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Domestics drones for first responders DoD and security operations

Domestics drones for first responders DoD and security operations


At America's Biggest Drone Show, the Focus Shifts Toward Domestic Skies

The U.S. military flies this MQ-9 Reaper and other unmanned aerial vehicles abroad.


The Predator Comes Home: A Primer on Domestic Drones, their Huge Business Opportunities, and their Deep Political, Moral, and Legal Challenges

6, 2013, file photo shows a drone at a

Last year, for the first time, the FAA broadly authorized commercial drones here in the United States. Since that time, the commercial drone industry has ...

domestic uav manufacture

Telecom firm AT&T is using LTE-equipped drones to provide temporary cellular service in Puerto Rico. Credit: AT&T

drone threats

Israel Establishes National Task Force for Drone Security Regulation

Air National Guard Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Domestic Missions: Opportunities and Challenges | RAND

Drones have been weaponized for domestic use / crowd control | Called the Skunk Riot Control Copter, the device is equipped with four compressed air guns ...

The Department of Defense has decided to nix a medal that would honor pilots of drones and other cyber warriors. (Lt. Col.. Leslie Pratt, US Air Force/AP, ...

Feds hide data on domestic use of drones

Staff Sgt. Brandon Redlich, left, uses a laptop to check on the status of a Predator unmanned aircraft system (UAS) at Creech Air Force Base in Indian ...

A CBP Predator B drone.

The Dark Side Of The Drone: Theft, Smuggling And Spying. First Responders · Law Enforcement · News · Security ...

The OR-3 autonomous security robot will begin patrolling parts of Dubai. Credit: Otsaw Digital

Deputy Troy Sella from the new technology department of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department (LASD

Best and latest UAVs news for around the web. Drone and quadcopter research, development

China debuted its "Cloud Shadow" UAV at the Zhuhair Airshow last week. Via

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy asks the Department of Defense to cut ties with DJI in favor of domestic drone manufacturers

It supports dual bottom-mount cameras with infrared-vision to help inspect burning and burnt buildings as well as assisting in search-and-rescue operations ...

Department of Transportation - Drone Registration Task Force

A team from Johns Hopkins University set a flight record for blood delivery by drone. A Latitude Engineering HQ-40 drone flew 161 miles across Arizona.

Buyer's Guide: How to Pick Your First Drone

U.S. Marines perform operational checks on a Marine Squadron Two (VMU-2) UAV

AltiGator civil drone OnyxStar Fox-C8 XT in flight

US drones coming to your neighbourhood

How Drones Are Changing the Face of Disaster Relief

The Drone Wars: 9/11-Inspired Combat Leans Heavily on Robot Aircraft

Drones for Best Supporting Role in Film & TV Production

A Hermes 900 flying as part of the Swiss evaluation campaign in 2012. Credit:

The FAA is finalizing rules for the use of commercial and hobby drones and hopes to

2016 Drone Year in Review

With GoPro developing a drone and universities offering degrees in unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), the technology is making the move from military to ...

New FAA Waiver Issued to CNN Will Help Expand Commercial Drone Operations Over People

A demonstration at the 2015 Roma Drone Show. Credit: Dan Gettinger

Warm Springs FAA UAS Test Range

Drone firm Flirtey is plans to unveil a defibrillator drone delivery in 2018. Credit: Flirtey

Unmanned ...

National Guard Drones

Their drone system can fly for up to 25 minutes and is used to help farmers monitor crops or help first responders to ...

Blade Chroma Camera Quad Copter Drone 1080p Live FPV 16MP Still Photos Includes Free Pocket Drone


... Drone In an interview with Robotics Tomorrow,…

Homeland Security to experiment with rescue drones inside the United States

Applying Interagency Concepts from Domestic Disaster Response to Foreign HA/DR

Drone Racing- What once started as a casual pastime, drone racing has become a popular tech sport. Drone operating teams enter competitions for cash prizes ...

First Xiaomi Mi Drone Video Sample Pops Up Online

First flown in 1994, it later became the first weaponized drone. Designed to conduct surveillance with powerful cameras and sensors, it can be armed with ...

While the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) itself bears little resemblance to the drones making huge headlines, military and defense applications were the ...

The South Korean Navy conducted shipboard flight tests for the TR-60 tilt-rotor UAV. Source: KARI

The DOD's Navy Special Warfare Command signed a $1.5 million deal with San Diego-based SkySafe to test a field-deployed mobile counter-drone system aimed at ...

Anti-Drone Weapons – Frequent Measure in Large Scale Events Security

Drone firms must do the groundwork | Promotions and research needed to help potential domestic buyers

... owner of the target drone, then authenticates with the target drone pretending to be its owner, then feeds commands to it and all other possessed zombie ...

File image of US Predator B unmanned drone at the naval air station in Corpus Christi

A Triton drone flies over California. Northrop Grumman/Bob Brown/Handout via Reuters ...

Figure – Drone


Students fly a drone helicopter (Getty Images/The Kansas City Star/David Eulitt

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The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) is now offering unmanned aerial systems (drone) training for individuals in the Charlotte, NC metro area.

laser based landing

History of U.S. Drones

Pilot Ned White used his drone, Silver Fox, to help monitor (AP Photo

Turkey wants to procure armed Drones

An Australian soldier with a drone supplied by XTEK.

India Is Looking For More Drones to Monitor Borders

Drone Quadcopter Reviews: Parrot Ar Drone Gopro Quadcopter - Looking for a 'Quadcopter'? Get your first quadcopter today. TOP Rated Quadcopters has Beginner ...

Figure ...

The development of the U.S. drone program was not simply a technological operation–it was a political process that required a series of fraught legal ...

Heli-Max Quadcopter UAV RTF w/Camera - Get your first quadcopter today…

“This is the first microrobot capable of repeatedly moving in and through complex environments,” says Yufeng ...

... the Arizona National Guard is well positioned to provide drone aerial surveillance and reconnaissance over the border. Fort Huachuca, a U.S. Army base ...

T ARGET M ARKETS – WASP 1) Based on management estimates TETHERED AEROSTAT MARKET OPPORTUNITY OVER NEXT 5 YEARS E ND M ARKETS Military Foreign Domestic S ...

... drones have taken on more and more roles.

French troops entered the region in 2013 under the wider mantle of Operation Serval, their response to the Tuareg rebellion in Mali and the subsequent rise ...

A civilian UAV for humanitarian purposes.

Police in Ensenada, Mexico, have been using a DJI drone to cut down response times to emergency calls, and it has helped them make hundreds of arrests.

The first drone to complete a delivery in the US is on its way to the Smithsonian