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Cochineal dyed yarn fiberARTz t Yarns Dyeing

Cochineal dyed yarn fiberARTz t Yarns Dyeing


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Cochineal variations

from the top linen dyed with buckthorn bark,cotton with madder,cotton and linen

I used the dye bath for a second time and got a lighter pink colour. After this I could clearly see that I wasn't going to get anymore colour out of the ...

Dyed merino wool yarn using natural dyes. Top left: Rabbitbrush. Top right: Cochineal treated with ammonia. Bottom right: Indigo. Bottom center: Cochineal ...

Earthues - A Natural Dyes company in Seattle, WA

Cochineal natural dye extract – Renaissance Dyeing

wool dyed with cochineal

Pic 2: The insect.

"desert in bloom" dyed with avocado (sometimes hibiscus) and cochineal. "

Yarn dyed with: cochineal, madder, osage orange and indigo

Natural Dyes 101 with Cochineal and Madder Root

A stash of hand dyed wool using all sorts of plant dyes to try to recreate

Cochineal dye.

A talk and cochineal dye demo at Echoview Fiber Mill, Weaverville, NC


There's plenty of other information out there about dyeing with cochineal so I'll keep the details as few as possible. Using a mere quarter of an ounce of ...

Natural Dyes - article: Going Green (and Blue, and Yellow, and Purple): The Secret Life of Natural Dyes

Natural dyes create harmonious colors.

Rinsing the wool is a “hands on” process.

2015-09-27 14.38.12

Some folks have asked me if I collect all at once, nope! I collect a little at a time until I have about half a pudding cup.

Used the Indigo pot to dye some cloths for the obligatory Family Beach shot - I think its going to be great this year.

salt_and_still | natural dye journal: cochineal

Natural Dye Sample Kit - Cochineal

Her current favorite natural dye is Cochineal, and her favorite breed of wool is Cormo.

Natural grey wool and dried cochineal bugs.

cochineal dyed stuff.

(cochineal dyed sport weight yarn)

I hope you enjoy dyeing your own yarns with Cochineal! It is a beautiful natural dye that is fun to use and great to knit with. Who would have thought that ...

Results of my coreopsis dye experiments

Dyestuff: cochineal

Dyeing2weave's Blog. Natural Dyeing ...

Cochineal in an acid dye bath — brilliant scarlet

... the color orange is to add citric acid (known to local weavers as sal de limón, which literally translates as “lime salt”) to cochineal-dyed yarn.

Tea Dyes: From left to right we have wool dyed with Chamomile, Hibiscus,

Yarns dyed with cochineal, some are dyed also with indigo or madder with cochineal.

Naturally dyed wool skeins at National Wool Museum, Wales, by Wallis Woollen Mill, Dyfed, Wales which closed in 2002

Natural Dye ~ Cochineal Variations on Hand Spun Wool Yarn


Natural Dyes 101 with Cochineal and Madder Root- a Dharma Featured Tutorial

Supply Fee: Option 1 = $5, chemical fee if you're bringing up to one pound of your own fiber already mordanted, or up to one pound of wool fiber washed and ...

can't wait to try sock blanks with Kale and Emily. Find this Pin and more on Yarn dying ...

Other things to try: mordant, dye, oxidize, mordant, dye. Some sources say that logwood is like indigo and is better in layers.

Here ...

Red dye day in Acopia, Peru. The weavers use cochineal on wool and alpaca

yarns dyed red with cochineal

Every time we dye a natural color it's as if we're dying a new color even though we've dyed the same color many times before.

Seashell shades: Mixing and matching dreamy colors in our linen Sparrow. #quinceandco #. Dyeing YarnColor ...

I don't think this is the most scientific of experiments, but I did collect heather from the same place I collected the last time and I also used the same ...

dye_02. Unmordanted wool ...

138 Likes, 2 Comments - DELIGHTFUL HAND DYED YARN (@yarnloveyarn) on Instagram

Yarns dyed with Jacquard Acid Dye


... reacting with the dye. Many reds change according to acidity as seen with red cabbage. Cochineal however is not fugitive and has great lasting ability.

Cochineal colours, 1st and 2nd dye baths, with white, grey and fawn yarn

Cochineal dyed yarn at Swans Island dyehouse

Natural Plant-Dyed Yarns

I ordered the cochineal dyeing kit from Aurora Silk and spent a weekend experimenting! These pieces of silk and skein of wool are my results .

Dye-Lishus® cotton sliver, yarn and fabric can be dyed in warm water at room temperature using any dye: fiber reactive dyes, acid dyes for protein fibers, ...

Dyeing with Natural Dyes | Avocado Pits

This lot of fleece was dyed in cochineal and then I dipped the left bit in logwood quickly. The colours are divine aren't they?

Because Cochineal extract is so dear now, we try to get a second red in a second dyeing from the same Cochineal dye bath. The first color is always an ...

Natural Dye Kit: Cochineal

Hedgehog Fibres is an Irish hand dyed yarn and fibre studio located in Cork, Ireland.

"Hurricane" hand dyed yarn

Jesse ...

natural dyeing | walnut hulls marigold flowers cochineal Gli… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A wonderful article on the history of cochineal (carmine red dye), still used today.

Above left, ikat rebozo with natural dyes of wild marigold, cochineal and indigo from San Pablo Villa de Mitla. Right, wool on the loom.

Cochinea Red Dye - The Use of Cochineal Beetles as Natural Fabric Dye in Chinchero, Peru. - YouTube

Cochineal dye with various mordants. Insect Dyes>>Our Natural Dyestuffs>>"Antique Rugs of the Future" Project

Dyeing wool samples with cochineal and acid (lime juice)

Westcounty Tweed heathered dyed blue DK knitting yarn (Yarns)

Jacquard Products Jacquard Cochineal Natural Dye, 1-Ounce

wool being dyed with cochineal…


There was so much color left in the dye bath that we tossed in another skein and simmered it for 20 minutes. Then we did it again!

We are thrilled to offer a few tools to the adventurous DIYer: an indigo dye kit, a dye kit containing madder, cochineal, ...

Cochineal and indigo dye wool

DYE : Naturally Dyed Yarn

Buy now. '

The main dyes that I used for dyeing are: brazilwood for reds & oranges (& occasionally cochineal, which is really bugs, but for all that is very safe, ...

A quite lovely natural dye chart from Jessika Cates Collective Individual

Yarn Indulgences - Canada (ont)

Eden Cottage Titus. Her greys!

Riihivilla yarn is 100% wool from Finnsheep, an old landrace from Finland. Wool from Finnsheep is soft an it contains a lot of lanolin which makes it warm.

mermaid : handspun yarn australian merino wool / by pancakeandlulu

011 ...

madder and cochineal dyed yarns #naturaldye #slowtextiles #dye #madder # cochineal

Wool textile, Xinjiang Regional Museum

We spent the first half of the day in lecture learning about the history of natural dyeing, the materials we were going to use, ...

antique rose wool

Hebridian 3 Ply Yarn | Virtual Yarns | Alice Starmore

Howl's Pretty Dress Potion No 6 - Bellatrix | Vegan Yarn

Using Avocado Skins to Dye Wool