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CJ and Simon Donovan Mark Harmon and The West Wing almost

CJ and Simon Donovan Mark Harmon and The West Wing almost


CJ and Simon Donovan. Mark Harmon and The West Wing: almost too much for me to take.

Mark Harmon as Agent Simon Donovan. (The West Wing) I believe this was the role that paved the way for him and NCIS success.

Mark Harmon as Secret Service agent Simon Donovan & Allison Janney as Press Secretary CJ Cregg NBC Photo by: Eric Liebowitz

CJ & Simon

Dule Hill as Charles "Charlie" Young in The West Wing

CJ: Yes. Simon: You do. CJ: It makes me feel more feminine. The West Wing We Killed Yamamoto Favorite scene! Great acting and chemistry!

In Season 3's "Posse Comitatus" (S3E21), USSS Agent Simon Donovan (Mark Harmon) draws his SIG-Sauer P226 after inadvertently stumbling upon a holdup at a ...

Secret Service Agent Simon Donovan (Mark Harmon) with his SIG drawn in Season 3's finale "Posse Comitatus" (S3E21). Note the ejection port.

SIMON You can say to the agent, "I'd like to go outside and get some air," and he'll go with you. C.J.

Season 3: Posse Comitatus · The West WingMark HarmonSeason ...

The West Wing: Emmy winners Allison Janney & Richard Schiff!

left behind in indiana - 20 hours in america - one (a double) of

'West Wing' Uncensored: POTUS, the Fish and 10 Other Things Left Out of THR's Oral History

You look amazing... The West WingBook ...

Stanley is less annoying and I do see the significance of Jed almost telling someone who has a close relationship with Jed because he's the psychiatrist ...

Firing the 686 in Season 3's "We Killed Yamamoto" (S3E20). After C.J. hits the ground, Donovan mentions the revolver has a kick.

“That's a Full Lid”: The 10 Best C.J. Cregg Episodes of 'The

OK. This meta/picspam is a doozy. I had a ton to say on this classic… - ww_renaissance ?

The West Wing character. CJ Cregg.jpg

LOL at Allison Janney's playful tone compared with Mark Harmon's tense, aggravated air. SIMON


It's also interesting that all of this takes place in New York. This show has a huge advantage because the President can and does travel everywhere.

West Wing, The

Mark Harmon


Chris: To say being president is a difficult job is about as massive of a understatement as it possibly gets. The campaigning is a group of people trying to ...

“That's a Full Lid”: The 10 Best C.J. Cregg Episodes of 'The West Wing' | Decider

The actor: Although he first found fame as a quarterback for the UCLA Bruins, Mark Harmon has now spent more than three decades as an actor.


Mark Harmon just gets better with age. In West Wing, he was playing Secret Service agent Simon Donovan. Courtesy NBC Warner Bros

File:Allison Janney at the White House Press Briefing.webm


Irrelevant But Awesome: The Great West Wing Rewatch: 3.21 "Posse Comitatus"

West Wing S3 DVD.jpg

He's done other stuff too but the most salient fact is that he is the husband of BABS STREISAND, SINGER TO BEAT ALL ...

Series / The West Wing


Photo courtesy The West Wing Wiki

Joel: I haven't yet mentioned the operation to kill Shareef storyline. While the actual operation takes place in this episode, discussion and debate about ...

Shall we call this the secret past of Joey & Simon? (It's a TV show called "Reasonable Doubts" from the very early 90s.)


C. J. Cregg 13 CJ Cregg Quotes From 39The West Wing39 To Use When You39re

C. J. Cregg CJ Cregg CJCregg Twitter

10 Best Leonard Cohen Soundtrack Cuts

34. DAVID HUDDLESTON. Photo courtesy The West Wing Wiki

“That's a Full Lid”: The 10 Best C.J. Cregg Episodes of 'The West Wing' | Decider

C. J. Cregg 13 Times When CJ Cregg Was Totally Right

The West Wing (season 6)

A Definitive Ranking of Every Character on 'The West Wing' - The Atlantic

The West Wing (season 2)

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Robert Ritchie (The West Wing)

Season 3, Episode 4

Amy answers the phone to learn that Simon Donovan was killed.

Mark Harmon in Cowboys and Indians magazine photoshoot. He.has a Montana ranch.

The West Wing (season 5)

The West Wing (season 7)

Bob Russell (The West Wing)

2,328 watches. The West Wing Special Episode

C. J. Cregg If CJ Cregg Was President On 39The West Wing39 The World Would Have

Manchester (The West Wing)

2,445 watches

Sam Seaborn - Image: Sam Seaborn

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In Season 3's "We Killed Yamamoto" (S3E20), Donovan shows C.J. his Smith & Wesson Model 686, which he identifies as a ".357 Magnum".

Text reads "Two Questions about The West Wing."

They've created the exact same sign. A part of the West Wing culture is that everyone is really passionate in their job, and has a desire to be excellent- ...

2,623 watches

Patricia Richardson - Richardson after the 1994 Emmy Awards

The West Wing: “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” and “The Black Vera Wang” – Persephone Magazine


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First of all, buy that dress, CJ- you look great- something I felt better typing until I remembered that's what the guy who's trying to kill her said in his ...

Mark Feuerstein Sen. Maj. Counsel Cliff Calley / ... (7 episodes, 2001-2005)

Toby and Tabitha- Oh, wow. First, what an amazing job of wardrobe for a poet.... and I have to say, I'm a bit impressed with Toby's game!

Mark Harmon Agent Simon Donovan (4 episodes, 2002)

Jamie Chung : "I would love to do a roadtrip movie with Jennifer Morrison"

Mark Sheppard autograph support #1 - Supernatural

Kris Murphy Katie Witt / ... (52 episodes, 1999-2005)

Tom Chick Reporter Gordon / ... (9 episodes, 2003-2005)


Nick Tarabay, Simon Merrells & Christian Antidormi – Spartacus – Rebels Spartacus 4

Author Interview & Book Giveaway: St. Viper's School for Super Villains by Kim Donovan

Josiah Bartlet - Image: Josiah Bartlett with chair

C. J. Cregg Strong Women on the Small Screen Gender Focus

Cast – Spartacus – Rebels Spartacus 4

Simon Merrells - Spartacus - Rebels Spartacus 4

C. J. Cregg Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss C. J. Cregg At Popflock.com

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Simon Merrells, Christian Antidormi, Dan Feuerriegel, Craig Parker & Ellen Hollman - Spartacus

Panel Chase Coleman - Welcome to Mystic Falls 3 - The Originals

Griezmann : découvrez sa bouille d


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