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Blog Posts general Famous Masons The Craft t


Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Blog Posts - general | Famous Masons

Josef A. Wäges - “Stephen Morin and the Baylot Manuscript – The Origins of the Order of the Royal Secret

E. Oscar Alleyne - “The Legend of Comte de St Laurent and his role in Scottish Rite Freemasonry”

Famous Masons ...

Enough is Enough - Response to the Recent Negative Press about Freemasons in the UK Press by the CEO of UGLE

A New Royal Arch Chapter? Yes, Really.

Famous Masons ...

Abraham Lincoln

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

harry carr

... Masonic Lodge is $3 per person. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in seeing a hidden gem on our local historic district in Pipestone, ...

Trivia: A Few Fun Facts About Famous Freemasons

There's that Masonic "Rock On" hand sign again!

Fidel Castro & the Curious Case of Freemasonry in Cuba

The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library's blog turns seven years old this month! As in years past, we celebrate the anniversary of our blog by revisiting ...

I didn't have to wait long after the previous post.

How the Freemasons Rule the World

I will be offering a couple of posts on Masonic ...

Sir Alf Ramsey is a legend engraved in the mind of every English football fan. A professional footballer for Tottenham Hotspur & Southampton, ...

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Robert Adam, Freemason and Pre-Eminent Neoclassical Architect of the Eighteenth Century

8, 2008Sonoma, California; 4. Military Freemasons General ...

freemason presidents, masonic presidents

H/T to James Morgan.

Out of all of the Founding Fathers no man is more revered in American Masonry then George Washington. In fact he was almost dubbed the title Grand Master ...

Fredericksburg Lodge has issued the following information about their Restoration Fund:

All Black Leaders are Freemasons

Every school kid learns March 17 is the day we celebrate the life and deeds of Maewyn Succat, the second Bishop of Ireland, who is better known as Ireland's ...

Flyer for '1717 and all that' debate


Just a quick post to congratulate all my Indiana brethren up in the northwest corner of the state for receiving their new dispensation from Grand Master ...

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It never ceases to amaze me how much inaccurate information is out there concerning Freemasonry. One of the most common questions circles around how many ...

Jay-Z's playing with us ...



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The Apprentice

Jonathan Doe, Senior Steward at Comestible Lodge, was left similarly puzzled by the revelation: "I guess it all makes sense. I mean, these ladies kept ...

... masonic hand signs: illuminati-symbols-obama

masonic hand signs: Pope Francis Hidden Hand

An Unlikely Find. by Midnight Freemason Contributor

Once ...

192 F.& A.M. is a Masonic craft lodge located in Dunedin, Florida, a town in the Tampa Bay area with a strong Scottish heritage. Currently we have about 200 ...

Fellow of the Craft

The Society of Free & Accepted Masons, which is better known to the world as The Freemasons, has been in existence for nearly three centuries.

The Master Mason

Nelson Mandela Freemason hand sign2

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... a basic understanding of Freemasonry and Islam and how they relate (or often don't) is more and more essential than it's ever been.

My ...

Digital Collections Highlight: The 1817 Presidential Inauguration and the Scottish Rite

Favorite Quotes of Tim Bryce - Part 2

"Wait, women Freemasons? Oh, hell, no! Know what would happen if we let women become Masons? My wife would join, and that would totally ruin ...

Cuban Female Freemasons.

Program below. Click images to enlarge:

A Few Well Known Freemasons

Rex,Sean and Art are coming to Minnesota April 28th, and this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

Members of the 17th Masonic District (Greater Portland) volunteered to assist the Salvation Army, Portland Corps with its Holiday fundraising efforts by ...

"Augustus Le Plongeon (photograph)".

When I was raised,and my grand-daddy gave me his ring, my worshipful master told me that all Masons ...

According to Willam R. Denslow's 10,000 Famous Freemasons, Lafayette was a French military officer who was a general in the American Revolutionary War and a ...

masonic hand signs: Self-proclaimed German vampire Manuela Ruda

As most Brethren come to Preceptory Masonry after involvement with Craft and Royal Arch, it is rare indeed for a Preceptory member to achieve 50 years ...

Oscar Wilde's Prince Masons Certificate.

I ...

Thousands of prominent ...

With calls of “play ball” starting the 2016 baseball season this coming Sunday, it seemed right to focus our blog post this week on a Masonic baseball ...


Masonic Blog

Guest Article: Homosexuality & Freemasonry by Ye Grander Hugnot (pen name)

And finally, here is list of articles from this blog, which support the general theme of this article:

Speaking of festive boards (see yesterday's post), Masons in, or near, or within traveling distance of New York City this coming Saturday July 14th ...

... Table 2).

Masonic Traveler

Why Are Freemason's Secretive?

Kenneth and Gloria Copeland doing a Fellowcraft Masonic grip?

Moody was a member of Saggahew Lodge in Haverhill, MA, as well as a member in Pentucket Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, Haverhill Commandery of Knights ...