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Clara Bow on Victor Fleming Of all the men I39ve known there was

Clara Bow on Victor Fleming Of all the men I39ve known there was


Clara Bow with Victor Fleming.“Of all the men I've known, there was a man.” ~ Clara Bow on director Victor Fleming.

Clara Bow and James Hall in The Fleet's In, 1928

Clara Bow with director Victor Fleming, 1926. Typed on reverse: “ WATCH YOUR

Should you want to see mere actors exposed as such, look at Clara Bow's supporting cast in 1927's It. They function well enough --- adequate is the word ...

Clara Bow and husband Rex Bell. The fire is gone from her eyes at this point

Clara Bow in No Limit (1931)

Clara Bow in 'Love Among the Millionaires' ...

Clara Bow with Victor Fleming.“Of all the men I've known, there was a man.” ~ Clara Bow on director Victor Fleming.

Clara Bow

Clara Bow, 1923 Clara Bow by Max Munn Autrey is as chilling as it is

Bow is Back from Abroad ☆ Clara Bow ☆ Original newsreel photograph, typed on reverse: “ Clara Bow, who left New York December 15 for her first trip abroad ...

Gary Cooper & Clara Bow "Children of Divorce" ...

Clark Gable and director Victor Fleming behind the scenes of Gone with the Wind (1939

Clara Bow in IT

deforest: “ Clara Bow in Get Your Man ”

Clara BowPublicity Still for “ It ” by Gene Robert Richee, Paramount Pictures,

Clara Bow

Clara Bow

Clara Bow publicity photo for "It" 1927

Clara Bow

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Clara Bow and the cowboy she married, Rex Bell.

clara bow

Clara Bow & Wallace MacDonald in Two Can Play (1926).


Mantrap (Victor Fleming, 1926) - Ah, Clara Bow. Often you'll find yourself watching a '20s movie, and see all the men in it cooing over some pan-faced woman ...

Clara Bow in "Love Among the Millionaires" ...

Silent and Talkies Screen Actress and "It" Girl Clara Bow is related to me according to String Genealogy. I have a tie-in to Clara Bow.

Clara Bow with Fredric March in True to the Navy

Garden Gate Glamour ☆ Clara Bow circa 1928☆

Clara Bow in "Three Weekends" ...

Clara Bow

The 'It' Girl Clara Bow: Her Personal Story

Director Victor Fleming listens as Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh rehearse their lines for a scene

Clara Bow with Marlene Dietrich

Clara Bow

Clara Bow in overalls and heels. Written on reverse: Clara Bow - The Runaway. Rubber-stamped: Permission is hereby granted for use of this photograph in ...

Clara Bow in 'Rough House Rosie', 1927

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor clara bow george beldam, jr.

Clara Bow ~ ORIGINAL late 1920s portrait... great close-up.

Clara Bow. Starlet of the silent era. The original "It Girl."

Rising star Cynthia Meade (Clara Bow) finds it tough to break freefrom producer Jack Harrison's (William Powell) casting couch in the lost film The Runaway ...

Welcome to the Clara Bow Archive! Personal collection of photographs and ephemera of the first "It".

Clara Bow in the Roaring '20s

Clara Bow And Alice Joyce - Dancing Mothers (1926), Two Beauties In The

Clara Bow ~ 1927

Miss Clara Bow

Clara read that the magazine Motion Picture Classic was running a contest, asking for girls to send in their pictures for a chance to win a movie role.

Clara Bow in Call Her Savage (1932)

Jack Haley and Victor Fleming on the set of "The Wizard of ...

Welcome to the Clara Bow Archive! Personal collection of photographs and ephemera of the first "It" girl: American silent film star, and symbol of the ...

Clara Bow on the beach

#NationalDogDay "The more I see of men, the more I like dogs." Clara Bow and fur baby, Hollywood 1929:pic.twitter.com/yor8qOzT5o

It was a narrow escape. They almost named her Freestyle Disco.

Clara and Robert Bow

Appreciating Victor Fleming

Clara's fiancees: Rex Bell, Gilbert Roland, Victor Fleming and Harry Richman

Clara Bow, seated on platform, takes a break from filming "Wings" to

With fame came enormous publicity about Clara's personal life including her romances with director Victor Fleming and leading man Gary Cooper. Cooper was ...

It (the marvellously named Clarence Badger, 1927) - Clara Bow is in luminous form playing the embodiment of "it" (sex appeal) in this legendary silent movie ...

... Clara Bow & Madonna's "Vogue" video

Crimson Lake — Clara Bow in Hula directed by Victor Fleming 1927


Clara Bow with gun. Get Your Man publicity portrait by Gene Robert Richee, circa

The irresistible Clara Bow

Victor Fleming behind the camera

Her film, "It" is one of my favorite films, and when I have kids, my first daughter is going to be named Clara Bow :)

Although Clara and Rex had a rocky marriage, she was devoted to her 2 beautiful boys

Alverna and her 2 men - neither one quite worthy

In this limited group was Clara Bow evolution

Monday Glamour Starter --- Clara Bow --- Part One

Bombshell (Fleming is seen on the set with Harlow above).

Victor Fleming

Sass in a Straw Hat & Stripes ☆ Clara Bow (age ☆ Hula ☆ Directed by Victor Fleming ☆

Grapevine Video Releases HULA (1927) w/Clara Bow

MENTAL MONTAGE: Psychotic Fanatics. Clara Bow ...

Clara made her debut in "Beyond the Rainbow" (1922), a Robertson-Cole production filmed in New York by Christy Cabanne with Billie Dove in the lead.

Clara Bow - 1927 - Visiting Victor Fleming filming The Rough Riders

Early Lubitsch:

Caption: Clara Bow in Mantrap (1926).

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Clara Bow Archive 🌈 🎀 🏹

Mantrap (1926) Victor Fleming; Clara Bow, Ernest Torrence, Eugene Pallette

The more I watch Clara Bow (and read about her), the more convinced I am that this woman was a performing genius --- not one of those "instinctive" talents, ...

Clara Bow Bows ☆ Get Your Man (1927) ☆

Clara Bow, of course, cannot be viewed in isolation. The arc of her career--its beginnings, its triumphs, the later defeats and the decades of comparative ...

The short Clara Bow souvenir card

CLARA BOW: My Life Story as told to Adela Rogers St. Johns

Cinema Spotlight-1926's Man Trap Starring Clara Bow

Shot of Director Victor Fleming adjusting arm of apple tree "Wizard of ...

Clara Bow. Directed by Louis J. Gasnier, from a story by F. Oakley Crawford then adapted by Lois Hutchinson, Parisian Love was a vehicle for the rising ...


"Clara Bow played in her first picture in "Beyond the Rainbow." She was not well-dressed.

9. (on her poverty-stricken childhood in Brooklyn) No one wanted me in the first place. Often I was lonesome, frightened and miserable.