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British Highlanders at Fort Duquesne French and Indian War FIW

British Highlanders at Fort Duquesne French and Indian War FIW


British Highlanders at Fort Duquesne, French and Indian War

The French and Indian war broke out in 1754 to 1763. The reason was of

British highlander with colonial militias, French and Indian War

The 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot preparing to assault Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War.

CQM WG7-FIW-02 French-Indian War British Regular Infantry Boxed Set This boxed set contains: 18 models – 12 brave redcoats and a 6-man command group ...

Surrender of Fort Detroit by the French garrison to the British, Seven Years War.

death of braddock. “

Washington attacked a detachment of French soldiers, and French fought back. This increasely led to the battle called French and Indian War.

French sentry of Fort Duquesne

1765_Virginia_Regiment 2

British Highlander troops charging, Seven Years War

When British General Edward Braddock launched his campaign through the Ohio Country to Fort Duquesne in the spring of 1755, the call went out for wagons.

Terminally ill General John Forbes arrives at the Point, 11/25/1758 one

Boardgames of the French and Indian War

Braddocks Defeat, 1755 by Granger. Red IndianFrench ...

British grenadiers at the Battle of Quebec, Seven Years War ( French and Indian War)

Warburton's Regiment freezing to death in Nova Scotia, French and Indian War, ...

French and Indian War: Civilian Workers, Guides and Pack Animals from Fife & Drum Miniatures and Wargames Foundry | Brooklyn Wargaming

British troops - French and Indian War

Grant's Defeat (@ Ft. Duquesne), 1758


Provincial troops in the French and Indian Wars


I chose to paint my provincials in the later blue coats so as to make them stand out from the other allied British redcoats on the gaming table.

French and Indian War: Scottish Highlanders from North Star Military Figures. Officer_and_Serjeant_of_a_Highland_Regiment

French Map of Continent

Grant's Defeat (@ Ft. Duquesne), 1758

Major James Grant leading a regiment of 800 Highlanders is resoundingly defeated by the French near

French and Indian War: British Regular Infantry from Blue Moon Manufacturing. Soldier_of_44th_regiment_1742. Soldier_of_29th_regiment_1742

... many Indians wore during the FIW era. And, it is their scale, style and variety that makes these a great hidden find for my Native force collection.

View of troops assembling at Fort Bedford during the Spring of 1758.

Manufactured by Expeditionary Force. They also do British Marines. These with the Armies in Plastic Woodland Indians could make for an interesting ...

Having some French and Indian War British Regular Infantry from Blue Moon Manufacturing under my belt, I turned to them again to build out more of my French ...


National Park Service map with French and Indian War era sites I've visited

British Acquisitions

Armies in Plastic French and Indian War French

http://www.seawaytrail.com/images/storytellers/large/The-French-&-Indian-War .jpg

Grant's Defeat (@ Ft. Duquesne), 1758

... Map of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Claims before the War

French Revolutionary Army Canvas Print - Fix Bayonets by Randy Steele

Old photo from Keith Jepson, from about 1999. Outside the log cabin in various uniforms of the Black Watch. See more old French and Indian war reenactment ...

Bloody Mohawk Game

Grant's Defeat (@ Ft. Duquesne), 1758

Roy Phillips, a rifleman in the Marines du Contrecoeur reenactment group, demonstrates how to

Army train struggling to ascend the Allegheny front between Fort Bedford and Fort Ligonier, on

Comprehensive range of 28mm French and Indian War miniatures intended for wargamers and collectors.

Fort Loudoun- 1756 British Fort

French and Indian War: Colonel George Washington from Eureka Miniatures

Illustration: French Fort Machault ...

Battle of Big Meadows, 1855 (Rogue River War, Oregon)

The Native American caught between the struggling superpowers of Britain and France. All three were

French and Indian War: map showing the location of Jumonville Glen and Braddock's Grave

Sash and Saber FIW 25mm greens

They participated in the disastrous assault at Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga) in 1758, the capture of Fort Niagara in 1759, and Fort Lévis in 1760

map of campaign

Eurpoean colonies in North America in the late 1740s and early 1750s

Some new old photos on the Vintage New France & Old England page


French and Indian War map showing the Forks of the Ohio

North America after Treaty of Paris · British Acquisitions

Grenadiers Canvas Print - Heat Of Battle One by Randy Steele

The ...

1715: A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on the Continent of North America, containing Newfoundland, New Scotland, ...

French and Indian War: The Great Carrying Place, the portage between the Hudson River

[Pg 35] Lord Chatham. William Pitt.

By 1758 ...

Block House of Fort Pitt. Built 1764.

Roy Phillips, a rifleman in the Marines du Contrecoeur re-enactment group, demonstrates

LATE INFANTRY : 1786-1800

Rogers' Rangers - Rogers' Rangers in their green, wool uniforms, during the

Highlander in the French-Indian War

Grenadiers Canvas Print - Revolutionary War Soldiers Fort Hand by Randy Steele


Brigadier ...

russ1 russ2

Duvivier's route to Annapolis, 1744



Osprey, Men-At-Arms #048 Wolfe's Army (1974) 95Ed OCR 8.12 | French And Indian War | George Washington


Construction of Fort Ligonier.

Plan of Fort Pitt, 1761.

Ligonier Canvas Print - British Soldiers Reloading Muskets by Randy Steele



French & Indians VS British

The models are Soldiers of the Pyri Commonwealth, any similarities to Napoleonic British Riflemen are just incidental.

Painting showing a contingent of French and Indians attacking General Braddock, in the background, who is falling from his horse being assisted by Major ...

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Red Watch, by Colonel J.A. Currie, M.P.


By Pinpin - Own work from Image:Nouvelle-France1750.png1)Les Villes

From "Fort Pitt" and Letters from the Frontier by Wm. M. Darlington.