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CTC Aviation Training doing a touch and go at Auckland Type

CTC Aviation Training doing a touch and go at Auckland Type


CTC Aviation Training doing a touch and go at Auckland Type: Diamond DA-42

The Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-CTT3 (c/n 172S10475) and comes from CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd at Hamilton.

A320 Type Rating

... CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd at Hamilton. image

N605SJ - Diamond DA-40NG Diamond Star - CTC Aviation Training

ZK-CTI - Diamond DA-42 Twin Star - CTC Aviation Training

G-UPRT - Slingsby T67M260 Firefly - CTC Aviation Training


Employment so far!

ZK-JMG - Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP - CTC Aviation Training

Finally ownership transferred to DW and MR Brown of Auckland on 6/3/87, and it was re-registered as ZK-CAL2 on 13/4/87. It is still flying with Christian ...

ZK-CTJ - Diamond DA-42 Twin Star - CTC Aviation Training

Piper Tomahawk at Warbirds Over Wanaka 2012 Type: Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk

N265PS - Diamond DA-40NG Diamond Star - CTC Aviation Training

NZ Week 22: Asymmetric Flight & IFR Simulator - Pilot George, L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) Cadet Blog

Soar through the skies with Atlantic Flight Training! ✈ Flying lessons for less than €

Airwork Metroliner at Auckland Airport Type: Fairchild SA227-CC Metro 23 Registration: ZK

ZK-CTC - Diamond DA-20-C1 Eclipse - CTC Aviation Training


NZ Flying Doctors Cessna Conquest [[MORE]] Type: Cessna 441 Conquest Registration

The Grob 115E, known by the RAF as the Tutor, is used for Elementary Flying Training by the 14 University Air Squadrons and 12 Air Experience Flights ...

The Avro RJX, which unfortunately never entered major production or service

Royal Air Force - Training Aircraft Tutor T Mk1(Grob 115E)


ZK-CTI - Diamond DA-42 Twinstar - CTC Aviation Training

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and exciting for me - I have now had my first passenger flights! But more on that later... first, base training.

CPL profiles and the test!

joshuactc. Flight training with CTC aviation

Touch & Go Event - Hawkes Bay - POSTPONED

Rotorua Airport from the circuit

Waiting to board Dubai bound Emirates flight EK449 from Auckland.

NZ Week 11 [Part Two]: Instrument Flight & General Handling - Pilot George, L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) Cadet Blog

The Robin R3000/160 ZK-TJH2 (c/n 164) began life registered in Germany in 1993 and came to NZ for Tim J Harrison of Auckland (hence the registration TJH).

East Air went into receivership in December 1985 and the aircraft sat at Ardmore for some time.

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Not often seen the smart 1980 model Cessna 172RG ZK-NPM from Auckland

ZK-CTQ - Alpha Aviation R2160 - CTC Aviation Training

G-TCDZ, the aircraft used on my first line training flight

Also at the Christian Aviation base at Ardmore was their other Navajo:


Extremely relieved with my CPL aircraft, ZK CTL

CTC Wings Pilot Training - Middle Earth to Bournemouth

Australian airforce touch and go Hamilton Airport 2014

Falcon business jet operated by Tinkler Group Aviation, based in Brisbane. Type: Dassault

NZ Lifefight Trust Air Ambulance Type: Fairchild SA227-AC Metroliner Registration: ZK-

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The Student Pilot Blog

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The Bell 206L-1 LongRanger ZK-ITK2 (c/n 45628) is of 1981 vintage and came to NZ after a career in Canada.

Having completed most of the handling exercises Sam asked to be shown asymmetry on our way back to Hamilton and with not one instructor at CTC able turn ...

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Its been a very busy few weeks here in Hamilton, which explains for the lack of posts! Preparation for PT1 coupled with further nav flights and my ...

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I took this shot from the top of the avgas tanks at ctc.

IMG 5569

The end of the foundation stage and beginning IFR training

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Christopher Johnson: From Naval Architect to Commercial Pilot


ZK-LAB is a Cessna R182 Skylane RG with the c/n R18201089 and has been listed with Ryan Place Ltd of Auckland since 04-07-2016.

Cessna Citation at Christchurch Airport Type: Cessna 501 Citation I/SP Registration: VH


... Airport on 7 November was nearly the whole fleet of the CTC Aviation Alpha R 2160's parked up. They are still registered to CTC Aviation Training (NZ) ...

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NZ Week 13: VFR Navigation [Part Two] - Pilot George, L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) Cadet Blog

It was place on the NZ civil register by the Air Department as ZK-BJP on 30-03-1955 and loaned to S.A.F.E. Ltd for just under a month before being returned ...

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ZK-CTI - Diamond DA-42 Twin Star - CTC Aviation Training

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ZK-CTT - Alpha Aviation R2160 - CTC Aviation Training

There have been a few sims also, leading to the LPC/OPC. This was pretty similar to the LST, although was done with a Thomas Cook training captain.

About to do a touch and go and Manston


Saturday - A Double Flight Day... wk18sunshinedoublenav


When they're not making radios, radars, scanners etc L3 are also manufacturers of full-motion flight simulators for commercial pilot training .

Today saw the return of the classroom as my coursemates and I began getting to grips with the fundamentals of multi-engine flight. Thanks to the completion ...

There's been a fair amount of commuting recently!

New Zealand Community Trust Ambulance (Life Flight New Zealand) Metroliner at Christchurch Type: Fairchild Metro III Registration: ZK-NSS Location: ...

Flying back to Hamilton after an Ops route to Rotorua and Te Kuiti

An amazing view whilst doing the morning pre-flight!

NZ Week 32: Getting There... - Pilot George, L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) Cadet Blog

Today was certainly a looooonnng day having rocked up to the training centre at 08.30 and then not leaving until 21.45! Booked in for a flight in the late ...


The Boeing 737-700 flight deck!

ZK-VAD - Cessna 402C - Vincent Aviation

So before taking the CPL, I had to finish off the New Zealand IFR flight phase of training. This mainly consisted of some more SPIC flights - I didn't go ...

CPL Skills Test Pass

The Student Pilot Blog

NZ Weeks 34 & 35: Commercial Pilots Licence - Pilot George, L3 Airline Academy (CTC Aviation) Cadet Blog


I decided to choose CTC for the Flight Attendant Pre-Employment Diploma Program as they offered small class sizes, the schedule worked around ...

If Shaun had taken this picture about 3 seconds earlier, he'd have caught me embarrassingly off the yellow line on the taxiway!)