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Bavarian Christmas bread and butterSwabian quotHutzelbrot t

Bavarian Christmas bread and butterSwabian quotHutzelbrot t


Simply cut it into thin slices and spread it with a thin layer of butter. Close your eyes and it's Christmas.

Jersey Black Butter Cheesecake

Kentucky Butter Cake - Homemade pound cake soaked with a butter sauce; so moist and gives it a nice crust on the outside. Keep for days, although it won't ...

Recipes for Germany's Popular Foods

Zwetschgenstreuselkuchen | I love German Food

The BEST Homemade French Bread recipe - so soft and tasty!! Serve with butter


International Cuisine: 12 German Recipes - These German recipes will give you a taste of the old country

Bremer Klaben is a traditional German Christmas bread with dried fruits and almonds which is protected

home made Leberkaese Recipe or Fleischkaese is a Southern German Meat specialty that has become famous all over the world. Eat it warm or cold, it is great!

A darkly baked german fruit and nut spelt bread on a baking sheet

Omas Mohn-Nussnudeln

Butterkuchen - Butter Cake Recipe made Just like Oma ✓ ❤️

Praline Cheesecake

Bienenstich Cake - German yeast cake filled with custard or pastry cream and frosted with honey, butter and almonds

Butter Almond Cake

Close up of the hazelnut swirls in a chocolate hazelnut swirl spelt bread sitting on a

German Streuseltaler

10 Delicious Stollen Recipes for Christmas - Mummy Alarm

German Scones Recipe with Cinnamon Honey Butter - Taste and Tell

German Fruit | German Fruit and Nut Bread (Hutzelbrot)

Pumpkin Spice Bread with Maple Cheesecake Layer - Recipes, Dinner Ideas, Healthy Recipes Food

Serve this bread-like Peach Streusel Kuchen warm with butter and a cuppa. A wonderful and satisfying treat for tea time or snack time.

Pan bolillo casero ¡fácil!

This cream roll recipe, aka Biskuitrolle, is made just like a jelly roll recipe only it's filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

8 Easter Desserts You Can Whip Up at the Very Last Minute

Mom made this every christmas. She frosted it differently, but cut it in diamonds, just like the picture.

Eating Dinner With My Family: Pork Schnitzel with Dill Cream Sauce

Two loaves of german christmas stollen dusted with icing sugar

Traditional German Lebkuchen can be found in every home in Germany during the Christmas holidays.

Berry and cinnamon baked cheesecake


German Christmas cookies Hazelnut Macaroons (in German Haselnussmakronen)are a classic German recipe for the Holiday season.Germany is known for its unique ...

Bavarian Bread ring brushed in egg white, baked, and basted with butter and salt

There is no Christmas in Germany without a Stollen. A wonderful sweet, bread-like treat, that melts in your mouth! We usually eat it with some coffee, f

The Swabian apple cake is a cake from the South of Germany, the region around Stuttgart. Find lady fingers at Trader Joes or in international shops.


Kartoffelsuppe | I love German Food

Semmelknödel (Bavarian Bread Dumplings) Something to try?

Schwäbische Seelen

Erdbeerkuchen - Fruchtiges aus der Backstube

Schwäbischer Träubleskuchen

Stollen (German Christmas Bread) - find German recipes in English @ www.mybestgermanrecipes

Authentic German Cherry Streusel Cake recipe from Germany, proven and very easy to make. The recipe is using sour cherries. You will love this cake.

Schwäbisches Hutzelbrot

Traditional Slovak cookies...can't wait to try these.

You don't need to travel to Munich to eat this traditional German dish called

Frischkäsekuchen mit Knusperboden - [ESSEN UND TRINKEN]

FRIENDSHIP CAKE Herman the German Friendship cake - starts off with a sourdough starter, which

Double-Decker Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

Summer Pudding


Enjoy a real taste of Bavaria at home with this fresh and savory dip that'

German Fruit | Cheese Cakes. Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, and Blueberry Cheese Cake

Swabian Red Currant Torte: I've been OBSESSED with this cake while in Bavaria

Pinner wrote: German dish called kaiserschmarrn with asparagus and prosciutto - original german recipe --- she's almost right. it's an Austrian dish

German Swabian Maultaschen Ravioli Recipe


Swabian is the southern German dialect. My mother speaks this dialect. It is much different from other dialects, including high Deutsch.

As I get older I just prefer to knit

Panque Marmoleado

YUMMY! German potato dumplings! http://www.quick-german-recipes.com/german-potato-dumplings.html ❤ Like it! Share it! Pin it! Make it! Enjoy it!

Traditional German Kraut Kuchen! I grew up on this stuff. Reheats amazing!

Deutsche Donuts German Doughnuts Recipe - Genius Kitchensparklesparkle

Kartoffelsalat (Bavarian-style Potato Salad)

Find traditional and classic recipes, cakes and cookies, deserts and soups, bread and German specialties.

I had these in Germany and they were to die for! Perfect Christmas dessert. Bavarian Dampfnudeln, Buchteln - German Steamed Dumplings Recipe

stuttgartcooking: Käse-Spätzle mit frischem Bärlauch und groben Pfeffer


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Schwäbische Dinkelseele *** – das Baguette der Schwaben (Das Leben ist zu kurz, um schlechten Wein zu trinken!)

Mett Broetchen is a German spiced raw minced pork rolls. A yummy German bread rolls. --find German recipes @ www.Mybestgermanrecipes.com in English

Black Forest Cherry Torte

Creamy Butter Pork Chops

Bayrischer Gulasch: German Goulash Stew - Crock Pot or Oven


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Käsebrötchen Selber Machen :http://selber-machen-selbstgemacht.de/

funpot: 50 Wege.jpg von Nogula

Laugenbrezel schwäbische

Quark balls! Like doughnut holes, but better.

Alasadi sweet

Brinker Mohnschmetterling (Poppyseed Pastry) 2pc mmmmmmmm These are DELICIOUS!

Zitronen-Nuss-Schnecke und Mohn-Topfen-Schnecke Rezept

A collection of Popular German Food & German Recipes - Eat like a German!

recipe for Bavarian strawberry cream

So ischs! #blutgruppe #schwabe #schwäbisch #schwoba #württemberg

Pull Apart Paisano Bread | Empire Baking Company


German Kaiser Rolls/Brötchen

funpot: Vollkornsprudel.png von Karsten

Traveling Europe with Kids: Garmisch, Germany

Biberach, Neues Rathaus, der spätgotische Backsteinbau stammt von 1497-1503, Aug.

(VERSACE) Red robins POUTINE FRIES!! Omg so glad I tried these! I wanna have POUTINE in Canada ! Cheese curds topped on steak fries with gravy and …


Jack Daniel's Bacon Mac and Cheese

Postkarte "Net älles mit zwoi Backa isch au a Gsicht."

10-15-12 Runza!!!! Had my version of this for