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Barbara Feldon became famous for playing Agent 99 on the 3960s TV

Barbara Feldon became famous for playing Agent 99 on the 3960s TV


Barbara Feldon / Agent 99. Get Smart. My favorite show as a kid!

Hooray for Hollywood' Episode 15 Aired Pictured Barbara Feldon as Agent 99

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Barbara Feldon ~ "Get Smart" promo... Yes. She was my Shero. When SAG went on Strike, we were on the same Picket Line. Silly how another normal human who ...

Don Adams & Barbara Feldon

Don Adams as Maxwell Smart Agent 86 and Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 - TV series, 'Get Smart', I named my son Maxwell because this show was my favorite.

Barbara Feldon

1960's Original Photo BARBARA FELDON Sexy AGENT 99 in GET SMART !

Article from: "He begged me for money!" by Jane Ardmore. TV Star Parade, May 1966.

Remember "Get Smart" Maxwell Smart & Agent

Barbara Feldon, Agent 99.

Just Agent 99

get smart | Max & Agent 99 (Get Smart) - TV Couples Photo (

SMART PAIR: Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 with Don Adams, who played Agent 86

Agent 99 was the clever and beautiful Barbara Feldon.

Ok there was Ginger,MaryAnn,Jeannie,Samantha,etc but the greatest was Agent 99 Barbara Feldon.

Barbara Feldon

Barbara Feldon / Agent 99 / Get Smart

"Get Smart” (L-R): Maxwell Smart (Don Adams,) Hymie the Robot (Dick Gautier,) and Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon.)

Agent 99

Barbara Feldon


Get Smart star Barbara Feldon, aka Agent 99: CBC Archives | CBC

(Candid) Barbara Feldon filming Get Smart,

Barbara Feldon may be an unlikely nominee for a sexy television actress but don't count her out just yet. As Secret Agent 99, she was a class act.

0 Barbara Feldon with a gun Agent 99 in Get Smart

BARBARA FELDON (b 1937) as Agent 99 in GET SMART (1965-70

'Get Smart's Barbara Feldon explains why she left Hollywood

Agent 99, Barbara Feldon - 1960's ...

How tall is Barbara Feldon

Agent 99 - Barbara Feldon

Max & 99 meet the Sacred Cows

Get Smart: Season Episode 5 Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend Oct. Don Adams, Maxwell Smart, Barbara Feldon , Agent Mel Brooks, Buck Henry

Actress Barbara Feldon -- Agent 99 in '60s TV's "Get Smart" -

The Unofficial Get Smart Home Page Biography of Barbara Feldon

Barbara Feldon and Don Adams as agent 99 & Maxwell Smart in Get Smart(Photo by Ken Whitmore,

Don Adams as Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) and Barbara Feldon as Agent 99.

... aired from and featured the adventures of bungling secret agent Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) Agent He was usually partnered with Agent 99 (Barbara Feldon).


AGENT 99 x 2: The original cast with Barbara Feldon in the famous baby blue trench, and the new cast of Get Smart movie with Anne Hathaway in a white 2008 ...

Max's team includes Agent K13 (Fang) and his new partner the beautiful Agent 99.

Barbara Feldon

Actors Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, stars of the television show "Get Smart,


I wasn't at all surprised when I got the call from a network executive that it had been dropped. A series has a life span; ...


Agents 44 and 13 acted as go-betweens for CONTROL to issue Max his orders in the field. Both men always did this while hidden in a bizarre location: a trash ...


TV Guide Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 1966 ~ Barbara Feldon, Don

Get Smart's Agent 99 and Agent 86, Barbara Feldon and Don Adams.

... Barbara Feldon who turns 78 today and is still alive, making convention appearances. Best known as Agent 99, Maxwell Smart's partner in the classic 60's ...

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Barbara Feldon US actress in a publicity portrait for the US television series 'Get Smart

Get smart batman tribute with barbara feldon 2014

Barbara Feldon Get Smart Agent 99 hand signed in person 8x10 autograph photo - 100% Authentic Authentcation Services

Dan Rowan and Dick Martin host a Laugh-In. Along with Barbara Feldon, Pamela Austin, Judy Carne, Ken Berry, Herny Gibson, Larry Hovis and others.

"F" is for Barbara Feldon, Agent 99 in "Get Smart"- Love her in this series!

Actors Don Adams and Barbara Feldon pose backstage at the TV Land Awards 2003 at the

Don Adams Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 reenacting their old Series Get Smart in a Customized Tribute Sunbeam Alpine

A pre-99 Barbara Feldon ...

Eps Birdie "

Secret agent Maxwell Smart must make contact with Agent 99.


Burt Nodella, Emmy-Winning Producer on 'Get Smart,' Dies at 91

Barbara Feldon & Lynn Borden


The original Get Smart (1965-1970) - Starring Don Adams (as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86), Barbara Feldon (as Agent 99), and Edward Platt (as Chief).

In the late '60s, model and actress Barbara Feldon played Agent 99 on Get Smart, a spy sitcom that satirized the James Bond craze and won several Emmys.

Get Smart Again

Agents 86 and 99 report that they've wrapped up their mission - only to get a wrong number.

We were lucky enough to have Don Adams' wife, daughter and granddaughter on set. His daughter said that she had talked to Miss Feldon and ...

The one moment we see Leonard Nimoy in the same frame as Don Adams and Barbara

Andy Warhol turned Barbara Feldon into pop art for the cover of TV Guide.

Ok, let's see women that you think are beautiful [Archive] - Page 3 - SUBSIM Radio Room Forums

I find it fascinating to see the frequent usage of "mobile" phone devices on the 1960s Get Smart TV series in light of the modern cell phone.

Get Smart ~ Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 and Don Adams as Agent Maxwell Smart

barbara feldon, barbara anne hall, new york city, actress, model, 64,000

Interview: Barbara Feldon (Agent 99) Gives Her Younger Self Some Sound Advice

Get Smart (1995) TV show

Get Smart Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 and Don Adams Maxwell Smart as Agent 86

Get Smart: Season Episode 1 Pheasant Under Glass Sep. Barbara Feldon, Agent 99 , Don Adams, Maxwell Smart

Maxwell Smart & Agent 99, Get Smart (1965?70)

A colored in Agent 99 in her chauffeur's outfit from the pilot episode.


Agent Agent 86 (Max), and Agent (Fang). Barbara Feldon, Don Adams, and Red (a Briard), in a publicity still for "Get Smart.

TV shows - Get Smart (Maxwell Smart - Agent

1970 – Barbara Feldon (1933 – ) whose most prominent role was that of Agent 99 on the 1960s sitcom Get Smart, appeared on the cover of 'TV Guide' in 1970, ...

The Chief pairs rookie 86 with experienced field agent 99 and sends them to Russia to investigate Ladislas Krstic (David S. Lee), the munitions supplier for ...

The individual episode guides of Donna McCrohan, Joey Green, Carl Birkmeyer and TV Land are all correct in terms of the number of episodes.

From "It Takes a Thief" (TV show), Robert Wagner as Alexander Mundy

Max ...