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Curtiss SB2C Helldiver sinking IJN Yamato 741945 by t

Curtiss SB2C Helldiver sinking IJN Yamato 741945 by t



IJN Yamato midday on the day she was sunk after three air attacks by US planes.

IJN battleship Yamato under attack @ Okinawa, her final battle!

The Yamato's anti-aircraft guns fight off U.S. carrier planes near Samar during the Battle

The world's largest and most powerful destroyers and aircraft carriers

SBD Dauntless dive bombers wreck the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi at the Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942.

IJN Musashi y Yamato

An hour and a half later, another eight Helldivers from Intrepid attacked Musashi again. One bomb hit the upper deck and failed to detonate; another hit the ...

Battle of the Coral Sea, by Robert Taylor (Douglas SBD Dauntless)

Japanese battleship Musashi Japanese Battleship Musashi by GrummanCat on DeviantArt

P-61 Black Widow North Africa

Admirable Class Minesweepers of World War Two PLAN eBOOK

The IJN Yamato, named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, was the lead ship of the Yamato class of battleships that served with the Imperial Jap.

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A Kate passing over Northampton, heading for Hornet. The heavy cruiser would be sunk during the Battle of Tassafaronga in late ...

"Yamato's Final Voyage" Tom Freeman Artist Proof - Japanese Battleship Yamato

CURTISS SB2C HELLDIVER The second dive bomber to be made by Curtiss under the name Helldiver

Curtiss Helldiver sinking IJN Yamato, April 1945 by Arkadiusz Wrobel

A Navy Curtiss Helldiver (SB2C) is snapped against the background provided by its carrier

Japanese battleship Yamato hit by a bomb in Sibuyan Sea, 24 Oct 1944. She

German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, 1941 (1:1100)

Last of Yamato

Mitsubishi A7M2 Reppu "Sam" by Jay Laverty (Fine Molds 1/48)

The SBD Dauntless was designed by Douglas' famed chief engineer Ed Heinemann. Know as

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Planes on deck include Hellcat fighters and Helldiver scout-bombers. Note this carrier's unique longitudinal black flight deck stripe.

Forward superstructure and bridge of IJN Battleship Musashi

Mission Beyond Darkness, by Robert Taylor (Curtiss SB2C Helldiver)


JO KOTULA (American, Curtis Helldiver, Model Airplane News magazine cover, January 1954 Gouache and - Available at 2013 Apr 11 - 12 Beverly Hills.

SBU-1 off RANGER (1938)

IJN Battleship Musashi by rlkitterman IJN Battleship Musashi by rlkitterman

Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet by Valery Petelin

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Hyūga sunk in shallow waters

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Flight Stories

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wwii-bombers: “ B-29 Superfortress bombers dropping bombs on Japan ”

The Campaign in the Philippines, The Battle of Leyte Gulf October The Japanese battleship MUSASHI under air attack. The battleship later sank after ...

D4Y1-C preparing for takeoff in Mariana Islands, 1944 (U.S. captured photo)

Helldivers on US carrier

DKM Admiral Scheer - Deutschland-class Heavy Cruiser

The sinking of the IJN CV Shoho

[Photo] Musashi under US carrier aircraft attack, Battle of the Sibuyan Sea, 24 Oct 1944

TYPE 96 25mm AA GUNS del IJN Yamato

Yamato exploding after capsizing

Vintage Aviation Wallpaper Desktop Background #rrxt 1920x1080 px 1.59 MB VehiclesPhotography. Ww2. Aviation.

Douglas TBD-1 Devastator, USS Hornet, Battle of Midway, June 4, 1942. Art by Jerry Boucher

Real Life / Cool Plane

ROCKETS OVER KOBANI by Ronald Wong. F-15E Strike Eagles of the 336th Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Wing from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base flying precision ...

A Japanese airfield under white phosphorus attack.

Designed to replace the SBD Dauntless dive bomber, the Helldiver was a much larger, more advanced design intended to meet both Army and Navy requirements.

... (Allied reporting name "Val")[2] was a World War II carrier-borne dive bomber. It was the primary dive bomber of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), ...

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Kamikaze attack to USS Natoma Bay (CVE 62),5 January 1945,

During the Battle of Surigao Strait, American Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf executed the classic naval

Robin L. Rielly Kamikaze Attacks of World War II a Complete History of Japanese Suicide Strikes on American Ships, By Aircraft and Other Means 2010 ...

U.S. Pacific Fleet 1944 | The ships of Task Force 58 at anchor at Ulithi Atoll in the Pacific .

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“Surrender of The British Army in Singapore”… – History

Lily bomber wreck Munda airfield New Georgia, Solomon Is 1943

How The Hell Did That Happen? - Gallery | eBaum's World

Hawker Tempest Mk V by Stan Hajek

Atlas Air Boeing 747 freighter tail-tipped due off-loading at Accra Ghana

VB-84 had 15 Curtiss SB2C-4E HELLDIVERS VF-84 had 27 Chance-Vought F4U-1D CORSAIRS, 4 Grumman F6F-5N HELLCATS & 6 Grumman F6F-5P HELLCATS

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Because the Japanese was kicking his feet and thrashing about, the knife point glanced off the tooth and sank deeply into the victim's mouth.

Vultures and corpses in the street of Calcutta…

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The dead bodies of Mussolini Benito, his mistress Claretta Petacci and other executed Fascists on display in Milan, 1945.