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Bobby Puleo BS 180 switch front crook Skate It t

Bobby Puleo BS 180 switch front crook Skate It t


Bobby Puleo. BS 180 switch front crook.

Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo, front blunt transfer.

FTC has lots of skate family past and present, here and there. We refer to our family as lifers. So then we are family for life!

... got robbed and that would've been it. Just some kid from the Midwest trying to point his camera at everybody probably wouldn't have been good.

A Rodney Torres-heavy selection of flicks showcasing an East Coast landmark, New York's Flushing Meadows.

bobby puleo

Bs Crooked

DC ad Stevie Williams

Guy Mariano - Switch crook shot during a trip to the Canary Islands in 2008.

full bleed new york city skateboard-photography

Bobby Puleo

Bobby Puleo

SOLO Skateboard Magazine (@soloskatemag) sur Instagram : "@starheadbody with a backside

Joshua Pollina

Leo with a front board on some trip. He didn't want the photo

Josh Cox, gap crook whilst filming for the Science video 'The Important Nothing'. Jake Martinelli's new 'Rugged Raw DVD featuring Josh, Joe Sivell and a ...

Powell Peralta to Real to The Firm to Real to Black Label to running a pizza shop.

I dug through some old catalogs to track down info about Salman's pro shoe from Vans. It was called the Camel Toe and was.

Bobby Puleo

There was just so much history there, you couldn't help but feel you were only filling someone else's shoes. It didn't feel like we were creating anything ...

Bobby Puleo

#ClippedOnIssuu from North Skateboard Magazine Issue 04

Central Skate Mag - #ED 08

Bobby Puleo Nollie Heelflip

Luke Freitas - krooked to fakie at Fremont skatepark. Photo: Todd Fuller

chrome ball incident #895: getaway car. "

Art, or skate spot? Chase Collins says both

But the simple truth was that there were way too many other ams on Powell who were better than me. Once I came to that realization, the whole thing changed ...


Let's get into your classic TimeCode part. How long did you film for that and were you consciously filming for a new Alien video or did the project just ...

yaje popson


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Joe Sivell, step up back nosegrind.

It's also interesting to follow skateboarding and see what path it's taking and how the culture is evolving.

chrome ball incident #382: ripped knees


Neen Williams: Inward Heelflip

... he makes another compelling case for vanquishing the skate careerist's Bowser, given a lesser-noticed VX part earlier in the year, services rendered in ...

Converse CONS (@converse_cons) sur Instagram : "Happy Birthday to our man @

sean sheffey x photo kanights

rick mccrank rob brink es footwear

Central Skate Mag - #ED 08

Ollie up, quick backside nollie over the bin. http:/. PhotographySkate FotografieFotografiaPhotograph

over crooks

Bobby Puleo ollies up at the base of the famous Flatiron building in New York City and gaps out to a backside tailslide. Photo by Josh Stewart

But if I had to pick one, it would be that Scott sequence… or that one of Karl doing the switch backtail where we put the sticker on there that everyone ...

It wasn't too long after I came over to Powell that I started to wonder if I'd made the right decision.

Charles deschamps bs180 sw 50 50. Backside 180 to Switch ...

On a high note, we have to talk about your DNA part. Absolutely amazing. Were you motivated to make some big statement in this one after not having a part ...

Alex Olson, frontside 360 ollie | Ollies | Pinterest | Wednesday, Wallpapers and Alex o'loughlin

Skate Vintage Helmet,pads, no shoes

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It had nothing to do with me as a skateboarder, I just ended up on the wrong side of the fence.

Skate plaza in Nuremberg.

Ingenious Architecture: A Skatepark That Prevents Flooding

-While I understand and sometimes agree with the Ricky Oyola rule of "why do something to fakie if you are just going to turn back around right after", ...

new pro Clive Dixon melts faces with his crook grind on this virgin Hubba in the black/white KWalks Pros.🔥Watch Clive's entire ETN Face Melters session on.

Like if I was trying to do something frontside, he'd also had the same idea but was trying to work on it backside. A lot of fun. We started hanging out from ...

dave caddo - one push backside double up - miami, florida - 2007

Bobby Puleo

We just thought we'd give thumbs up, too. I don't know what happened to the sequence that we actually went back for.

chrome ball incident #360: henry and the purple crayon

Lennie Kirk, ride on 50-50

... front three, ...

Jovantae Turner, boardslide.

Because while they'd just rebranded themselves with Beagle at this point, Glam Boys wasn't that long ago and I remember that video ...

pocket pussy, switchstance masturbation... and skateboarding.

Chit Chat

'80s joe staley - frontside pop shuv fakie - barcelona, spain - 2007. james frankhouse - switch backside tailslide ...

Bobby Puleo

A Rodney Torres-heavy selection of flicks showcasing an East Coast landmark, New York's Flushing Meadows.

It was all the devil's plan to make me backslide and fall. It has lead to broken relationships, mistakes, hurt and prison.

I can't believe how sick the skaters in this video are and how many ill spots you guys have. Does it ...

Former feather-footed kickflipper and current furniture hand crafter shocked and unnerved a freshly scrubbed generation of Instagramming careerists by ...

I was so grateful.

"keep on skating."

Ed thought moving out there and being around those guys would be good for me but I didn't feel comfortable in the culture of Orange County.

"I'm no hippie. I'm just a dad who skates and believes in compassion and universal laws."

I know it's kinda cheating for an answer but that's how it is in my mind, if that makes sense.


"Chaffey High was perfect for that time and era in skateboarding."

Scott Johnston was there and told me me just to go with it, that the 180 out was actually sicker, but I already had it in my mind to come out straight.