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Blueeyed AkhalTeke God39s Akhal Teke Beauties t

Blueeyed AkhalTeke God39s Akhal Teke Beauties t


Akhal Teke

haefir: “ Akhal-Teke stallion Gorez ” let's take a moment to imagine this

Akhal Teke

Akhal-Teke - Page 9 - The Horse Forum

Akhal Teke with blue eyes

Akhal Teke horses by AonikaArt ...

Perfect example of their doe-like eyes! Find this Pin and more on -Akhal Teke- ...

Ivory Buckskin Akhal-Teke

Oh, those dark horses with that blue eye. Find this Pin and more on Horses: Akhal Tekes ...

Most of the time, I don't notice that horse eyes are like goat eyes. I think because they are usually dark. Find this Pin and more on akhal teke ...

The 'evil guy' as I call him :P Tokhtamysh, Akhal Teke stallion at Geli Stud in Russia. I call him the Evil Guy because he has a sadistically murderous look ...

Picture of Palomino Akhal-teke horse isolated on black stock photo, images and stock photography.

Beautiful Horse, Akhal Teke golden wonder!

Akhal teke with blue eyes

Pagoda, Akhal-Teke mare by Kerri-Jo, via Flickr

Tokhtamysh owned by Geli Stud Farm. One blue eye, one partial blue eye,. Stud FarmBlue EyesAkhal TekeHadesEquine PhotographyMinimalColorsNatureBeauty


Akhal-Teke only breed that has metallic sheen they almost glow thank you I don't have this picture .

Akhal Teke

The famous metallic Akhal-Teke.

#Akhal-Teke Lovely blue-eyed #perlino #foal

#Akhal #Teke #Horse #Winter #Snow

Akhal Teke white horse with pretty face and blue eyes.

Akhal Teke

akhal teke - Omelia

Portrait black Akhal-Teke horse with blue eyes on the black background

Ghilzai, Akhal Teke. See more. Адаган-Немо - КСК Успенский :: Спортивное отделение

Lithe and beautiful akhal teke

Picture of Akhal-Teke dark horse with blue eyes stock photo, images and stock photography.

Akhal Teke

Blue-eyed Cremello akhal-teke horse looking away royalty-free stock photo

Meltemi, Black Akhal-teke stallion with the blue eyes by Victoriya Bondarenko on

Akhal-teke horse

Akhal-Teke stallion Tarzan ~T

Kambarbay (akhal teke stallion). Wish I could see one in person.

Fabulous Looking Akhal Teke Side Profile, Chestnut.

The Prettiest Horse In The World- the Akhal-Teke!

Akhal Teke, Andalusian, Appaloosa, Arabian, Cleveland Bay, Clydesdale, Criollo,

This Shiny, Metallic Horse is Being Called the Most Beautiful in the World

akhal teke robe creme

This is an absolutely gorgeous black Akhal Teke

Blue-eyed Cremello akhal-teke horse Stock Images

Blue eyed akhal-teki horse and they are known for their shiny coat

Photos of Akhalteke horses by Ekaterina Druz Equine Photography

From the manufacturer. Akhal-Teke ...

Blue-eyed Cremello akhal-teke horse stock photo

Akhal - Teké [col. amber champagne] - saddle horse, light draft horse

Akhal Teke: Habib Shael A Cremello or Perlino with blue eyes.

Akhal teke stallion, Garayusup.

Akhal Teke stallion

A Turkmen, in traditional costume, with his beloved Akhal-Teke horse. Photo by Reza

First day of loose jump training for the perlino Akhal Teke stallion Kambarbay, quiet and progressive.


Akhal Teke, Radjh - Farm stud DACOR

Akhal Teke--what a beauty--that long slender "Greyhound" body is like no other breed--famous for the metallic sheen on their coats, their long-distance ...

Akhal Teke - gorgeous color

Look at that glow of this Akhal Teke.

ATF, France, Akhal-teke horses - Gissarg(Giaurs - Gissa)

Tokhtamysh · Akhal TekeThoroughbredHooded Eyes PhysicsOrientalHorsesExoticTackBeautiful

"Akhal-Teke colt Брабус (Brabus)" lol, love the face he's

Akhal-Teke -- The Akhal-Teke evolved about three thousand years ago in southern Turkmenistan where they are the national emblem.

This horses markings are so stunning and unique.

Gorgeous, almond shaped Akhal Teke wall eye

akhal teke cool water. See more. Айганым - Конный завод Dacor

akhal teke - Brabus

Buckskin spotted blanket appaloosa horse - 50% Akhal-Teke, 25% Arabian, 25% Appaloosa stallion Golden Globe A

Akhal-teke horse


Beautiful golden boy (bay or buckskin - it's hard to tell with all that dramatic 'Akhal teke gold' plus the sooty effect). The Akhal teke breed carries lots ...

Liver blue roan or chestnut with the sooty gene and reddish points?

Grey Akhal Teke with a bloody mark above its eye. Unique!

Blue-eyed Akhal-Teke #rearing. Beautiful harness

akhal teke - Katalpa-Nemo

Bay Akhal Teke rearing - this breed has become my favorite of the desert breeds. Their coats are magnificent., but I'd love to see it go head to head with ...

Akhal-Teke Horse Breed | Unusual Horse Breeds | An akhal teke breed of horse, unique, beautiful .

Akhal Teke - Victoriya Bondarenko

Mingam. JewelAkhal Teke ...

gorgeous buckskin love the color and more so, his pink nose! akhal teke horse

Mersi ~ DACOR Akhal-Teke Stud Farm

Akhal Teke

Turkmen horse (Iranian Akhal Teke)

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan, where they are a national emblem. They are noted for their speed and for endurance on long marches.

Nez Perce horse (Appaloosa x Akhal Teke) Our Horses - Sweet Water Farm Akhal

Golden Akhal-Teke Photo by Artur Baboev

American saddlebred

Equine Photography - Karolina Wengerek Akhal-Teke - golden horses of the desert

Pretty Buckskin - Dunn colored horse with Paint horse markings and a white blue eye.

Akhal Teke stallion Tarzan

Ахалтекинская - фотографии (translates to Akhal Teke - photos) equestrian.

the devil's horse. it is said that a blue eyed horse is the devil's horse and a blue eye is called the "devil's eye." my first pony had blue eyes.

scarlettjane22: “akhal-teke by Artur Baboev on 500px”

Breeding and sale of akhalteke horses.

Blood-bay Akhal-teke mare - spectacular!

Akhal Teke

This is a combination of grulla or dark golden dun and perlino, also called 'champagne'. In this color, the eyes may be blue, grey or hazel.

Akhal-Teke. These horses are bred in Turkey and only around 3,500 are known

Photos of Akhalteke horses by Ekaterina Druz Equine Photography

Although this Akhal Teke horse may appear to be an albino, it's not. Albinism does not occur in horses. The "necklace" is a traditional good luck charm.