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Darkseid39s Female Furies Lashina as part of the Suicide Squad

Darkseid39s Female Furies Lashina as part of the Suicide Squad


Female Furies 0009.jpg

Female Furies (New Earth)

Female Furies 0007.jpg

Lashina (New Earth)

Female Furies double-splash! Mister Miracle #8 (1972) by Jack Kirby

Female Furies (Prime Earth)

Female Furies 0003.jpg

Darkseid's future Four Furies of Apokolips War,same race as Starfire, being trained by

Pirate Furies 001.jpg

Female Furies Prime Earth 0001.jpg

Lashina (Prime Earth)

Cover Gallery

The Oral History Of DC's SUICIDE SQUAD, Part Two: The Deaths, The Favorites, & The Film

Darkseid giveth... and taketh away. From Suicide Squad #36 (1989); art by John K. Snyder III and Geoff Isherwood.

Female Furies Female Furies enter Marvel Battles Comic Vine

Darkseid's Female Furies Captain Lashina with Big Barda and the Suicide Squad

Darkseid's Female Furies Lashina bests Big Barda in her home


Duchess/Lashina - Two sides by adamantis ...

Darkseid's Female Furies Lashina as Duchess fighting for the USA as part of Suicide Squad

Female Furies JLU

Female Furies

Female Furies (DC Super Hero Girls)

Female Furies (Superman/Batman)

A little backstory: During the early days of The Suicide Squad, the team was infiltrated by Lashina, one of Darkseid's Female Furies who got trapped on ...

Fan Art - Female Furies and Granny Goodness by MeoMai ...

Cosplay pin-up girl: Lashina


Ok I just by chance found a series of video clips from a DC movie I didn't know about. IT LOOKS AWESOME! Maybe even better then Superman Batman: Public ...

The Battle With Supergirl. Lashina Supergirl

Lashina (DC Super Hero Girls)

Character: Knockout (Kay) of the groups: The Female Furies, Secret Society of Super Villains, The Suicide Squad, Secret Six

Normally this is a cause for celebration, but when she recalls that she is actually Lashina of Granny Goodness' Female Furies, ...

Gilotina (New Earth)

Mister Miracle was Scott Free, the god of escape in the New Gods mythology.

I think this is the first time that Lashina has ever displayed fear. We've seen her pissed, frustrated and even delighted from ...

Granny Goodness (DC Super Hero Girls)

Darkseid's Female Furies Lashina


Darkseid's Female Furies Captain Lashina by Mercalicious on @DeviantArt

Darkseid's minions Four Furies of Apokolips War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death

Darkseid's Female Furies Lashina

Suicide Squad Darkseid's Female Furies vs the Suicide Squad

Glorious Godfrey 0007.jpg

Female Furies (DCAU)

Lashina in Smallville

Lashina. Lashina is one of Darkseid's Female Furies

Big Barda (Earth-1198)



Granny Goodness (New Earth)




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I have a soft spot for Tom Tresser, the spy code named Nemesis, first from his tme on the Suicide Squad, then his appearances in Gail Simone's run on Wonder ...

Knockout (New Earth)

How about some new Suicide Squad fan art from the Ostrander series?

Benjamin Turner (New Earth)

Stompa Wonder Woman Vol 5 39 0001

Speed Queen (New Earth)

Mad Harriet Mad Harriet of Apokolips Female Furies Comic Books Pinterest

Darkseid's minions Virman Vundabar, Kanto, Desaad, and Granny Goodness

Season Ten

File:Lashina (Superman)2.jpg

Leader of Darkseid's Female Furies.

Female Furies

Suicide Squad 2 seems inevitable, and there are so many other characters they can introduce and kill off in the sequels.

Big Barda,former Captain of Darkseid's Female Furies- by Mike Becker


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Harley Quinn Joins The Female Furies ...

DC Comics Female Furies Lashina (DC Universe) Custom Action Figure


... attempt to reclaim her place as leader of the Female Furies which she has to do by fighting her way back into. This was all told in what turned out to ...

Mark Desmond

Bloody Mary (New Earth)


Female Furies - (l-r) Granny Goodness, Lashina, Stompa, and Mad Harriet

Power Boy (New Earth)

Cover to Suicide Squad #65, illustrated by Geof Isherwood, Robert Campanella and Tom

Big Barda (Ame-Comi)


Belle Reve Penitentiary in Suicide Squad #1 (May 1987). Art by Luke