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Aww well show me then daddy lol R i g h h h h t Bae

Aww well show me then daddy lol R i g h h h h t Bae


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pppfffftttttt she got gamee

Every time, it's always the lips or an eye and then i add the rest

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So proud your respectful to eat your parents you never raise your voice or yellow so glad we have you :). said me never again

YES and "she just needs to put more effort in her presentation" like well I'm sorry I'm not aiming for my phd IN GRADE SCHOOL

So true funny asf

(x-post from r/softwaregore

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Trueeeeeeeeeeee so so true - Lol! Considering the conversation I had with her at the track I highly doubt this. But it is funny!

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The Game slams another fan who told him to stop kissing his daughter on the lips

Erm Swag Actually means S.W.A.G e e r a c e y r e t l y

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Don't worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows. ----

Mochikamedo lukajikishita (Otaku fan girl) what's your name in Japanese?

In Omnia Paratus


I'm relevant I guess lol

Competitive Rate ~ James Breakwell's Unbelievably Bad Webcomic

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And that, my dear friends, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure to read. awww I feel bad now

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Yes ! If someone is competing with you - they aren't your friend .

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There is a difference between how allies view it and how people in the community do. One of my friends didn't even know what the B in ...

I kinda see this as the 'popular group' being on the bottom, and

so true

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Looking at good arts by kawacy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Haha occupational disease

This makes me mad. Look at the heterosexual flag. Why is it so dark and sad? I very much support the LGBT movement, but this is horrible.

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Men vs Women and colors

This is just a collection of random things from the awesome anime Ful… Random


I'm having a really difficult time explaining why the fact that my rapper name is "Crack Sniff" is so funny. Crack Sniff in the house. Whoop whoop.

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The Face You Make When You Missing Bae - Lonely Spongebob | Meme .

I hate the word 'bae' 🙄

Tbh lol

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Lmfao righhhht.

It spells exit and I already knew what to do after I finished reading the bold black title come on give me a challenge.

Wishin for it

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Imagine my confusion when I thought this was Lizzie McGuire

Drawing hands


Class Reunion by kawacy on DeviantArt That'd be me in my future high school reunion. All worked down to the bone and shiet.

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Somebody needs a bubble bath and ice cream.

Nothing is stronger than the bond between sisters. I love my sisters to death!

How long did it take you to draw them bitches on?

Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. Who the he'll has time for three hobbies?

basit erkek bütün kadınlara güzelsin der basit kadın buna inanır ile ilgili görsel sonucu

so true theses niggas aint that dumb/stupid or are they?

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Very specific indeed.


This really is true.

How Different Social Media Platforms Are Like Drugs

Y EU do this

Artists you stalk by SnaiLords on DeviantArt XD so true and cute

Dad jokes are all over Twitter for #MarchDadness

It's sad but this is so true I got all theses movies& more!

Lol yep!

AWW THAT PLOT TWIST THOUGH ||| I WANNA save it to my Homestuck board

idrc i just thought wolves were cool

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okay but this is right after she sings an equally well-rehearsed song about how boring and lame everyone in town is so she really has it coming tbh

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Turn it upside down < < < On a Mac, so yeah, I did a headstand. Then I crashed into the coffee table, twisted my ankle, and my brother showed me how to turn ...

idgaf bout nothin else neither

How people see me by kawacy on DeviantArt: hah, that last description is me lol

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This would be me guys guys all this bad stuff happened today and I'm stressed and mad, ugh life has cursed me!

Me me me me me me ME!

Omggggg Lmaooo


Everyday B.

Let's Talk About Food (Alternate Title: Fear and Loathing in My Body).

that's why I'm afraid of birds, and don't really like to go to Budapest, which is a shame, since I live 30 mins away from it < <

The Wedding Night - Funny Story !

Funny as hell

Bae, Everything

lol Generation | date generation lol relatable image 626999 on favim com lol relatable .

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Why you should start a webcomoc

Lol that's me but not me I won't be looking at anyone

I'm not single and I don't suspect but this is funny

But seriously.

drawing something evil feels good when in a bad mood though

But when she say okay and I keep going I gotta stfu

35.1k Likes, 648 Comments - backup for @noot.ed (@nooted.v4) on Instagram: “i was sick when i made this video so i sound like i have piercings and …

Me and my sister do this so often it's scary. We call it sister telepathy.