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Classic Movie Monsters Ray Harryhausen and Forrest Ackerman

Classic Movie Monsters Ray Harryhausen and Forrest Ackerman


Ray Harryhausen and lifelong friend Forrest Ackerman, holding a Ymir replica which was created from the original moulds, after the original was sadly lost.

Ray Bradbury, Forrest J Ackerman, Ray Harryhausen · Famous MonstersSci ...

Lori Nelson, Forrest J. Ackerman, and Marty The Mutant publicity photo for The Day The World Ended (1955) | It Came From Outer Space | Pinterest | Nelson ...

Boys and Ghouls. Famous MonstersVintage ...

Forrest J Ackerman Ackermansion

Classic Movie Monsters

Oscar-winner Rick Baker's painting of his AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON on the cover of Famous Monsters #284 recently earned a Rondo Hatton award for Best ...

CreativeCOW presents VFX Titans Remember Ray Harryhausen -- TV & Movie Appreciation Editorial


Forrest J. Ackerman Picture

Forrest J Ackerman

Harryhausen, Forrest J. Ackerman, and Ray Bradbury reconvene at L.A.'s Clifton's Cafeteria for a featurette for the Early Years DVD.


famous monsters 118 harryhausen

The Sci-Fi Boys

Forrest J Ackerman at the Ackermansion

Famous Monster - Forrest J. Ackerman [DVD] [2007]

Ray's Monsters. It's Ray Harryhausen!

Ackerman, Bradbury & Harryhausen at Bookfellows in 2008


Read This: THE FORREST J ACKERMAN SCRAPBOOK. Famous Monsters ...

Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Forrest J Ackerman and Diana Harryhausen.

Forrest Ackerman in The Ackermansion. Famous MonstersBumpScience ...


Stop-motion animation has been around since the silent-movie days, but no one has put a personal stamp on the technique like Ray Harryhausen.

The first ever cosplay: Forrest Ackerman with Myrtle Jones in 1939.

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Forry with a young fan

Uncle Forry's Ackermansions film trailer documentary Forrest J Ackerman

The Forrest J Ackerman Scrapbook's photo.

Elvira Mistress of the DarkFamous Monsters of FilmlandForrest J AckermanJim Warren · Rondo Awards 2015 Best Toy Category – Forrest J Ackerman Statue

Ray-Harryhausen For a few years now I have wondered when the day would come that I would have to write this piece. Sadly, today is that day.

Paul ...

Forrest J Ackerman and Stephen Jones with the original King Kong armature in foreground, April

Today we take a look at the movies Ray Harryhausen worked his magic on in the fifties, and boy, what a great time it was!!.. So, sit back and enjoy the ...

The Forrest J Ackerman Tribute: 3/08/09 (click for larger image

rt article about Ray and his entire career (to date) called “Son of Kong” that appeared in FM issues 20, 21 & 23 in 1962 and 63. GREAT STUFF, with carefully ...

Famous Monsters of Filmland still faithfully promotes the Ackerman name and image in the pages of the iconic magazine as well as many other products and ...


John Landis on Ray Harryhausen and the Art of Stop-Motion | DorkShelf.com

... Things To Come original movie costume ...

Visual Effects Pioneer Ray Harryhausen Dies at 92

... sci-fi aficionado and memorabilia collector Forrest Ackerman and author Ray Bradbury, with whom he shared an affinity for dinosaurs and fantasy.

The Forrest J Ackerman Tribute: 3/08/09 (click for larger image

Famous_monsters_56_2 Famous Monsters reflected Ackerman's ...

A Tribute To Forrest J. Ackerman & Famous Monsters of Filmland

Facing a Monster

... the lobby and there, staring back at us, was the grinning face of an older man I'd come to recognize from the yellowing pages of Famous Monsters.

Ray Harryhausen Picture

Forrest J. Ackerman

The Forrest J Ackerman Tribute: 3/08/09 (click for larger image

Stephen Jones and Ray Harryhausen (Dark Delicacies, April 18th, 2004)

Ray Harryhausen Army

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Mad Monster Party: Claws and Effect

Hull the Werewolf

Letting a fan try on cape worn by Bela Lugosi in Plan 9 from Outer Space, (1959, directed by Ed Wood)

Forrest J Ackerman would be proud to stand side-by side with George E-Gor" Chastain. This Forry's for you, George.

Ray Harryhausen Beast Puppet

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Ray Harryhausen Dead


... one of my major influences on my love for the fantastic and the imagination as a child (and continuing as an adult) was Ray Harryhausen ...

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It's a sign of success and real impact in the film industry when someone has their name used as a descriptor for a film. It's pretty commonplace for ...

The Sci-Fi Boys

A Monument To Forrest J Ackerman

That movie was like a bolt of lightning to me. I had to figure out what it was all about."

Forrest J Ackerman as DR. ACULA, as painted by Sanjulian.

Ray Harryhausen ...


A geek legend left our dimension the poorer last year, but here's a fairly fitting tribute…

... Things To Come original movie costume ...

But Forry's legacy extends far beyond the realm of Famous Monsters magazine. Uncle Forry, as many called him, was a compassionate collector of memorabilia, ...

Above: Daniel Horne and Forrst J Ackerman.

In 1929 he began the "Boy's Science Fiction Club" and, by 1932, had become a founding member and Contributing Editor of The Time Traveler, the original fan ...

[PR] Detailing Forrest J Ackerman's estate sale

The legendary founder of the influential “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine has passed onto Prince Sirki's side. Uncle Forry as he was known to legions ...

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Like Famous Monsters of Filmland, vintage emblems of genre fiction history like the illustrated covers of Amazing Stories and Weird Tales really must be ...