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Balashenko Irina Don39t look at me t Dolls

Balashenko Irina Don39t look at me t Dolls


Irina Balashenko ~

Международная выставка кукол "Art of Doll" в Гостином дворе. 13.12.2014.

~ Irina Balashenko ~ | Dolls | Pinterest | Dolls

Irina Balashenko

Международная выставка кукол "Art of Doll" в Гостином дворе. 13.12.2014.

Sukach Olga

Doll by Irina Deineko is a great doll maker. Fascinated by her costuming skills.


Pensive art doll - fabulous costuming

Balashenko Irina

art by Irina Deyneko

Balashenko Irina · Art Dolls

Кукольный уголок

https://www.facebook.com/irina.balashenko | Art Doll Figures | Pinterest | Facebook, Dolls and Beautiful dolls

BJD Doll , Anna Carrousel Doll sold by the artists Aiis Roman & Gamalier Bravo We are no longer accepting special requests of any kind, if you really like ...

Deyneko Irina - Апрелька

"Petersburg muse: White Night" by Irina Balashenko

Irina Balashenko ~

https://flic.kr/p/Sg3M5s | UFACHITA | IRINA BALASHENKO

9 Ирина Дейнеко don't like historical dolls usually but I love this and the

Picture credits to Martha Boers, a true artist- featured here: EID Carina

by Irina Balashenko

Smolnikova, Irina - Woman w Caged Fairie (Dolls)

Irina Balashenko

Palmer Cox reproduction cloth Brownie Doll "The Canadian" by Janice Douglas

by Yvonne Flipse

Irina Balashenko The fog


Irina Balashenko ~

Детальный просмотр-IRINA BALASHENKO

Gail Lackey dolls gaillackey.blogspot.com

https://flic.kr/p/SrczFG | UFACHITA | IRINA BALASHENKO

This is so goth yet something else but I just find it interesting to be honest her eyes speak so emotion for a doll and I can't help but feel like it's me ...

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Оригинал взят у shaadorian в "Искусство Куклы" в Манеже часть II В этот

Helena Oplakanska, Artist, Doll's Creator, Odessa, Ukraine | THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE PROJECT

Irina Balashenko ~

Irina Balashenko

Irina Drobkova

"Бланче" Подвижная кукла, Симукова Татьяна

New MSD by Liz Frost: Luna the Pixie

Woad looking up by Sleetwealth on deviantART / Nita Collins

by Irina Kacharava. what a sweet face

Ирина Дайнеко - by Irina Daineko. "

To that fading flower | by Looking for a story

Романтическая коллекция_Ирина Балашенко (Краснодар)_Юлия

Don't think she is 1/12 scale, and you would think they

Irina Deineko

Art doll

Olga Sukach - Google Search

Artist art doll - Irina Smolnikova

by Helena Oplakanska

Bildergebnis für Natalia Pobedina Dolls

Irina Smolnikova

Elina Oplakanska -

Skelita OOAK Repaint La Calavera Catrina by butterflyindisguise, $130.00

Ooak Dolls, Art Dolls, Puppets, Petersburg Russia, Nutcrackers, Smileys, Sculpture Art, Faeries, Beautiful Dolls

so classy


"Арин" Подвижная кукла, Симукова Татьяна

Irina Deyneko

by Marina Malyshkina I see no reason why the brain should have any trouble with sculpting. I don't get why hand/brain coordination is not an issue with clay ...

Irina Balashenko ~ "Art Dolls"

Irina Balashenko ~

Irina Litvinova

~ Irina Balashenko ~ | Dolls | Pinterest | Dolls

How can a doll look so good? Robert Tonner Dolls.

The Garden to Hide in


Ira Deineko

Artist Irina Balashenko Международная выставка кукол "Art of Doll" в Гостином дворе. 13.12

1d8bed2ba090962526582d9cdfeac572.jpg (426×1120)

X International Doll Salon in Moscow 2014

Love the albino look - good for carnival/mime look

''Taty into the woods'' by Romantic Wonders Dolls

Beautiful dolls by Russian artist and designer Irina Smolnikova

images of tom francirek - Google Search

Blonde doll in a beige hoodie

Noel Cruz's Celebrity Look Alike Dolls - Angelina Jolie Doll - 1

art by Irina Deyneko

https://flic.kr/p/RfNiWg | UFACHITA | IRINA BALASHENKO

Afternoon of modeling 1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Art Dolls - Sculpture - hand made dolls and characters - Melanie - Original doll by Ana Salvador - beautiful doll with sad expression:

What a pretty doll.

"Autumn Rose" ooak outfit for Bea, Gertie, Rue MSD BJD Kaye Wiggs. "

Más tamaños | Elven dress for BJD doll. | Flickr: ¡Intercambio de fotos

Marie, a beautiful art doll by Russian dollmaker Varygina Alexandra.

Lillian Alberti - Snow White, character doll

art doll by ira deineko

Micah came to me from my dear friend La Rose. She wanted to give her newly adopted Blythe who had a glorious .


Cinderella - Porcelain Enchanted Doll BJD

Art doll by Helena Oplakanska

Victoria Minenko

Lila Art Doll

Gothic Doll by Dorote Zaukaite

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