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Confederate Officer39s Double Breasted Shell Jacket Worn by First Lt

Confederate Officer39s Double Breasted Shell Jacket Worn by First Lt


Confederate Officer's Double Breasted Shell Jacket. Worn by First Lt. Edward Bryan, 31st

Confederate Army Lieutenant John Singleton Mosby's Frock Coat. Above the cuff there is a single

Confederate Shell Jacket Worn by Pvt. James L. Stephens Company C, 3rd Battalion

Confederate Officer's Frock Coat. This is the type of jacket that would have been worn

Uniform Coat worn by Dr. Postell was commissioned a surgeon in April 1861 and served as head of the Confederate hospital in Summerville, SC.

Homespun linsey-woolsey (linen and wool fibers mixed together) enlisted man's Confederate jacket. The jacket was worn by Private Edward Oldham from ...

Richmond Depot Type 3, cadet gray jacket without provenance. The cuffs have edging,

Frock coat owned by General Patrick Cleburne

WJ-123 DOUBLE BREASTED OFFICER'S SHELL JACKET: our choice of Jean Wool, with optional collar and front edge piping at extra cost.

US_ShellSrOfficer_SM. US Shell Jacket - General, Double Breasted

This frock coat was worn by Confederate Army Infantry Colonel Robert W. Harper. Double breasted gray heather wool frock coat with two rows of seven large ...

Confederate shell jacket worn by Pvt. Joe Paxton Lyle, Co. D, 63rd Tennessee Infantry Regimentt., CSA. The buttons indicate artillery, though Lyle did not ...

CS_ShellOffDB_SM.jpg. CS Shell Jacket ...

Confederate Infantry Officer's Frock Coat. Grey wool double breasted coat with blue collar and cuff

Sumter Guards uniform coat, c. 1865 worn by D. Huger Bacot (Charleston, 1847-1920), who entered into Confederate service as a Citadel cadet.

Boys Confederate Cavalry Shell Jacket, Civil War, New

... Civil War General Officers Shell Jacket - Major General, American Civil War Military Uniforms



Columbus Depot Jacket ( a "Type II," with one external pocket) which

Officer Frock Coat icon

Confederate Artillery Captain's Uniform - Coat and Pants, worn by Captain and Medical Surgeon Francis A Stanford of the 15th Alabama Volunteers, ...

[ IMG] [ IMG] Shell Jacket ...

Confederate shell jacket worn by "C. Wright" believed to be issued from a Mississippi Depot. Jacket is housed at the Smithsonian in Washington D.

Civil War Confederate Generals Coat of General John McCausland. The Confederate General that burned Chambersburg. Lieutenant ...

Union Infantry Captain's frock coat, sword belt and sash. Blue based shoulder boards indicate Infantry branch. The single row of buttons, rather than double ...

Confederate Officer's Frock Coat worn by Captain Robert Chisolm, Company A, 1st Battalion South

Impeccably Provenanced and Authenticated Confederate Civil War Enlisted Man's Jacket. Generally accepted to be a

PCharles Herbst, Company I, 2nd Kentucky Infantry, wore a single-breasted, butternut frock coat typical of early war Confederate enlisted uniforms.

CS Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket with White Facings

CS Officers Double Breasted Shell Jacket

W-170 CS OFFICERS ( D.B. ) SHELL JACKET: Basic jacket comes in 16 ounce Confederates Gray wool, with solid faced collar and cuff, no color trim.

Close up view of the collar of a Lousiana Company, Washington Artillery Captain's frock coat.

Short frogged officers' jacket worn by Colonel Charles Herries, Light Horse Volunteers of London

Unique Confederate Officer Shell Jacket. Worn by Colonel John Ballentine, 7th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. Privately tailored. Brown velveteen material.

union artillery shell jacket with, belt rig,breast plate,oval us belt plate and n.c.o sword

late war confederate Peter Tait jacket made in Ireland

A Civil War era artillery enlistedman's shell jacket

Military coat of the Connecticut Regiment,1776, American, wool, metal. This example of a uniform jacket worn by an officer during the American Revolution is ...

Full dress tunic, British lancer pattern, worn by Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Fane,

civil war confederate reenactor cavalry shell jacket with 3 braids 46

C.S. Frock coat


Union Zouave uniform, ca. 1861-1863. The flamboyant French-inspired Zouave

These items are on display currently in the Appomattox Museum of the Confederacy. The uniform frock coat and sash belonging to General John Bell Hood.

Confederate Army Brigadier General Marcus J. Wright's Frock Coat [Wright's Brigade, Cheatham's Division

U.S Civil War Union Officer Uniform Pack (boxed). 8603e2d9abae36454d6910818d9e3358

15th Alabama Confederate Uniform Capt. Stanford CSA Artillery Officer's Uniform worn by Capt. Francis A. Stanford discovered in his antebellum home “St. ...

Union General James S. Jackson's Uniform Frock Coat, Sash, & Belt

The May coat after conservation. (NC Museum of History)

Full dress coat worn by Commodore Robert Oliver - of the Indian Navy. This double brested coat is the 1828 pattern though it was made in The chest and ...

American Civil War Clothes - Confederate ...

Rear Admiral David G. Farragut's Service Coat and Cap

LIBERTY CUFFS Sewn in using a hidden stitch, enlisted men in the U.S. Navy wore them hidden on the inside of the cuffs of their uniform while on duty.

Unofficial rank insignia of the Confederate States Army in early 1861, developed in conjunction with

Black frock coat worn on campaign by the regimental padre

Men's Frock Coats Single and Double Breasted & Two Vests Pattern (1850 - 1915)

This wool jacket and slouch hat both belonged to Mosby, who was wearing the hat

A rare women's version of a tailcoat in black wool, from 1939.


This cap belonged to two Confederate soldiers from Tazewell County, Virginia, Allen L.

Freshly found in Philadelphia is this fine condition, high quality, regulation, double-breasted field-grade Civil War officer's frock coat with the original ...

Continental Army uniform coat worn by Colonel Peter Gansevoort Jr. of the Regiment of the New York Continental Line. He wore this coat during his command of ...

General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's uniform that he wore as a professor at the Virginia

Satin Chinese Brocade Golden Sakura Blossom Vest Waistcoat Formal Dandy Mens double breasted 38" chest 35" waist

Carte de Visite Portrait of Confederate Colonel St. Dearing wears shell jacket with rolled collar with gilt tinted rank insignia. Belt with two piece buckle ...

1970s Sgt Pepper's Navy Military Band Jacket Vintage Size Small Medium

Csa Uniforms

UNI The wearer of this uniform Vladimir Littauer joined the Sumsky Hussars (Imperial Russian Army) on 6 August 1913 and served throughout the First World ...

Officer's pelisse worn by Lieutenant Walter Stephens Brinkley, 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars

cameronians (Scottish Rifles)mess jacket

Ninth Plate Ambrotype of an unknown Confederate Lieutenant of Artillery. He wears a double breasted frock coat with red highlights and gilded buttons.

Confederate Officer's Frock Coat of Colonel (later General) Gabriel C. Wharton. Double

The later regulations updated the Army campaign hat, and introduced a four-button sack coat (as seen on the first sergeant above) and forage cap, ...

Duster coat - full length light colored coats worn by men as a form of protection

{ This is a very nice Identified Civil War Officer`s Frock coat from the Famous Battle of Gettysburg }

Union Army nine button frock coat with soft knapsack, canteen, cartridge box with 40

Sporting a revolver tucked into his waistbelt, and trousers tucked into his boots, this cavalryman wears an unusual dark blue overcoat.

Confederate uniform. This is only one form of the many uniforms that the Confederacy used

Image 1: Unidentified Confederate company in Washington, Texas. The men all wear five-button, white jackets. These jackets may have been either Texas State ...

Smoking suit

This historic cap was worn by Captain Paul Oliver, Co. E, 12th N.Y.

The greyZouave uniform worn by the 11th NY at Bull Run. Confederate Blue and Yankee

Wool military uniform (without jacket), by Franklin Simon & Co. Worn with matching cap.


Unidentified Confederate lieutenant

Confederate Soldier with carbine. Many soldiers wore their hats as tri-corns invoking the

1912 Cream lace jacket having short kimono sleeve decorated with linen bands and knotted cord buttons, worn over sleeveless blue linen shell, matching long ...

1st Lieutenant, Hampton Legion, and 1st Sergeant, Beaufort Troop, of same,

Union Infantry Captain Union Infantry Captain in Federal Uniform (Artwork by Mark Maritato).

Greyback Confederate Soldier Uniform: Lieutenant W. H. Gurney wears ...


Portrait of Tobias J. Sherlock, 1861-1863. Detroit. Entered service in

Transferred in 1864 to 15th Cavalry (SMR on hat stands for “Simpson Mounted Rangers” which was company E of the 15th Confederate ...

1861 Confederate Uniform

Jeweled pommel

These rare buckles predate the Civil War, but were carried over and used by both Texas and Mississippi Confederate ...

... conscious War Department defined most of the uniform basics pictured below.The distinction in rank is evident. The captain wears a single breasted coat, ...