaw in servers and other issues

Critical Flaws in PGP and S/MIME Tools – Immediately disable tools that automatically decrypt PGP-encrypted email

Adobe fixed a Critical Code Execution issue in Flash Player

Attackers can exploit electronic cigarettes to hack computers

Vault 7: CIA Has Malware for Hacking Air-Gapped Networks via USB Thumb Drives

Twitter urges its 330 million users to change passwords after bug exposed them in plain text

Misinterpretation of Intel docs is the root cause for the CVE-2018-8897 flaw in Hypervisors and OSs

Heaps of Windows 10 internal builds, private source code leak online

VXE Flaw allowed threats to bypass FireEye detection engine

Two Men Arrested for Hacking Microsoft

AES-256 crypto cracked in 50 secs using €200 of kit one metre away

Remotely unlock doors exploiting a flaw in HID Door Controllers

Internet Systems Consortium rolled out security updates to address 2 flaws in BIND DNS Software

CVE 2018-8781 Privilege Escalation flaw was introduced in Linux Kernel 8 years ago

Cisco Meeting Server - CVE-2016-6445 flaw allows to impersonate legitimate users http

File attachments: mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x140.jpg ...

Cisco fixes Command Injection vulnerability in CISCO ACE 4710 products

Wordpress, Flaws, Vulnerability

Cisco Industrial switches affected by an unpatched flaw

Perl development team solved a flaw in DBD—MySQL in some configurations that wasn'

Adobe to patch Flash Player zero-day vulnerability actively exploited in the wild

The hacks appear to have been done in protest of a new cybercrime law that aims to crack down on Internet users in the Philippines who post libelous ...

Remotely hacking a Nissan LEAF via vulnerable APIs

Currently this procedure can only be partially automated by software, because the CRC algorithm used in LilacSat-1 is not publicly known, ...

Έκθεση: Γερμανικά ΑΤΜ τραπεζών ευάλωτα σε χάκερ

#Drupal vulnerability or developers' carelessness?

Una vulnerabilidad en WordPress y Drupal podría haber tumbado miles de webs

Extortion Attack on Private Information of Sports Medicine Clients

One Month Later, WannaCry Ransomware Is Still Shutting Down Factories

(Phys.org)In the late 1800s when scientists were still trying to figure out what exactly atoms are, one of the leading theories, proposed by Lord Kelvin, ...

#Drupal vulnerability or developers' carelessness? | Drupal | Pinterest

#Drupal vulnerability or developers' carelessness? | Drupal | Pinterest

Netflix Hacker Stole “Orange Is the New Black” Season from Vulnerable Windows PC


Private enterprises are working to convert sci-fi concepts, such as affordable fusion power and commercial space travel, into 21st century realities.

Dear Donald Trump Anonymous plans to destroy your campaign starting April 1


Researchers from Italy and Canada have made liquid light at room temperatures for the first time. The work paves the way for studying quantum hydrodynamics ...

The truth is, however, that the site itself is fake. After the domain name was deactivated it was put back into rotation by the .

If we ever want future robots to do our bidding, theyll have to understand the world around them in a complete wayif a robot hears a barking noise, ...

Apple has fixed a critical vulnerability in its iOS operating system that allowed hackers to impersonate

Overpopulation is the most common objection people make to developing rejuvenation biotechnology and potentially increasing healthy human lifespan.

How to easily create, edit and improve your videos with Movavi Video Editor

TorrentFreak has not been able to get a copy of the suspension order, but its likely that the court wants to review the case in more detail before a final ...

The discovery Ejankowski made, was that if he used a software to transfer notional funds between his current and savings account between midnight and 1 am, ...

Can we live to 1,000? It was outrageous when he said it at ideacity in 2008 and again in 2015. Now hes back to update us on the incredible progress that has ...

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Saturday, 24 June

This is a wonderful design concept that deserves to be commercially marketed. We see a step by step build in the images but that is pretty obvious.

Phishers have recently hacked an extension for Google Chrome after compromising the Chrome Web Store account

The preliminary work for simulating the human brain is already under way

DDoS Attacks Follow Increase in Flusihoc Botnet Activity Increases


TI 994

Pastejacking security exploits Pastejacking




In case you have not noticed. the number of events has increased dramatically over the past two years. Obviously this is intended because it all demands ...