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Bir Hima Petroglyph C Bi39r Hima historically known for its famous

Bir Hima Petroglyph C Bi39r Hima historically known for its famous


Bir Hima Petroglyph C Bi'r Hima, historically known for its famous wells,

Petroglyph at Bir Hima in Saudi Arabia.jpg

Cavalry at Painted Bull panel, Bir Hima Bi'r Hima, historically known for

Předislámské arabské skalní umění v Bir Hima, v předhůří Asíru.


Petroglyphs, 2500-1000 BC, A'abar Harema, Bir Hima, Saudi Arabia

baby owl petroglyph

Saudi Arabia Bir Hima petroglyphs | The pre-Islamic rock art of Arabia at Bir

Eagle's Nest Petroglyph, Jubbah Two regions are known to contain the best and oldest examples

Petroglyphs of the Dinetah, ancestors of the Navajo people, Largo Canyon, New Mexico

Horse and Rider, Shuwaymis East Shuwaymis is an area about 370 km southwest of the

Did Ancient People Believe that Dinosaurs Were Real?...Many more artifacts...read about it here.

The "alien" petroglyphs of Sego Canyon, just outside of Moab Utah made famous by Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. The identifying characteristic of ...

Bir Hima is a rock art site in Najran province, in southwest Saudi Arabia, about 200 kilometres north of the city of Najran. An ancient Palaeolithic and ...

Cone Headed Paracas And The Palpa Lines And Geoglyphs

An archetypal petroglyph figure of a kokopelli nestles on a stone in the Galesteo River Basin near the village of Galesteo, New Mexico

"Vernal Style" Fremont petroglyph panel found on the north side of Island Park Road, about 30 minutes from the Dinosaur National Monument Visitor Center.

Ancient Alien Petroglyph Pictograph – Nine Mile Canyon, Utah

Sacred spots to visit in Canada. Petroglyphs Park Woodview, Ontario

Image result for tassili n'ajjer

Petroglyph in the Galisteo Basin

Chaco Culture National Historic Park, New Mexico, USA

Rock carving known as Meerkatze (named by archaeologist Leo Frobenius), rampant lionesses in

Petroglyph resembling a bird and a man called a shield man on the volcanic outcropping near

Kokopelli Rock Art (Petroglyphs)image (flute man) also know as a high energy plasma discharge know as a Perratt Instability.

Bir Hima Cavalry. Bi'r Hima is located about 30 km northeast of Najran

Ancient Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and Cave Drawings. I spy some circular Galifrayian.

An example of prehistoric cup and ring rock carvings thought to be the work of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age people between 5000 and 3500 years ago.

Gobekli Tepe Artifacts, birthing / squatting woman petroglyph from the 'lion chamber'. Gobekli Tepe near Örencik Village, City of Sanliurfa (ancient Edessa) ...

Mysterious Petroglyphs of Peru

Reclining Buddha at Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka. The remains of the image house that originally enclosed it can be seen.

Najran Abar Hima site - Saudi Arabia

The Observer

N. America's Oldest Known Petroglyphs Discovered In Nevada

Aboriginal hand stencils in rock overhang at Yengo National Park, NSW, Australia.

The ...

Gavrinis (Breton: Gavriniz) is a small island, situated in the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany, France. It contains the Gavrinis tomb, a megalithic monument ...

The Tiger in Chinese Rock Art. Helan Mountains of Inner Mongolia. (Bradshaw Foundation

Petroglyphs of the Dinetah, the ancestors of the Navajo people. Largo Canyon, New

The Nine Mile Canyon in Utah is a stunning, historical 40 mile canyon showcasing over 1000 panels and images of petroglyphs and pictographs.

A wall in the old city of Najran in Bir Hima region

Madain Saleh is situated in the north western area of Saudi Arabia. It was created

More shapes revealed among known geoglyphs !!! Nazca Lines Have you heard about the Nazca Lines, but you don't know exactly ...

100 Best Castle Photographs

Goat on a rock carving in Abar Himma site - Najran Saudi Arabia Najran Abar Hima

Petroglyphs, Village of the Great Kivas, Zuni Pueblo Indian Reservation, New Mexico

Great article with tons of picture of the rock art.


Anatolia: Catal huyuk and Gobekli Tepe - detail of Shrine V,North Wall,mural painting of red bull chased by hunters,ca 7-500 BC

Wings of Stone Foto von John Mumaw von Fivehundredpx Art - History Wings of Stone-

Machias, Maine petroglyphs | 3,000 Year Old Petroglyph Site Regained By Passamaquoddy Tribe

Pinturas rupestres na Toca do Boqueirao da Pedra Furada, Parque Nacional da Serra da Capivara

The Coso region, located within the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, in the desert of interior southern California, is home to some of the most ...

The Najran Fort today, Saudi Arabia: Early Christians in the city of Najran were

Arte rupestre en el Parque Nacional de Chiribiquete, Colombia.

Prehistoric petroglyph along the Colorado River downstream from Moab, Utah. Location: Moab,

More shapes revealed among known geoglyphs !!! Nazca Lines Have you heard about the Nazca Lines, but you don't know exactly ...

Ancient Mysteries- India

Rouds of Arabia Archaeolgy and History of the Kindom of Saudi Arabia | Saudi Arabia | House Of Saud

Beautiful ancient hand-drawn map of Arabia

Ice Age Cave Paintings Altamira Spain The Altamira paintings found in Northern Spain is presumed to be about 11,000-19,000 years old.

A petroglyph of the Monster Slayer, one of the Hero Twins. This petroglyph was

Rock Art trail, which contains hundreds of rock paintings from the San people who lived

TARA casts a light on Africa's rock art

Cave paintings found in the Lascaux caves in France dated to 17,000 years ago seem to depict a football (soccer) game, gender isn't clear for all the ...

In any case, the original ruins contained four stone crosses, which later went missing, though the marks where the crosses were are still visible.

When was the first ladder invented? The first ladder known to exist was first used approximately more than 10,000 years ago. Paintings showing the use of ...

The Cave of Swimmers is a cave with ancient rock art in the mountainous Gilf Kebir plateau of the Libyan Desert section of the Sahara.

The Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco painting features two rather out of place UFOs, which resemble jelly fish, either side of Jesus

Parc Archéologique des Roches Gravées

Comparaison très intéressante entre un pétroglyphe de Khakassia (en Sibérie) daté de 5000 av.J.-C et la ménorah.

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3rd c BCE, Limestone Punic stele decorated with a palm and the sign of Tanit

... Rock Paintings Depicting Aliens and UFOs Found in Chhattisgarh [previous pinner] I believe it depicts a shaman or even the one who did the petroglyph.

Why a non-Muslim should know the Koran

Or in Louvre in Paris.

Image result for prehistoric cave art

The ...

Traditional majlis - 'sitting room' with open coffee hearth in the oasis town of


In Aboriginal mythology, the Wondjina (or Wandjina) were cloud and rain Gods who, during the Dream time, created or influenced the landscape and its ...

Ancient+Alien+Cave+Paintings | In Search of Ancient Aliens

Steer and Ram Petroglyph - a fertility Symbol based upon Motives from the Arabic Peninsula (Bir Hima/ ...

Antarah ibn Shaddad , also known as ʿAntar, was a pre-Islamic Arab knight and poet, famous for both his poetry and his adventurous life.

Its a San Painting, possibly showing a a Shaman in Trance. The Shaman would get their power from Elan and go into a trance in ...

Hospital de Caguas,Puerto Rico. 1988: abre sus puertas el primer hospital del


The Columns of Ancient Egypt

Healing Spiral Sun- This symbol comes from the petroglyphs of the Anasazi…

ummo - Buscar con Google

El símbolo de adoración al dios sol “Baal-Hadad” como la Semi-Luna del dios lunar “Nanna”

Gate at Al-Hira (الحيرة), an Arab kingdom which flourished in the centuries 3-6 A.D. It was the capital city of the Lakhmids or Banu Lakhm, an Arab people ...

Map of petroglyphs and pictographs of Iran

Ancient alien cave drawing

ancient northwest cave paintings - Google Search

Moon God Sin | Allah, the Moon God

Adoration of the ...

Bir Haddaj is mentioned in the Bible in reference to Tayma:

Libu - Image: Stele 67.119 Brooklyn

Cave painting of man and dog