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Boxed collection of 15 Troodos Ophiolite samples from Cyprus

Boxed collection of 15 Troodos Ophiolite samples from Cyprus


Boxed collection of 15 Troodos Ophiolite samples from Cyprus.

Troodos - From Sea to Summit (a book by Ron Dutton about Cyprus' ophiolite sequence). Inside page view.

Troodos - From Sea to Summit, Cyprus' Ophiolite Sequence by Ron Dutton. A very informative little book, fits in your pocket. £8.95 + postage.

Guide to the Troodos Mountains - by William Dreghorn (First Edition). Published in 1973.

Sea to Summit Troodos Geology book inside illustration

Geology Specimens on Cyprus Stamps SG 934-37 1998 Minerals Geology - an Official FDC envelope.

(a) Characteristic tectonic regions of Cyprus. (b) Simplified geology after the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus with 356 sampling sites of ophiolite ...

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Fig. 2. Geographic map showing the location of Larnaca Lowlands shelf and eastern Mesaoria

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Cyprus Troodos Chromite specimen geology rock sample: 1 Piece of hand picked chromite from the Kokkinorotsos chromite mine, located about 2 km north of ...

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A: Proposed tectonic model for origin of clockwise fault block rotations in northwestern Troodos (

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(a) AMS sample sites studied in the eastern dike complex of the Troodos ophiolite. (b–c) Orientations of individual dikes, average widths 1.5 m, ...

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Photographs of samples collected from localities 2 and 3 in Troodos (Fig. 1). A, layer of nodules with skeletal crystals between nodules, on the edge of the ...

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Cyprus Geology: Troodos Ophiolite - Lower Pillow Lava specimen, geology, rock, mineral

Cyprus Rock Sample Geology - Cyprus #Gabbro specimen from the Troodos mountains. #ophiolite

Fig. 3

#Geology Cyprus Rock Sample #Ophiolite. Cyprus #Dunite specimen from the Troodos mountains

(A) regional geological map of northern Finland and Russia showing the location of the

Cyprus Geology - A piece of Cyprus Chromite Specimen from the Troodos mountains.

Cyprus Rock Sample Geology - Cyprus Dunite specimen from the Troodos mountains.

Cyprus Rock Sample Geology - Cyprus Diabase specimen from the Troodos mountains.

Troodos Rock by CyprusPictures, via Flickr

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#Philately Department, Nicosia - north of Ledra Street #CyprusStamps · CyprusStampsStamping

A–D, Close up of part of the nodule as shown in the box in Fig. 8F. A, Orientation map of the chromites displayed as a sum of three Euler angles.

Old images of Buyuk Han | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ayia Thekla Beach and Cave Church in Cyprus.

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Our last beach visit of 2012? by CyprusPictures, via Flickr

Fig. 1

A day across the UN peacekeeping line in divided Nicosia, Cyprus (Part 1)

#Cyprus #Troodos: A #Botanists Paradise. Official DVD. #Flora,

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Fig. 9

North Cyprus #Stamps SG 187 MS 1986 #Europa Nature and the Environment - MINT

Petrography and geological setting of tubular alteration textures from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus. a) Low magnification overview of an area of dense, ...

About Buyuk Han by #CyprusPictures. Cyprus

BERENGARIA 959 by liontas-Andreas Droussiotis, via Flickr. CyprusRiversRiver

Nephrite: Nephrite mineral information and data.

Sheeted dikes of the Cretaceous Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus. (A)

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Kykkos monastery, Troodos, Cyprus

Measured δ18O for zircons from silicic magmas sampled from various ophiolites and the East Pacific Rise. Each data point represents a single grain, ...

Fig. 3. East to west cross section across the Larnaca Lowlands shelf at the

Buyuk Han, Travellers Inn by CyprusPictures, via Flickr

... where you can spot all the different types of rock that characterize the area, in stratigraphic order, representing the Troodos ophiolite sequence.

Caves on a rocky mountain in Pafos. A place of hermits with fascinating images of

12. δ18O(Zrn) versus δ18O(quartz) for coexisting mineral pairs in plagiogranite from the Oman ophiolite. Box widths depict the within-sample variation of ...

Cyprus has been a top spot for nature lovers for many years. We explore the

Little Lodge Boutique B&B in Maroni Village, Cyprus

Cyprus Stamps SG 941-44 1998 World Wildlife Fund Mouflon - MINT Seperated. Buy

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A, sample ND 7 Skeletal crystals located between and on the edge of a group of chromite nodules. B, sample ND 16 A group of chromite nodules (black) in ...

Geology IN: Types of Amber

The Romans mined copper on Cyprus and called it 'aes сyprium' (metal of

The secret Lake at Amiantos mine . By Manos.

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Fig. 14

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Simpli®ed geological map of Cyprus, indicating the seven geological regions examined in this .

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Fig. 13

A sample from the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus (ophiolite complex).


A) Simplified geologic map of the Oman ophiolite (after Nicolas et al., 2000) showing the location of samples in this study. Samples originate near the ...

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Fig. 6

Representative cathodoluminescence images for zircon hosted by plagiogranite from the Oman and Troodos ophiolites. Zircon grains are commonly oscillatory ...

Cooling off at the Troodos National Forest Park

Akamas, Cyprus

Troodos ophiolite, on the island of Cyprus, which is a section of oceanic crust

2 a Principal Cretaceous ophiolite outcrops (Troodos, Akamas) on an oblique

Clausthalit (?)------------

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Fig. 2

Suggestions for the interpretation of dynamic models of and field data from ridge-transform systems

Whole rock δ18O versus depth profiles reported for several transects throughout the northern Oman ophiolite (data from Stakes and Taylor, 1992, ...

The Top 10 Natural Wonders Of Cyprus

Map showing declination directions from paleomagnetic groups used in our modeling process. Group site numbers

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Normative albite (Ab)–anorthite (An)–orthoclase (Or) contents for felsic rocks from ophiolites. The An–Ab–Or ternary is after Barker (1979).

Fig. 4

Primary dip-variation of ophiolite dikes, viewed along strike near Sykopetra. (a) Vertical road-cut (b) mountain slope, with some topographic cut-affect.

Geological map of the Kızıldağ ophiolite (Hatay, Turkey). $\protect\

Age spectra diagrams for the metamorphic sole and isolated diabase dike rocks from the Divriği ophiolite.

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