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BilimbiThe fruit is very crunchy when unripe and it turns from bright

BilimbiThe fruit is very crunchy when unripe and it turns from bright


Bilimbi-The fruit is very crunchy when unripe and it turns from bright-green to yellowish-green, when it is ripe. Once it got ripe it falls on the ground.

Psidium cattleianum, the Strawberry Guava | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Rare Amla Indian Gooseberry Nelli Phyllanthus emblica Emblica officinalis -he taste of Indian gooseberry is

Emu apple-The berries are green in color; at its time of maturity the

The Bilimbi/Cucumber Tree (Averrhoa bilimbi) is native to Indonesia and is a close relative to the Carambola, but they are always extremely sour. The fruit ...

Unripe carambolas on the tree

Thick, clear yellow fruit has thick and resistant bright skin, very juicy and pleasant pulp, belonging to the group of Japanese plum.

unripe Libas fruit. Ripe fruit is rounded, yellow, a one-seeded drupe

Ceremai trees are fruit trees with the same name. Ceremai trees that produce fruit taste



Our Nashi Pear tree full of fruit

Dragon Fruit -Dragon fruit is a good-looking fruit grown in Southeast Asia,

Rare Fruit Australia » Eat your landscaping » Micro Eden – A permaculture approach to home

Kousa Dogwood, Kousa Dogwood is native to China, Korea, and Japan. The

heart nut trees | Japanese Heartnut Tree | Marthas Secrets

Mountain or Malay Apple (Syzygium malaccense)—The mountain apple is a very refreshing

This plant is also called Gurbir, mock strawberry and false strawberry.

Bilimbi-The fruit is very crunchy when unripe and it turns from bright-green to yellowish-green, when it is ripe. Once it got ripe it falls on the …

Jack Fruit - This is a very unique fruit that has a spiky outer shell.

Persimmon Quick Facts

#GRAVIOLA…Whether you know it as Graviola, Guanabana or #Soursop, natives

This fruit is a species of persimmon that is native to eastern Mexico and Central America south to Colombia. Other names include Chocolate Pudding Fruit, ...

chokecherry fruit-Chokecherry is the North American fruit which grows dense in humid climatic regions

Wild Figs, The fruits (syconia) of the Knobbly Fig (Ficus sansibarica), form in pairs on woody knobs directly on the tree trunk & mature branches !

161 best exotic fruit images on Pinterest | Exotic fruit, Veggies and Fruit

... Martinez12; 13.

Averrhoa bilimbi

8 Global Crops for Your Edible Garden

Apple Quick Facts

Barbara Apples green and red

Language III, Fruits FRUITS In botany, a fruit is a part of a flowering ...

Vietnames Green Dragon fruit is up for privileged irradiation in US from

Lime and lemon rivalry, Jerusalem

10 exotic fruits that can kill you

Ga-ga for guava

Here is the snapshot of his favourite Sweet Dish GULAB JAMUN - made on 16 August 2014.


Yellow Passion Fruits

Health Benefits of Rarest and Exotic fruits of the world

Check out some of the health benefits of Avocados here

Spanish Lime

Averrhoa bilimbi

Philippine-made fruit basket by the Christmas tree Gina Villanueva-Uyan ® © All

20+ Of The World's Weirdest Fruits And Vegetables

Known as the kaffir lime in western markets it really should be called makrut if you want to be politically correct. The word kaffir has negative ...

Bilimbi chi sheer along with hot steamed rice is definitely a delicacy in the month of Shravan!!



Monstera Fruit

Giant Lau Lau (Syzygium megacarpa) is a large, crunchy fruit similar to the

Generally it starts fruiting around 4 years. What makes the Tamarillo stand out are the distinctive egg shaped fruit that come in a range of colours.

Care has to be taken because a fruit taken from the tree too early will never ripen and ends up just rotten (and not in a good way.)

Tropical Fruits of the Philippines that are not so known in Belgium

Unusual fruit - Pittosporum rubigosum

Disclaimer : All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual plant may vary from illustrated plant.

The Health Benefits of Araza Fruit (Eugenia stipitata)

averrhoa bilimbi, cucumber tree, tree sorrel or belimbing buluh. you can cook this, make syrup out of it and the fruits, can be dried for a healthy snacks

Indian Fig - Barbary Fig, Cactus Pear, Christian Fig, Indian Fig opuntia,

There is just one fruit better than cherries--Rainier cherries !


Caribbean Fruits | Caribbean fruits by Annusha, via Flickr | All Tropical Foods | Pinter


Spicy Brinjal Rice (Vangyacha Pulav)

... Martinez13; 14.

Second Place: Gac (Momordica cochinnenis)

Origins and distribution[edit]

Reina Claudia Verde

Not quite tropical but totally exotic fruits: #pomegranates in #Palestine

Zingy limes in banana-leaf buckets, Dominican Republic

Abiu is an exotic fruit tree that grows in Hawaii. The bright yellow fruit has a delicate, creamy, sweet taste, with a strong hint of caramel and vanilla.

black currants

Ripe fresh Mamey pulp is great for smoothies, mousses, creams, sorbets and other great tropical recipes

Spanish Lime

calamansi tree -Calamansi otherwise referred as calamondin is the native fruit of Southeast Asia,

Peanut Butter Fruit ~ Bunchosia argentea, commonly known as Peanut Butter Fruit, is a

bananas tropical fruit

Edible landscaping: RHS GARDEN, ROSEMOOR, DEVON Espalier fruit trees to save space and decorate. It takes time a patience, but results are very nice if you ...


Sunday Snapshots: Fresh Inca Berry and Minions @SpicieFoodie


Averrhoa bilimbi

Guanabana, -Guanabana popularly known as Soursop, is a native fruit of Central and

Moong Dal Halwa is an Indian dessert made with skinless split green gram. It's a very rich sweet with loads of ghee and dry fruits.

Fruits Of Paradise!

Matoa is one of my favorite fruits, it taste sweet like Longan, but this

Miracle Fruit is the berry from a shrub (Synsepalum dulcificum) that miraculously changes the


Smyrna Quince - Beautiful, large yellow fruit that is tender and sweet. A heavy producer with excellent quality.

In Russia, wild strawberry has been a very popular berry, the source of pleasure and health. Wild strawberry is a delicious forest berry, or at least we.

Mango Mousse Cake This is the second time I made a dessert with mango. We like mango, but we usually eat raw fruit alone, rarely in fruit salad.

Laden with fruit


Jamaicans have a passion for mango and during mango season, everyone gets to indulge, sometimes eating enough of the fruit to replace a meal. Mangoes are so ...

soothing green

Gooseberry, Invicta - The biggest gooseberry. The size of a small plum and the best tasting of the green fruit varieties.