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Beautiful Astola Island Makran Coast Balochistan Pakistan

Beautiful Astola Island Makran Coast Balochistan Pakistan


Beautiful Astola Island, Makran Coast, Balochistan, Pakistan

Astola-Island-Balochistan-Pakistan-1024x614 Beauty of Astola Island Balochistan Pakistan

Astola Island is around 40 miles off the coast of Pasni, Balochistan. The island is under the Balochistan administration and is guarded by Pakistan coast ...

Astola Island, Gwadar/Pasni

A stunning range of blues as seen from the hills of Astola.

It was a thrilling experience climbing up and seeing this amazing view.

The crystal clear, turquoise water appeared to be a darker colour from a distance.

The beach on the island is incredibly clean, unlike other parts of Pakistan.

Awesome stuff.

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Awesome stuff.

The strange rock formations I saw as we reached Astola.

The golden sand dunes of Pasni in the distance as we were on our way to

The Astola is located some 25 km South from the nearest part of coast of Makran and 39 km South East of the fishing port of Pasni, Balochistan.

Astola Island Astola Island

Astola-Island-Balochistan-Pakistan-1 Beauty of Astola Island Balochistan Pakistan

Astola Island Balochistan


The Island of Astola is popular but hard destination. Currently, only extreme adventurists bother to visit here. But we all should consider visiting at ...

After about 5 hours of long and curious journey comes the moment when signs of an Island appear on the horizon.

Adventure activities that you will always remember. The unexplored Astola Island ...

Astola Island, Pasni. Balochistan

Ormara Beach –Balochistan Ormara is an old town, located on the coast of Makran. The port is also mentioned in the Periplus of the Erythraen Sea as Orea.

Astola Island

Astola Island Pasni Gwadar, Balochistan - Pakistan

Astola-Island - Balochistan

Photo from Wikimedia Commons


Travel: Under the Balochistan sun

Astola Island, Pasni. Balochistan

Astola Island – A Spellbinding Site

Astola Island Adventure Trip with KTG

The fish that the fishermen on our boat caught while we were snorkelling.

Ormara Beach - Gwadar District - Balochistan - Pakistan

Astola Island 1

Malan Island, volcanic mud island off the Balochistan Coast

Anda Rock, 2 km south of mail Astola Island

Astola Island with 0km


Astola Island 14

Emerging Pakistan on Twitter: "Astola Island, Pakistan #Tourism #Pakistan #BeautifulPakistan… https://t.co/xpyrKsvpGH"

Makran Coastal Highway Day Trip (till Rock Formations)

Lonely boat at Astola Island – Picture taken on our trip to Astola Island

Jezira Haft Talar (Island of Seven Hills) – Astola Island – is one of the many hidden gems in#Balochistan. Astola Island is around forty miles off the coast ...

#astolaisland hashtag on Twitter

Astola Island is located in Pakistan

West Bay Beach – Balochistan The West Bay Beach lies on the Makran coast, and is renowned for its diverse marine life and exquisite scenery.

Ormara Mountain Drive - Balochistan - 4K Ultra HD. KarachiStreetView - Pakistan

The hills were of many different shapes, each of them unique.

The sunset was breathtaking from the seven hills of the island.

Astola Island Balochistan

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Here are some beautiful and astonishing pictures of different places of Pakistan. Now, you don't need to spend too much for your vacations in Switzerland, ...

Ormara Beach situated in Makran coastal region, Balochistan, Pakistan #Tourism #Pakistan #BeautifulPakistan #Balochistanpic.twitter.com/cpNS61DqU3

The calmness of the sea enroute Astola Island is merely a harbinger of more to come

''Angel Fish'' Astola Island Balochistan

SandsPit Beach

Grab from the cave at Astola Island – Picture was taken on our trip to Astola Island

Makran's ...

Emerging Pakistan on Twitter: "Astola Island, Pakistan #Tourism #Pakistan #BeautifulPakistan… https://t.co/xpyrKsvpGH"

Unveiling Balochistan

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There were many seagulls hovering closely above us in search of fish as we were on

Beautiful mountain in gwadar

Astola Island 6

14 Exotic Beaches Of Balochistan For The Perfect Summer Vacation - SHUGHAL

#astolaisland hashtag on Twitter

Two ancient Harappan era settlements have been found at Sutkagen dor (on Dasht River)and Sokhta Koh (astride Shadi River). The coastal sites are evidence of ...

astola island

Astola Island - New Year Celebration


Kund Malir

Gwadar Beach-A beautiful view.

Makran Coast. Picture


Pasni Balochistan Wallpapers Beautiful Land Of Pakistan

A distant view of the island

There are more than 80 active mud volcanoes in Balochistan province. In the province's Miani Hor-Hingol Valley region, the heights of mud volcanoes range ...

Puffer fish in coral Astola island Makran coast Pakistan

Hanna-Valley-Balochistan-dilkash-Pakistan-1024x631 Hanna Valley, Balochistan ,

Astola Island, Pasni. Balochistan


Makran – the makran coast

Gwadar is a city on the southwestern Arabian Sea coastline of Pakistan and was designated the winter capital of Balochistan province.

Turtle Beach - Ormara, Balochistan. Government of Pakistan

Pir Ghaib, Balochistan

Astola Island 7

Gwadar Port

Astola Island

Zalzala Jazeera, the island off the coast of Gwadar that appeared after a powerful earthquake