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Berlin Germany GDR A primary school teacher and her class

Berlin Germany GDR A primary school teacher and her class


Berlin (Germany / GDR). A primary school teacher and her class during a lesson in gardening in the school's allotment garden in Berlin. Co.

education, school, class room, 3rd grammar school, Berlin Köpenick, 1965,

Students in a welcome class for migrants attend a German language lesson at the Sankt Franziskus

Children of a welcome class for immigrants from Syria, Poland, and Romania attend a German lesson at the Katharina-Heinroth primary school in Berlin.

Alia Hussien and fellow teacher Efrat Toval give a lesson on identity to this class of

... education, school, class room, 3rd grammar school, Berlin Köpenick, 1965,

When class becomes too dull, a demanding school is needed

25 years of learning English in East Germany

First-Graders at a School in East Berlin (1979)-The Pioneer Organization

Learning languages

Teacher with her class visiting the library reading books for education

A primary school lesson in the first grade Zalivnoye village Kalmykia - Stock Image

Schooldog Rudi sits in the class 4c during German course with class teacher Kristina Gessner at

Syrian refugee teacher starts job at German school

pupils at class in a German school - Stock Image

... Students reading in class - Stock Photo

Syrian teaching assistant Hend Al Khabbaz coaches young Syrian refugee pupils during class at the Sigmund-Jaehn-Grundschule Primary ...

German teachers campaign to simplify handwriting in schools | World news | The Guardian

Berlin, GDR, child shows his kindergarten teacher a self- painted picture - Stock

Berlin, GDR, teacher in a kindergarten depends a little boy clothes - Stock Image

Teacher helping a student with work in classroom of secondary school, UK - Stock Image

There are countries where the language schools provide native English speakers with an apartment as an added incentive to go and teach there. Germany is not ...

Berlin, Germany. 18th Nov, 2016. Former figure skater Katharina Witt reads to

... Syrian teaching assistant Hend Al Khabbaz (R) coaches young Syrian refugee pupils during class

History of Germany

United States as primary threat[edit]

Here we see a primary school teacher putting up a portrait of President Wilhelm Pieck in his clssroom during 1949. Pieck was a German Communist who spent ...

Unfortunately I hadn't been shown the presentation prior to arriving at the primary school, and I had to do a lot of on-the-spot editing in order for it to ...

Schoolboy reading a message in classroom. '

Syrian teaching assistant Hend Al Khabbaz (2nd L) coaches young Syrian refugee pupils during ...

Very young children in a church school, watched over by their teacher, a nun

Ellnas Momand, 10, says she misses her home in Afghanistan but has "

East German School Outshines Competitors | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 26.07.2005

high school

Steffen and Martin from Leipzig's Wilhelm-Ostwald-Gymnasium in Chicago

How Germany celebrates the first day of school

'Ich Bin ein Berliner': An Indelible Memory of Kennedy's Speech - Berliners remember

Al Khabbaz, an English teacher in her native Homs, came to Germany as a refugee in 2015. (AFP)

Male Hispanic teacher in class at Achieve Early College High School in McAllen, Texas on

Berlin, DDR, pre-school children and teacher in physical education - Stock Image

Primary school teacher ...

An East German border guard offers a flower through a gap in the Berlin Wall on the morning of its fall in 1989 by Tom Stoddart/Getty Images

Hände hoch oder ich schieße

Pioneers Lenin GDR - HeadStuff.org

Some refugees are studying at the University of Fine Arts in Leipzig.

Tina Powileit

Throughout its existence, the DEFA studio in East Germany released films that pushed the boundaries. Some of these, such as Divided Heaven, Farewell, ...

Pioneers Lenin Thälmann

Class trip to Berlin: Scientific experiment

Michael Ihle/Universität Bremen

Lesson in endurance: Syrian refugee teacher enters German school

Our Short Life

'Jugend forscht' ('Youth does research') allows German middle and high school students to show off their science and technical skills

Prize 1

Für die Liebe noch zu mager?

East German soldiers pick up Peter Fechter after he was shot while climbing over the Berlin

Outstanding documentary about the Berlin Wall from today's perspective. Excellent background as well.

There is a stereotype in the West about the films from communist countries: That they're all about the struggles of the working class against oppression; ...

Speakers from Different Careers

The Silent Revolution and In the Aisles: Life in eastern Germany, before and after… - World Socialist Web Site

The online MBA with campus and community

East German Nationale Volksarmee changing-of-the-guard ceremony, East Berlin .

East German border guard tossing a ball back over the Berlin Wall after a West German child mistakenly threw it over, Berlin, Germany, by Paul Schutzer, ...

homeless university

Kalter Hund und Tote Oma sind nix schlimmes! ECHT!

Jamie Walker, a specialist in mediation and conflict resolution, became involved in inter-

Cold War East Germany

... berlin people breaking down wall_1

Non-traditional names linked to teacher discrimination

Hartmut Richter in front of the remnants of the Berlin Wall

East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow, West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and mayor of West Berlin Walter Momper among other figures take part in the ...


The Airship

Modern Germany Update - Fall 2015 by Transatlantic Outreach Program - issuu

Klassenfahrt nach Berlin auf visitBerlin.de

A solider stands on one side of the Berlin wall as it is under construction while

Stalin arm wrestles Gorbachev in a work called "?" by Mikhail Nikolaevich Rozhdestvi

Helsinki Final Act: Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) Helmut Schmidt, Chairman of the State Council of the German Democratic Republic ...

In 1954 and 1955, director Kurt Maetzig made two films devoted to the life of communist pioneer Ernst Thälmann. Later, Maetzig would say he was embarrassed ...

Photo Gallery: Bright Germany, Dark Germany

Why you should teach English in Germany

Doping: As a young woman, she used to throw the discus here: Katja

Berlin Cosmopolitan School students of Grade 9, Ethics class, had the chance to participate in a guided tour through the Stasi-Prison Memorial in ...

Helmut Kohl in 1986

Some people remember their school days as the best time of their live, others the worst. Nevertheless most East Germans share similar experiences.

The Silent Revolution

Berlin Wall: A barrier constructed by the GDR hat completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and from East Berlin.

Die Wende (Kurzfilm - 2013) - YouTube

The first films made in what would become East Germany after the war (at that point, still the Soviet sector), were short documentary films.

The Crucible


A temporary exhibition at one of my favourite Berlin museums, the Gemäldegalerie, introduced me to the Spanish Golden Age. The phrase “Siglo de Oro” didn't ...

Chinese pair name kids after east German town

Unser kurzes Leben

A man sitting.

DDR-Museum in Berlin. Inside the museum

... Primary school teacher Stefan Gesk and Syrian teaching assistant Hend Al Khabbaz take young Syrian refugee pupils on an outdoor project near the ...

A woman standing.