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Cultural Garifuna Clothing Belize Honduras and Caribbean

Cultural Garifuna Clothing Belize Honduras and Caribbean


Cultural Garifuna Clothing

Image detail for -Garifuna women in traditional dress preparing for National Garifuna .

Garifuna Drummers Dangriga Town, Belize.

The Garifuna or the Garinagu of Central America are some of the most talented people.their culture boasts good food and great traditional music.

Hopkins Belize - Garifuna Day Celebration. #GarifunaBelize #Belize.

The Mestizos of Belize are a strong group of people still practicing their traditional dances and wearing their traditional clothing.

Garifuna: Africans in St. Vincent, Caribbean and Honduras, South America

The Garifuna Collective in 2013

Garifuna Settlement Day Queens in southern Belize wearing traditional Garifuna color dress.

Garifuna Settlement Day In Belize - Celebrate One Of Belize's Most Vibrant Cultures

In the Wanaragua, the dancer is always male but wears an elaborate women's costume. The dress reaches the knees or below. Some see it as a disguise that ...

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Garifuna Dance

The Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people, born from the African slave trade, claim a rich cultural heritage of music, dance and spirituality.

Traditional Garifuna art

Traditional Creole dress from Martinique

Garifuna Settlement Day

Garifuna Settlement Day

Garifuna Settlement Day

The Garifuna have lived along the coast of Honduras, Belize and Nicaragua for two centuries. / Flickr CC / Jonathan Palombo

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Traditional Garifuna dancers in Dangriga, Belize

Garifuna Settlement Day Preparation and its History

Garifuna Dance

Punta ...

Traditional Garifuna folk dancers, a tourist attraction in Roatan, Honduras, Central America -

Experiencing the Garifuna Culture of Belize

Traditional Honduran dress

... known these days as a place to experience Guatemala's Garifuna culture and a travel destination for visitors in search of a native Caribbean vibe.

The Garinagu in Hopkins Village, Belize.

The Mestizos of Belize are a strong group of people still practicing their dances and wearing their traditional clothing.

Belize's Diverse Cultures. Specials ...

Belize, Placencia. Local dance group, Garifuna cultural dancers. - Stock Image

Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations in San Pedro

garifuna teen drummers belize

Ben Palacio Garifuna Drummers


Our Melting Pot of Culture

New Years Tradition of the Wanaragua Dance in Honduras

Woman of the Garifuna people washing clothes. Santa Rosa, Mosquito Coast, Honduras.

Drumming on the beach, moving in time with junkanu dancers and eating heaping plates of


Garifuna clothing

Mestizo. belize_culture_mestizo_travel_guide_chaa_creek. belize_culture_mestizo_travel_guide_chaa_creek


Belize Wins at 1st Reina Garifuna del Caribe Pageant Guatemala!

The Garifuna People of Belize

Traditional Garifuna music

Creole Lady

Garífuna dress

Belize Wins at 1st Reina Garifuna del Caribe Pageant Guatemala!

Garifuna Settlement Day 2011 in Belize City


In traditional costumes, Garifuna dancers show their cultural roots at Yubu Garifuna Experience. Roatan

The drumbeats are a huge part of the Garifuna culture, and is the backbone of their music.

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A thriving Afro-Caribbean community (Credit: Lebawit Girma)

Belizean culture is made up of a Spanish and Native American, and many other cultures from Chinese to Lebanese. When walking the streets in Belize it is ...

Garifuna people of Belize

Canadian investor threatens Garifuna in Honduras | Honduras - Country in Pain


Garifuna People (Garinagu)


Creole Culture of Belize

Belize's Diverse Cultures. Specials ...

2016 Miss Garifuna Cultural Pageant will take place on SUNDAY April 24th 2016 in Harlem.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Allan 'Saraba' Partis and Coast Guard Master Chief Petty

1159 FRANCE (Martinique) - Woman dressed into traditional Creole clothes in Martinique

Belize's Diverse Cultures. Specials ...

used in the documentary "Play, Jonkunu, ...

What is its name? Hudut Tajada and roast fish ...

Garifuna in Guantemala , Belize , Honduras

Garifuna Drumming

The Garinagu are a people living in St. Vincent and along the Caribbean Coast in Belize , Honduras , Nicaragua , and the main land of Guatemala .

Garifuna and tourist

History says that escaped and shipwrecked slaves settled with the Caribs of St. Vincent and merged the culture of both people.


Belize Wins at 1st Reina Garifuna del Caribe Pageant Guatemala!

Garifuna boats landing. Copyright: Belize Tourism Board

Primero and Segundo Drums. ©JCCUELLAR.COM

... vision is to be the leading advocate and promoter of the Garifuna Heritage and culture in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and rest of the Caribbean.

Children ...

Garifuna Settlement Day

Other Minorities

garifuna festivals belize


garifuna drumming belize

Garifuna Settlement Day Celebrations Underway in San Pedro, Belize


The culture of Guatemala represented through these Mayan costumes that carry the native



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... clothing, music, customs and importance to the diversity of Belize 's cultures. The seven groups presented were the Garifuna, Maya, Mennonites, ...