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DDR border crossing at Friedrichstrasse 1989 known locally as the

DDR border crossing at Friedrichstrasse 1989 known locally as the


DDR border crossing at Friedrichstrasse 1989 - known locally as the 'Palace of Tears'

The Berlin Wall: Photos of then and now The Local

Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstraße, Berlin: Replica of the old western border post.

West Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie - March 1988 | by Ladycliff

Construction work at the Berlin Wall on Aug. 1985 on Friedrichstrasse near checkpoint Charlie and Friedrichstrasse Oct. 2014 - 25 years after the fall of ...

Border crossing at the station in 1964

The station in the early 1950s

Bernauer Straße - "then & now" (before and after the Wall went down, in

Chausseestrasse Bordercrossing seen from the western side, 1989

US tanks and soviet tanks at the border crossing Friedrich Strasse / Zimmerstrasse (nearby Checkpoint

geography travel Germany Berlin wall international border crossing checkpoint Charlie 1961 US Army American Sector -

geography / travel, Germany, GDR, Thuringia, Transit motoway A9 Berlin to Nuremberg

Checkpoint Charlie at night in the Friedrichstrasse, former border

Picture taken in June 1968 of the famous Checkpoint Charlie crossing point, marking the border

Berlin, Germany, segments of the Berlin Wall at the former border crossing at Bornholmer

geography / travel, Germany, GDR, Fall of the Berlin Wall, November'


Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany. It was the former border crossing between the West

Former border crossing for diplomats in Berlin, Friedrichstrasse Street, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin,

Former border crossing at Friedrichstrasse known as Checkpoint Charlie in Kreuzberg district Berlin Germany - Stock

East Berliners queue to enter the West at Bahnhof Friedrichstraße/ Friedrichstrasse station. 10th November

254 best Border crossings images on Pinterest | Berlin wall, East germany and Germany

Berlin Wall

People waiting at the border crossing point S-Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse. - Stock Image

Platform B (S-Bahn to the West), November 1989. DDR Passport Control November 1989

Former border crossing at Friedrichstrasse known as Checkpoint Charlie in Kreuzberg district Berlin Germany - Stock

Sketch of the border crossing Friedrichstrasse station. Traffic into East Berlin is marked red, traffic into West Berlin marked blue, and areas accessible ...

East Berliners going to West Berlin, the saturday after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989

Aerial view, border crossing A3, Elten, Emmerich, Niederrhein region, North Rhine

Ukraine, border crossing with Poland ,, RAWA RUSKA ,,, currency exchange point

Crossing the inner German border - Vehicles queuing at the East German passport control at the

Bornholmer Straße border crossing

Passport stamp marking my exit from West Berlin onto the GDR transit highway via the Drewitz

East Berlin "death strip" of the Berlin Wall, as seen from the Axel Springer AG Building, 1984.

Students from West Berlin encouraging East Berliners as they cross the border the day after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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US President John F. Kennedy visiting the Berlin Wall on 26 June 1963

East Germans climb the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg gate after the opening of the East German border on 9 November 1989. Photograph: Reuters

The Estonian-Russian border crossing in Narva - Stock Image

Bornholmer Strasse Checkpoint

Germany / GDR Berlin Two US military buses crossing the border at Checkpoint Charlie Friedrichstrasse 1961

East German ...

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Bravo - Image: Bundesarchiv Bild 183 L0331 0007, Potsdam, Grenzübergang Drewitz Dreilinden


DDR Passport Control November 1989

Flowers for GDR Border Guards (November 10, 1989) #ddrmuseum #berlin More information on Berlin: visitBerlin.com

Berliners sing and dance on top of the Berlin Wall to celebrate the opening of East-West German borders, Friday afternoon, Nov. 10, 1989.

Border crossings up to 1990[edit]

A watchtower on a bridge on the Spree river, marking the border between East and

New study gives first verifiable death toll at Cold War East German borders

The Reichstag - The Federal German Parliament Building

East German border guards with water cannon attempt to stop the first section of the Berlin

These signs are placed along Berlin's boundary. Each shows the exact date and time that

In the West, thousands await the border opening on Potsdamer Platz, 12 November 1989

The Fall of the Wall: 20 Years On

Much larger protests followed, first in Leipzig on Oct. 23 and then on Alexanderplatz on Nov. 4, 1989. It was the end for East Germany.

Friedrichstraße. Checkpoint Charlie.

Friedrichstraße - Aufsicht auf die Friedrichstraße. The new Quartier 206

The Brandenburg Gate with its two crossing checkpoints. The southern checkpoint (background in picture) is for those entering East Berlin while those ...

East German border guards check cars on the first day of visa-free entry into East Germany for West Berlin and West Germany citizens on 24 December 1989.

The Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse in summer 1990 (photo: author).

Passport stamp of the border crossing Friedrichstrasse

Grenzübergang an der Friedrichstrasse 1989

Berlin's 'Palace Of Tears,' A Reminder Of Divided Families, Despair : Parallels : NPR

Queues of cars heading towards the border crossing in February 1990.

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Photos in the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears) in Berlin Internationally, Checkpoint Charlie in Friedrichstraße was probably the best-known border crossing ...

View over the exhibition hall

"Breaking the Silence" in "The Truth" of Nov. 11/12. “


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Checkpoint Charly, former allied checkpoint at the border to GDR/east Berlin the Friedrichstrasse


Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie gets McDonald's

Optimistic to the last: The official organ of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany,

Only S1, S2 and S25 stop at the station

Berlin, Bahnhof Friedrichstraße, Grenzkontrolle

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Museum in der Kulturbrauerei Exterior

Twenty years after the opening of the borders between East and West Germany, Charles S. Maier recalls how a bloodless revolution came about.

Vintage photo from the 1970s—Entering East Berlin Berlin Germany

Fall of the inner German border - Scene at the Helmstedt border crossing into East Germany

The Brandenburg Gate, 1989

Friedrichstraße Station viewed from inside the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears) in Berlin

The Tränenpalast in December 2004

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Looking down on Helmstedt–Marienborn from the West German side in 1967

West German checkpoint in November 1989