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Bug Weird Strange Insects Wildlife of the Philippines t

Bug Weird Strange Insects Wildlife of the Philippines t


If this ant had a name then it would probably be "Spike". I guess the spikes behind its head and at the back of its body make it harder for an enemy ...

... strange looking insects, including a moth which didn't seem able to decide whether it wanted to imitate an ant or a mosquito, and this very spiky golden ...

tiger-patterned grasshopper

A juvenile cricket struts its stuff, though what the point is of lifting its front feet I can't guess. Maybe it has a hands-free mobile phone?

weird bugs | Weird bug on my Gourd plant - Acanthocephala - BugGuide.Net

Bug Weird Strange Insects | Wildlife of the Philippines


Oleander moth Syntomeida epilais commonly called the polka dot wasp moth insects bugs garden pest

Cool photos and descriptions by a professional wildlife photographer of bugs found in Cambodia.

A new species of stick insect has been discovered that is so mysterious and unusual that

1The Darth Vader Ant

10 of the Weirdest Looking Bugs on Earth

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bizarre Don't you love the little tongue?: Insects And Bugs, Creatures, Bizarre Photoshopped, Creepy Bugs, Bizarre Animals, Bizarre Bug, Bizarre Insect

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Animals · Dragonflies · Lyramorpha maculifer; female, male



Bed bugs, Cimex lectularius

Japan ...

Insects And Bugs | Strange and Funny Insects and Bugs

Turquoise cicada (Zamarra sp.) Photo: PBertner. Colorful AnimalsUnusual ...

There are a few critters which are definitely at the "creepy" end of the scale, including spiders, leeches and millipedes.

Bugs of Cambodia

Strange Animals You Didn't Know Exist Umbonia Spinosa These thorn bugs are related to cicadas, and use their beaks to pierce plant stems to feed upon their ...

8Darth Maul Bug

˚Blue Polyrhachis Ant (Polyrhachis cyaniventris?) Philippines by pbertner @ Flickr

The loudest insect in the world

Cool dude: This insect, photographed by Rundstedt Rovillos in the Philippines, looks like

Adult antlions look rather like damselflies, and although some species hunt smaller flying insects, most of them prefer to feed on pollen and nectar.

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Bug Weird Strange Insects | Strange Spider - Micrathena gracilis - BugGuide.Net

Mean: The red face and eyes of an exotic wasp species found in Manilla

Identifying Kissing Bugs From Similar Bugs

globe-bearing treehopper picture

Alien bug

leaf-footed bug

Assassin bugs primarily feed on other insects, although some species suck blood from vertebrates, such as humans, and can spread disease.

This new insect ...

Hot Neon Hopper Nymph

Stink Bugs

The Philippines is well known for its lush, natural environment. Its tropical, middling climate is a great contributing factor towards the country's ...

Strange Animals

50 Shades of WRONG: Disturbing Insect Sex

Photinus pyralis, a species of firefly found in the eastern United States. “


Insects in culture


[Entomology • 2017] Leaf Insects (Phasmida: Phylliidae) from Luzon, Philippines, with Descriptions of Four New Species, the New Genus Pseudomicrophyllium, ...

Weird and Wonderful Pets - inspiring passion for nature

The mole cricket, a bizarre burrowing insect

Mosquito biting for blood

Weird Pirate Ant Comes With an 'Eye Patch'

List of Jumping Insects

How dangerous is a centipede bite: photo

Mole cricket02.jpg

Evolution doesn't exactly have a lot of common sense, does it? First it decides to make the most colorful and enticing caterpillar on the planet, ...

bobbit worm photo

DANGEROUS Bugs You Should NEVER Touch!

Adult Stink Bug

7Alien Caterpillar

Gasteracantha fornicata. Image credit: Amos T Fairchild, via Wikimedia Commons

A Creatonotos gangis moth, a species of arctiine moth found in southeast Asia and Australia

Figure 2.


These starfish showcase the vast biodiversity of the Philippines archipelago that is under severe threat


That's not an ant perched on top of another bug—that's a species of treehopper called the Cyphonia clavata, which has adapted to grow a realistic ant-shaped ...

Daily Mail

Male Lord Howe Island Stick Insect K.

Amazon Insects – Rainforest Ants

A European mole cricket emerges (credit: FLPA / Alamy)

Chagas disease is spread by the triatomine bug -- nicknamed "kissing bugs"


Japanese stag beetle Beetles are the most plentiful family of animals ...

A black-and-red stick insect from the Philippines – observations on the external anatomy and natural history of a new species of Orthomeria

Carnivorous plants feed on insect to achieve necessary nutrients for survival ...

Big bugs | 10 of the largest insects in the world | MNN - Mother Nature Network

2) Weird C-shaped membracid

Bed Bug

Glasswinged Butterfly

Vinegaroon. Photographed by: Boc Villamor. Identified by: KnowYourInsects.org. Location: Marikina City, Philippines. Date: 7 October, 2016.

Alien sighting: Bizarre insect creature spotted crawling along rocks | Weird | News | Express.co.uk