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Did u know Maghai Paan prevents cancer amp improves digestion

Did u know Maghai Paan prevents cancer amp improves digestion


Did you knew, Maghai Paan prevents cancer, ulcers & improves digestion ? Grow it at home.

12 reasons you should chew paan or betel leaves



Eating leafy greens every day can reduce the risk of cancer, keep your digestive system strong, promote healthy eyes and bones, ...

Food sensitivities are one of the first factors I address with my patients, so in this article I am going to break down 7 ways to reduce food sensitivities ...

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Improves Digestion

When I worked in a health food store we used to promote aloe vera WATER which was good for digestive /bowel issue whether one was constipated or had ...

Fiber Benefits

Easy Sweet & Spicy Chicken Legs - my FAVORITE recipe for chicken legs point blank! Does use 4 tblsp brown sugar

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Ingredient Spotlight: Banana Banana is known to reduce the risk of cancer and asthma and improve heart health and digestive regularity.

Paan sandesh. Paan or betel leaf is a traditional mouth freshener and digestive aid in

In India, it is a tradition to offer fennel seeds and sugar crystals (Mishri) to chew after a meal. The combo acts as a mouth freshener and also helps ...

Mint is known to be good mouth freshener but it has many more health benefits.

Digestive aftermint

Paan is consumed after food as a digestive.

Strawberries contain high levels of dietary fibre, known to improve digestion

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LOVE YOU... Paan Kha Ke Pyar and Khushi ko Badhate Raho.



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