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Derrida and Foucault with cats Name of Derrida39s cat is Logos

Derrida and Foucault with cats Name of Derrida39s cat is Logos


Derrida and Foucault - with cats Name of Derrida's cat is “Logos”. Derrida's deconstruction can't escape from logocentrisme for love to Logos.

Derrida and Logos

Alberto Moravia with "Agostino"

priscilla pageVerified account @BBW_BFF. Michel Foucault with his cat ...

An organism: a differentiated body proper, with a center and extremities, joints, a head, and feet.” (Jaques Derrida, Plato's Pharmacy)

Celebrated postmodern French philosopher Jacques Derrida developed a form of analysis known as “deconstruction,” which involved the assertion that all ...

'Derrida and Foucault moved like early shadows across the water, creeping up on the English Department with knives in their chilly fingers.

Writer; Playwright // Cats name is Mao II Who is this? // Image source: click here

American beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg with his cat, Howl, named for his anti-capitalist poem.

Cats in the 20th Century (Cats in Literature-Jack Kerouac)

Robert Frost ...

Michel Foucault

Los escritores y sus mascotas

postmodern meme - Google Search


Foucault understood power as continually articulated knowledge and vice versa; that knowledge always endorses the position of the powerful and that ...

Sartre e Michel Foucault durante passeata em maio de 1968. "Sou testemunha, estou aqui para testemunhar a história", disse ele.

Rhonda Lieberman with Yingy, New York, ca. 2003.

Born into a Roman Catholic family, Heidegger was originally trained in theology, writing a thesis on Duns Scotus (1915); his philosophical studies at ...


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On a mission

"How cats conquered the world"

To think about just how inordinate Decartes' thinking about sensation is, consider his example of the cat. He want to talk about how like vibrating threads, ...



... spending some time at the local animal shelter, my volunteer work/occasional summer job. When I am not playing with dogs, helping people find lost cats, ...

... on the internet no one knows you're a cat photograph

We Talked a Bunch of Smack on Father John Misty in Hopes That He'll Get Mad Enough to Share This Article on Facebook - Noisey

Hacer Click en la Imagen para descargar "Kafka en la Orilla", de Haruki

A photo of author Masatsugu Ono

Olga Chernysheva, from the Moscow Area series, 2008. Courtesy: Diehl Gallery,


A philosophy webcomic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world

Terry Eagleton and Marxist Literary Criticism – Literary Theory and Criticism Notes





The Entire Archives of Radical Philosophy Go Online: Read Essays by Michel Foucault, Alain




For Derrida, as we have noted, the stakes of the metaphysical tradition are essentially linked to the question of culture, since this tradition expresses a ...

Poster for Cats, the musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on a T.S. Eliot's play.

Inviting Cat Fawns Cutely and Promises in Silence


Zoki Sorlkosi Stories nrld Xhpnies iri Xho.sci... Popular Xhosa Rhymes Isileyiti

Body Language in Harold Pinter's Plays – Literary Theory and Criticism Notes

Thomas Hardy

One of the leading post-structuralists, Jacques Derrida, described meaning as being constantly "deferred". Signifiers don't point to an objective meaning ...


Nikola Tesla

Based on British journalist Steven Poole´s intriguing book of the same name, Submarine Channel presents Unspeak, an interactive documentary investigating ...


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy | An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers. | Page 7

Ambrosio, F.J.

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Literary Criticism of Rudolfo A. Anaya – Literary Theory and Criticism Notes

The museum's full-time guide is a friendly faceless blue robot named artu-kun—“Mr. Art”—whose belly is branded with the Pocari Sweat logo.

Who Really framed Roger Rabbit?: The Absurd Landscape | White Tower Musings

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7 Sep 2013

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*Yes I suppose I should enter a caution or "trigger warning" (spits for emphasis) about the satirical use of the n-word in the DK song linked above .

Literary Criticism of Friedrich Schleiermacher – Literary Theory and Criticism Notes

Sensitive Hands on a Cyclops



Fish's essay Interpreting the Variorum takes its title and point of departure from the then recently published “Variorum” edition (containing variant ...

Louis Hjelmslev

Dr. Jordan Peterson's 42 Rules for Life. The origins to his upcoming book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos : JordanPeterson

Tarp: Architecture Manual: Not Nature by Tarp: Architecture Manual - issuu

We (above) also see Art wearing the mouse mask, and others wearing dog and cat masks (below).

Let me offer just one set of examples: the agential semantic field of fighting/warring or fighter/warrior may be articulated as an ideal (but also largely ...


Fantasy and Science Fiction Media, Spring 2013

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy | An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers. | Page 6

Julia Kristeva

Olafur Eliasson, IceWatch

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famous figure from the logo for a popular brand of Scotch whisky, who murders cats and eats their entrails. Nakata is not just a cat lover, but he regularly ...