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Beautiful Sonneberg Bisque Doll Known as the quotKuhnlenz Bru

Beautiful Sonneberg Bisque Doll Known as the quotKuhnlenz Bru

Beautiful Sonneberg Bisque Doll Known as the quotKuhnlenz Bru.txt <

Sonneberg Doll ~ Look-Alike Circle Dot Bru Bebe from signaturedolls on Ruby Lane

Outstanding Sonneberg Bisque Child Doll in Superb Original Costume, circa 1885

10 cm) Wonderful Antique All Original German Sonneberg Solid Domed Bisque Shoulder Head Fashion Doll for French Market,

Bru bebe French antique doll

Theriault's - 11" Sonneberg Bisque Closed Mouth Doll with Original Dress by Kuhnlenz, ...

Sanctuary: A Marquis Cataloged Auction of Antique Dolls: 231 Petite Sonneberg Bisque Doll with Gorgeous Eyes

Fantastic Gerbruder Kuhnlenz Bru from abigailsattic on Ruby Lane

19 inch Bru Jne 11

Very Rare French Bisque Bebe Modele by Leon Casimir Bru with Wooden-Articulated Body,

French bisque, leather body, beautiful dress

Vintage Dolls - Yahoo Image Search Results

Vintage Dolls - Yahoo Image Search Results

Large Wonderful Closed Mouth Bebe Bru! Incredible Blue eyes ~ Great outfit ~ Original Body

Gorgeous 25" Simon Halbig 939 DEP

See original image

Beautiful undies on Bebe' Bru

Bébé Bru Breveté, I love it!

Petite German Bisque Doll with Rare Original Body and Original Costume

Pretty German Bisque Doll "The Dollar Princess"

French or Sonneberg Belton Antique Doll VERY RARE w/ French Bru Face

A Matter of Circumstance: 78 Especially Beautiful German Bisque Child with Mystery Markings, Attributed

German Bisque Wide-Eyed Lady with Closed costume. Comments: Sonneberg, circa Value Points: beautiful wide-eyed lady with lovely bisque, sturdy body.


22 inch Antique Doll Kling Fashion Lady 162 German Bisque Circa 1890 Very Pretty

Bru from Theriaults

KESTNER 'BRU' DOLL. An exceptional example of a German doll manufacturer copying a

Breathtaking beautiful Bebe Bru Jne

17" (44 cm) Wonderful Antique French Fashion Bisque Smiling Poupee Doll by Leon Casimir Bru Inspired by Empress Eugenie in original wedding gown

Rare Walking Flirting S&H R&D Doll


Petite Sonneberg Bisque Doll Attributed to Alt, Beck and Gottschalk Auctions Online

Beautiful O/M Bru Jeune from dollyweatherwax on Ruby Lane · Bisque DollRuby ...

You will be bidding on this beautiful little all bisque French dollMignonette from renowned doll artist Cathy Hansen.

Sonneberg Bisque Closed Mouth Doll by Mystery Maker. Marks: S 3 +. Comments: Sonneberg, mystery maker, circa made for the French market.

French Face Sonneberg Belton Doll ~ Jumeau Look


Bebes By Sayuri: Creole doll

An Outstanding and Extremely Rare French Bisque Asian Child by Leon Casimir Bru


Puppen & Spielzeug Museum: 511 Beautiful French Bisque Premiere Bebe by Jumeau

Antique 19' German ABG Turned Bisque Head Doll

Very Rare and Delightful german Bisque Character/1915 from lovelyoldthings on Ruby Lane

Pretty Shy-Faced German Bisque Doll,166,by Kling


Sonneberg Bisque Doll as Asian Child, Model 220, Bahr and Proschild with Unique Body

A Gorgeous Circle Dot Bru Bebe

Bébé Bru Jeune

Pretty German Bisque Child Doll,171,by Kestner

29 Handwerck Dep 109 Antique German Bisque Doll Human Hair Wig Antique Doll | eBay

German Black-Complexioned Bisque Character, by Gebruder Comments: Gebruder Kuhnlenz, circa Value Points: dear little doll with deeply modeled features has ...

*GERMAN BISQUE: Marks: K*R Simon & Halbig 117 58. Comments: Kammer + Reinhardt, c. 1912, their model marketed as "Mein Liebling".

Kestner 192 Doll German, 20th century. A Kestner bisque head doll with jointed composition

French Bisque Bebe with Dramatic Large Eyes by Gaultier Freres cm.

Japanesque Bru Bebe will make her debut at the Grovian in Spring 2015. Bisque DollPorcelain ...

French Bisque "The Lady Troubadour" and "Troubadour with Mandolin" by Roullet &


Petite French Bisque Poupee in Beautiful Original Folklore Costume

RARE WWI Nurse Doll All-Original Only 9 tall

28” Rare Gorgeous Simon & Halbig 939 Closed-Mouth child for the French Market in Stunning Antique Dress & Excellent Condition

Pretty Petite German Bisque Child by Franz Schmidt,Size 0

The Stein am Rhein Museum Collection: 152 Very Beautiful French Bisque Portrait Bebe by Emile

Alluring 20-inch Bru Jne Bebe with pale bisque and deep blue paperweight eyes.

French Bisque Bebe Bru Jne, Size by Leon Casimir Bru

11" Beautiful Bébé BRU / Bleuette size / Ready to dress / by Branka Schärli

The Lifelong Collection of Berta Leon Hackney: 362 Sonneberg Bisque Doll by William Dehler in

Stunning bisque doll head by artist Martha Thompson GORGEOUS

A long time beloved antique doll! We are so please to offer you this beauty! This darling angel is the Kestner 143 character face doll. She is a

German Bisque Child Doll,171,by Kestner with Excelsior Body

Rare Sonneberg Bisque Doll with Musical Clapping Bellows

16 inch Bru Jne 6 with Antigue Eyes - Bebes By Sayuri, Quality Antique Reproduction Dolls


Large Antique Bisque Head Armand Marseille My Dream Baby 20" Doll GORGEOUS FACE

Pretty Sonneberg Bisque Child Doll. Model 136, by Mystery Maker 800/1100

Large Tete Jumeau Bisque Head Doll

Wonderful Eden bebe 15” French Bisque Doll

Beautiful French Bisque BeBe Reclame by Jumeau ~~~ from whendreamscometrue on Ruby Lane

Theriault's Antique Doll Auctions - Petite French Bisque Poupee, Original Costume, - attributed to Jumeau, circa Factory gown of fine dotted Swiss muslin ...

Armand Marseille — Pair German Bisque Googlies 323 in Antique Costume,

Reproduction Bisque Head Doll, Compo Body - Made in Germany 19 by J.Z.H. 1994 Baby Doll Stationary Blue Eyes, Molded Teeth/Tongue

14" (36cm)Antique French Pretty Bisque Bebe doll by Gaultier Freres with elaborate

Stunning Somber 22" Bebe Bru Jeune Excellent Condition~ Outstanding presentation~Rare Example

Sylvia Weser Dolls at the Dollery

Simon & Halbig Dolls (1839-1943) — Bisque Child Doll 530 (745

Kammer & Reinhardt's Gramophone Doll • Legacy Doll Museum • The Kestner Bru • Fallis Toy Shop • A Fashion Doll Capeline • Hansel and Gretel

china head dolls tableau - Google Search


PRICE: $3,950

Vintage Porcelain Doll - Seymour Mann - Collectibles - Green - Country - Straw Hat

26-inch Bru Jeune 10, circa 1880

Now we know where Jeff Sessions came from

Sanctuary: A Marquis Cataloged Auction of Antique Dolls - March 111 German Bisque Closed Mouth Child by Kestner as Look-Alike Circle/Dot Bru Bebe

Kathy sculpted by Regina Swialkowski reborned by Crystal Nguyen for ordering please email me at paris_alley

16" Antique Kley & Hahn German Bisque Character "549" Very Pretty doll 1900

Circa-1885 Sonneberg bisque doll by mystery maker, all original, 13 inches,

Rare and Beautiful Sonneberg Bisque Closed Mouth Child, 938, by Alt, Beck and

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