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Buryat Shamans Siberiad t Shamanism

Buryat Shamans Siberiad t Shamanism


Buryat shaman on Olkhon Island, Siberia

Siberian shaman, lake Baikal region, Siberia, Russia. Why do they always say "female shaman" like that's some kind of novelty or oddity?

Shamans beat their drums in opening rituals at the rainy first day of Yordinski games.

Where ancient shaman traditions are alive in the modern world

... Tour to Ust-Orda buryat village

Stunning pictures as shamans from around the world gather in Sayan Mountains

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Buryat Kam(Shaman) in ritual costume and with drum.

Buryat shaman performing a libation.

Традиционные обряды хакасов: история и современность

Descendants of Tuvan Buryat and Yakut shamans will tell their tribal legends in Tomsk

The headdress of the traditional Turkic shaman is often called a böört, which is pronounced

Ket Shaman, Siberia

Buryat shaman Buryats, numbering approximately are the largest indigenous (aboriginal) group in Siberia, mainly concentrated in their homeland, ...

Siberia's resurgent shamanism

Invocation and Prayer ☽ Navigating the Mystery ☽ Valentin Khagdaev, a Buryat shaman. He belongs to the Buyan family that has been living in the Baikal ...

siberian shaman

Female Shaman in Mongolia

Sakha shaman, 1897

A Buryat boy in a shaman ritual

Buryat shamans

eurasian-shamanism: A Buryat shaman drumming and dancing Photo by Roberto E. Quijada

Following the traditional rituals of the shaman of Siberia

Buryat shaman Tash Ool Buuevich Kunga consecrating an ovoo.

A Buryat Shaman who lives in Siberia. - Stock Image

Mongolian Shaman. Photo by Gilles Sabrie.

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Shaman at Olkhon Island, Siberia
Photo credit: Vladimir Kvashnin

Shaman Yakut woman in elaborate clothing, Siberia, Russia, 1902 | Photographer Waldemar Jochelson

Shamanism (Tengerism) in Mongolia in English

Land of Buryat – Central Siberia

Altai,Shaman. First Nation shaman from Asia

Labantsiksa, shaman of the Khorintzi Buryats people of Siberia. She wears a helmet with

Altai Kam(Shaman) drumming performance.

siberian shaman

The Northwest Coastal People - Religion / Ceremonies / Art / Clothing

Where ancient shaman traditions are alive in the modern world

Adyg Eeren shamanic society in Tuva | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Shaman and the Khanty Bear Festival

Shamanic cultures in Central Asia and Siberia


Lifting the veil on a once forbidden place to reveal the beauty and warmth of her people.

GOETIA GIRL BAEL, SUCCUBUS WITCH QUEEN SHAMAN OF SIBERIA. goetia_girls_bael_yakut_buryat_mongol_turanian_siberian_shaman_shamanka_succubus_of_faustus_crow

This smiling shamaness attests to the fact that while most shamans are Buryat here, not

Yup'ik shaman exorcising evil spirits from a sick boy, Nushagak, Alaska, 1890s.

From Baikal to Buddhism: A road trip through Buryatia

Shaman and Shamanism

EAST ASIA - South Siberia Nikolay Oorzhak, modern-day Tuvan shaman and throat-singer

shaman in traditional clothing, portrait, Peru, Cuzco - Stock Image

Medicine women with their medicine drums Mapuche medicine women treating a patient. Chile, 1908 · Shaman ...

The Last Remaining Shaman in Siberia

Tuvan Kam

SHANAR: Dedication Ritual of a Buryat Shaman in Siberia


Siberian Shaman

Usually the people who received a calling to become a shaman are not so happy to find out about their destiny. Many are scared of responsibility and ...

Shaman of Tuva.- Russia CENTRAL ASIA


The ancestors of Buryats used to live in yurts, in the steppes, they were nomads and were travelling from place to place, they worshipped the Great Mother ...

A ...

Shaman Irina Tanganova thinks of herself as a spirit conjurer. "

Mongolische Schamanen. Shaman ...

Even though Shaman Magar Jankiri is a man, everything about his clothing, the bells, the headdress is that of a woman shaman. Someday the women of Nepal ...

Buryatia Shaman

shamanism rituals siberia trance 1 Documentary Lengh AMAZING Documentary

Where ancient shaman traditions are alive in the modern world

Female KAM (Shaman) drumer from the northeast of Siberia, Turan. #KAM


Marc Olkhon (32)

By Cooper Baltis and Tyler Mayo


Lindsa had been a Nanai shaman for over 50 years. She was only one of

Lake Baikal Useful Information, Tours to Baikal and Buryatia, Baikal, Siberia

Shamans close heaven's gates in Ulan-Ude, Siberia.

Shaman's Bronze Mirrors at 3Worlds - The Shamanism Website

Russia, Siberia, Republic of Buryatia, Ust Orda Chantanova Tamara Bachiila local shaman woman

Amazonian Shaman in trance. From Shamans to Sustainability

Pictured is a Udege Shaman in Primorsky Krai, Siberia. Shamanism is widely practised in

Siberian shaman


... Siberian shamanism has experienced an unprecedented revival following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the number of shamans continues to rise.



People bow before a shaman as she bestows blessings.

Великое камлание "ВГЛУБЬ ВЕКОВ" The Great shamanic ritual "BACK IN TIME"

Defining shamanism is not easy, and you may not agree with the definition I will try to give here. Shamanism is not tidy and there will be anomalies in what ...

Yakut shaman

Female shaman of the Soyot people from 1898 The Soyot are reindeer herders who are related to the Tuvans. National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

Left: close up of two of the tiger bells ; Right: a Buryat shaman from Southern Siberia relaxing inside a yurt. He wears his ritual costume including a ...

lostinmississippi: “ This female Orochon shaman had spent a lifetime in the forests of the North Manchurian taiga enclosed by the Amur Bend.

Shaman by Sarah Roles-Ndibe on 500px

Shaman - Evenks

#16 Buryat Shaman

Shaman's costume, Eastern Siberia, Yenisei province, Minusinsk district, 

Yukagir shaman Siberia, 1901. Photo by Waldemar Jochelson.