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Corrupting Minds KOOL t Joker Batman and Marvel

Corrupting Minds KOOL t Joker Batman and Marvel


HeroChan — Batman & The Joker Created by Kaan Sadece

This comic book cover is ripping DC Comics apart. And it won't be seen in stores.

The 5 Most Twisted Versions Of The Joker In Comics

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Jason Todd threatens to kill the Joker

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Every two weeks, Big Issues focuses on newly released comic-book issues of significance. This week, they are Batman #21, written by Tom King (The Vision, ...

The batman who laughs

Image: DC Comics


'Suicide Squad' Joker Poster - Cristiano Siqueira | The Joker | Pinterest | Comic villains, Joker poster and Joker


Joker cuts off his face and wears it as a mask

Justice League #43 preview

DC Universe

80 best Dark Nights: Metal images on Pinterest | Jokers, Bat family and Batman family

martha wayne joker

A shadowy figure - Joker by Andrea.

Joker could join the club with Morgana, Carnage ...

The Batman who laughs By Gabriele Dell'Otto

Well, why doesn't the Batman simply kill the Joker? You'd think the answer would be obvious. Yet fans the blogosphere over appear quite flummoxed, ...

Broken Bat

ain't joker is cool enough?

... alternative origin from the Joker ...

The Joker

We have seen that most powerful of the villains have the reason behind the carnage they cause but not the Joker. He is the agent of chaos, and he needs no ...

Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker poster.jpg

The lauded “Dark Phoenix Saga” emerged at the height of the X-Men's cultural presence. Detailing the story of Jean Grey's transformation from bland ...

Joker is the earliest foe of the Batman, and they are presented as day and the night of the Gotham city. Joker is hell bent on corrupting Batman's morality, ...



Joker is very patriotic


Credit: DC Comics

martha wayne joker



It looks like he and Corrupted Raven succeeded. But think again.

I guess even the Vibranium shield is not strong enough. And my favorite one, which will absolutely shiver your mind:

Weapon X Heads Towards Marvel Legacy and the Arrival of Nuke

joker face

Why Joker, Penguin, and Riddler should appear in DC Cinematic Batman 2 Film - The SuperHeroHype Forums


Now we have Superman, the god who chose to be a man, who chose to be better, who was the ultimate role model, has fallen to earth, and he's decided that the ...



the joker

Cool because he's trained by Batman. Less antisocial and distrusting than Batman, doesn't have a secret set of files on how to defeat his allies that a ...


Credit: Marvel Comics

Batman Joker Team Up 01

Be First to Get Civil War II #3 & Marvel NOW! Previews

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Batman #39 preview

Captain America is a fascist, Batman has shitty Watchmen crossover in DC and Marvel's latest insults

The focus on Bruce Wayne from his pre-Joker Batman days, making mistakes and ticking off mobsters, the hints at a larger unfolding plan, the compelling new ...


He isn't evil incarnate.

joker face upsidedown

As is evident in 18 Times Batman Just Had To Beat Up Animals, the Dark Knight is a bane to animals everywhere. If you're a fan of animals and don't like ...

And let's put aside the “who's stronger” question, because it doesn't really matter. Both have had the chance to kill the other and neither have.

Marvel January 2018 Solicits: Weekly Books For Everyone! - Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

The comic book one-shot that rediscovered the Joker, pushed Batman to his moral limits, and went on to define Batgirl as a character for the better part of ...

This version of Joker went a long way in showing the symbiotic relationship between himself and Batman. He couldn't live without Batman in the world, ...

Batman v. Superman Wasn't All Bad

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... who has somehow merged or blended or become corrupted with someone else, those unfortunates being: Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aqua Woman, ...


An interesting week ahead as Secret Empire begins, hopefully Generations is explained and Marvel Legacy begins.

The Joker is Broken. Young Avengers Aren't. Let Panel Discussion Tell You Why.

There are a few world breakers in the Marvel Universe but Franklin is potentially a threat to the Omniverse ( all multiverses on every plane of existence. )

The Joker, Batman's archenemy, has been called the greatest villain in Batman's rogues gallery. Art by Brian Bolland.



Are there any legitimate reasons to hate DC Comics' Batman? Is Batman "jumping the shark?" Has the character peaked in popularity so much he can only be ...

In all fairness, Marvel's entire failed Ultimate Universe could easily find a place on this list. The entire point of the divergent world seemed to be to ...

The Joker is Broken. Young Avengers Aren't. Let Panel Discussion Tell You Why.

DC Direct's Joker figure

10 Evil Doppelgangers Way Cooler Than Their Superheroes (And 8 Way Worse)

(Batman Vs. the Incredible Hulk) - Later on, Banner, under the false name David Banks, gained a job at Wayne Research in Gotham City.

That disturbing thought aside, why don't we try to imagine how the deaths of other characters in the Marvel Universe under similar circumstances could have ...

Credit: Marvel Comics

At the same time, after the third time the Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum and kills an innocent, Batman should know that capturing the Joker and turning ...

Cyborg (Victor Stone).jpg

Batman created a true back-up personality to be used in the event of severe psychic or other “mind destroying” attack: the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.