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Backstaff Similar to the Crossstaff for determining the altitude of the

Backstaff Similar to the Crossstaff for determining the altitude of the


Backstaff: Similar to the Cross-staff; for determining the altitude of the sun by facing away from the sun, sighting upon the horizon, adjusting a cursor ...

Back-Staff, 1711, by Walter Hensaw, Peter Ifland Collection, The Mariners' Museum, (1998.39.151).

Smoked mirrors on the backstaff solved the ancient navigator's problem of having to look straight at the sun

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The backstaff is a navigational instrument that was used to measure the altitude of a celestial

Davis quadrant, made in 1765 by Johannes Van Keulen. On display at the Musée national de la Marine in Paris.

Diagram of a Cross-staff


Davis Quadrant

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Cross-staff for navigation[edit]

Rare eighteenth century backstaff

A Jacob's staff, from John Sellers' Practical Navigation (1672)

The right corner, near the sight vein, is the 90 degree side of the

As Captain James Cook was conducting his voyages of exploration and discovery, Polynesian navigators had already successfully explored and settled the ...

external image cross_staff_illustration.jpg

My Reproduction Davis Quadrant and Navigation in the 17th and 18th Centuries

An astrolabe, a cross-staff, and a back-staff. By Edmund

Diagram of an Early Cross-Staff (Wikimedia Commons)

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A cross-staff in use. This drawing, from a Spanish book on navigation published in 1552, shows how the cross-staff was used to determine the altitude of ...

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The Method of using a Cross Staff

The gnomon was introduced by Anaximander in 534 B.C., but was used by Pytheas in 330 A.D. to navigate. It was a vertical stick, later positioned in sundials ...

The photograph above was generously provided by E.T. Fox, curator of the Golden Hind Museum in London. The backstaff he holds on the quarterdeck is one that ...

The other instrument measures vertical angles, and is used as the astrolabe, quadrant, cross staff, back staff, and sextant to measure the angle of a star ...

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Engraving depicting the use of a cross-staff used to measure altitudes of celestial objects

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Medieval Navigation Part II, Steering by the Stars

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The concept of the back staff, which uses shadows to eliminate the need to look at the sun, was devised by Devon seaman John Davis in the ...

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Method of measuring angles with a cross-staff. From Edmund Gunter 'The Description

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The origins of the cross-staff are lost in the mist of time, but it was certainly in use by the fifteenth century. Used to measure the angle of the sun, ...

On the wall of the Boy Captain's cabin is a series of pistols, a blunderbuss, a telescope, and a backstaff.

Finding latitude with the navigator's cross-staffThe navigator, holding the staff to one eye

A reproduction of the 1720 Jochem Hasebroek Cross-staff


The Folias

Sight along this edge; 5. d) Let your partner determine ...

In the final print, however, the instrument is changed from a backstaff to an octant.

The backstaff is a navigational instrument that was used to measure the altitude of a celestial

Diagram of sextant

For a sun sight, the astrolabe was allowed to hang freely and the alidade was adjusted so that a ray of sunlight passed through the hole in the upper vane ...

Gunter quadrant

Our macaroni holds a sort of octant (lacking many of the necessary pieces), but he holds it as one would operate a backstaff. Darly is either unaware of ...

Meuble bar en acajou et acier patiné, 1950

Generic sundial

A screenshot of the Theodolite HD app marketed by Hunter Research and Technology

Backstaff reproduction


John Davis (English explorer) - Davis, shown bottom left holding his backstaff,

... figure 11), ...

The cross-staff was an ancient precursor to the modern marine sextant.

Circle of equal altitude - Image: Sumner circle of equal altitude

Using Back Staff (closeup of coin back) ...

Quadrant being used to obtain the altitude of a tower. From Sebastian Munster 'Rudimenta

The Method of using a Backstaff

Cross-staff used for computing lunar distance and height of buildings on the cover of Introductio geographica by Petrus Apianus, Ingolstadt, 1533

Image result for renaissance cosmos

Using a quadrant with a plumb bob to calculate the height of a tower by triangulation

The cross-staff was used by every seafaring culture in western Europe. It did not fall completely out of use as a navigator's tool until the late eighteenth ...

Build a Simple Sextant (teacher's version) Background: A sextant is a tool for ...


A sextant is an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects.

Artwork showing 17th century astronomers using a large quadrant

... Image from page 269 of "Révai nagy lexikona; az ismeretek enciklopédiája" ( ...

After removing the bevelled edge from the pinnules the instrument performs much better.

An illustration of a passage instrument, an astronomical tool used to determine the time stars

Sight reduction - Marcq St Hilaire intercept for the line of position

Rare eighteenth century backstaff

... is an; 3. example ...

The cross-staff, the first instrument to utilize the visible horizon in making celestial observations.

Intercept method

Davis Quadrent or Backstaff

Surveying: Top; measuring angles using a quadrant. Bottom; obtaining levels and altitudes

mariner's compass card

... 6.

Cross Staff reproduction

I was less impressed by the mariner's astrolabe. It was more difficult to make: dividing a circle accurately was a major challenge.

To make a calculation using the Cross Staff, top, it is necessary to look

SCN 558

... figure 12).

Sight reduction - Azimuth diagram by Hanno Ix

... Image from page 342 of "Christopher Columbus and the New World of his discovery ...

Sight reduction - Haversine Sight Reduction algorithm


George Vancouver's Sextant

The Method of using an Astrolabe


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