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Combination Weapon Also known as a backup plan lol Interesting

Combination Weapon Also known as a backup plan lol Interesting


Colt 1911, Obsessed with the detailing

New Beretta 92FS Combat combo, pistol, guns, weapons, self defense, protection, 2nd amendment, America, firearms, munitions #guns #weapons

Glock 01

Finuv Arc

I've ...

Introduction: Turn a Cheapo Airsoft Gun Into One That Won't Get Laughed Off the Field.

... reduce your muzzle blast “footprint” while picking off pasture poodles, whistle pigs or just plinking for fun. | © American Handgunner 2017

US Army

The Marlin 70 Papoose is a really cool .22lr rifle for a couple reasons. First of all, it weighs very little. The newer stainless steel 70PSS version weighs ...

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Picture of What You'll Need.

Savage Arms

Super hero anime guns?

We have already seen the 6.5mm CT Carbine prototype brought out by Textron for the 2017 Association of the United States Army annual meeting, but TFB also ...

TOPS Knives Hammer Hawk Tactical Tomahawk Axe with Backup Knife Espinoza Design HAMH-02

I can't give a real reason why this is my favorite gun. It just feels right.

.22 rifle to protect your home

Textron's 5.56mm CT Light Machine Gun, below:

Combination Weapon. Also known as a backup plan. lol

Fight hordes of demons by... playing guitar. Well, every rock star thinks he's an all powerful God, so why not? Nevan is a lightning witch boss battle that ...

Early Century Combination warhammer and warpick/six shot gun. Early century also obeyed Rule of Cool.

The History of the Rifle (Original) (Signed) art by John Batchelor

Sig Sauer

A Rare English Combined Sabre and Four - Barrelled Flintlock Pistol

Hack a Nerf gun to automatically fire at large heat signatures: http://

a gun with four holes where they shoot four bullets or whatever, drenched in the poison that can kill empyreans.

Yuri Custom Works | Sci-Fi Weapons | Pinterest ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring weapons

assault rifle

Gives a new sight attachment for Sniper weapon category, Iron Sight! You can choose between 4 model of ironsight for it!

Very nice faux wood treatment of NERF Roughcut

It isn't for me though. I don't have any room for the pistol on my gear setup:

Linked 7.62mm CT ammunition (top) compared to linked 7.62mm brass cased ammunition (bottom).

worst gun featured image

But, as much as I like the .357 pistol I might go a slightly different route for a backup gun. When I get to the point of needing to make my own ...

After Mother Jones released an article titled “10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down,” I was inundated with emails. The premise of the piece is simple: paint gun ...

Sig Sauer

This mod changes that so enemy NPCs use HD/HQ weapon models, and also adds the ability ...

... better than my HK USP — all of which I shoot far, far worse than my subcompact Kahr 9mm. And I never bought a Springfield XD because I shoot them like ...

Linked 7.62mm CT ammunition (top) compared to linked 7.62mm brass cased ammunition (bottom).

Each Path has its own unique theme, identity, and set of slots. Runes are still a project in progress, but below is some concept art for the new Paths.

Called Better Looking NPC Weapons This one is purely mod_override only though, so no option on customization like the one above.

Heckler and Koch

Glock ...

The cylinder on the left lets me shoot .410 shotgun shells and .45 colt ammunition out of the P2A1. They're a lot of fun and actually useful in the context ...

2 barrels of 12 gauge in the middle. Above it, one barrel for an Icer bullet. Below it, one barrel for the nastiest round in the world.

Establish an ammo supply for your weapon system. Flak shells are optimal for this role because of their ability to hit missiles with near-misses, and also ...

Beretta 92 FS (with suppressor also)

... Compact for a back up to your back up, the chances of failure are slim to none, but you may need to loan one to a friend or ally for a while.

For the gun nuts out there. Overkill added speed reload attachment in the form of Magpul Assist. But in their laziness, make all the speed mag have the same ...

There's also high-def blood spray for mod that enable NPC head explosion. This mod is perfect for 4K gameplay.

This is a gun board classic:

View Larger Image Gun Show in Houston, Texas (photo by http://flickr.com


Riot taught me League of Legends (and now I'm teaching you)


Sig Sauer

Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be an ugly brawl

Yes ...

Picture of What You'll Need.

weapons guns gun control florida

Find your favourites, but have a backup plan

Daewoo DR-200 .



Quackenbush Number 7

Choose a firearm that suits your personal fancy. Find something fun and comfortable to use. I spend allot of time on gun forums and see a trend for people ...

Kel-Tec Sub-2000

Beretta 92 FS (with suppressor also)

Also, in order to reliably destroy the central nervous system of a zombie, I will go with .45 caliber. Behold, the FN FNP-45:

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Your minions and you

... https://i.redd.it/vdaqjaugxuey.jpg

The delicious combo weapons that you could create went a long way to making Dead Rising 2 a whole lot of fun, and one of my personal favourites is the drill ...


Another example; I wanted a 1911 handgun for so long I would drool when I got to see one. When I went to buy one the guy who ran the gun store ...

... put also lower mounts (UTG) so now the clearance of scope-to-gun is just 1.5mm, put more precise bipod. That's quite cool and aggressive looking combo ...

M1903 sniper rifle in the armory


Mix it up a bit to succeed

Dewalt AR15 nail gun

Far Cry 2 weapon shop computer screen

US Army

Hell, you could take over Western Canada with the stuff on this page alone.

If this weapon is deemed 'too rare' or otherwise unsuitable, I might go for a Thompson Center Contender (this is the Lance Henriksen gun from Hard Target, ...

Raven Vanguard II holster on a Glock 19 pistol

Picture of What You'll Need.

team fortress 2. '