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Aphanius baeticus Endemic to a small part of Southern Spain

Aphanius baeticus Endemic to a small part of Southern Spain


Aphanius baeticus. Endemic to a small part of Southern Spain (recruiting ground for Caesar's

Male of Aphanius baeticus ' ...

Female of A. baeticus ' ...

... to learn that there also exist a number of rarely-discussed, very attractive species native to Eurasia of which several are found in southern Europe.

Chromaphyosemion bivittatum Funge

Aphanius baeticus Aphanius baeticus

Male Aphanius iberus from the Delta del Llobregat, Barcelona. © Matt Ford

Aphanius baeticus FLORA AND FAUNA OF HUELVA ANDALUSIA Salinete o Fartet Andaluz

Aphanius baeticus Aphanius baeticus

Aphanius baeticus Aphanius baeticus

Similar Aphanius, Valencia toothcarp, Mediterranean killifish, Pupfish, Aphanius baeticus

Adult female from the habitat shown in the previous image, Sevilla Province, Andalucia, Spain.

Aphanius baeticus. Endemic to a small part of Southern Spain (recruiting ground for Caesar's famous Tenth Legion). Its natural habitats are rivers,…

European killifishes part 1: the genus Aphanius in Spain

Aphanius baeticus PUNTATLANTIS Fartet andaluz Aphanius baeticus

... to learn that there also exist a number of rarely-discussed, very attractive species native to Eurasia of which several are found in southern Europe.

Male and female


Lower Guinea endemic from S. Gabon and W. Congo. Specifically, the area around Moanda, the Lékedi River drainage system, and the area around Mossendjo in ...

Aphanius sirhani. Adult male specimen displaying courtship colour. Jordan's only native vertebrate is endemic

Adult ...

Male specimen of Aphanius saourensis sp. nov., collected with the

Aphanius transgrediens (Ermin, 1946) (adult male)


Similar Spanish toothcarp, Aphanius, Valencia, Aphanius baeticus, Parachondrostoma arrigonis

Nothobranchius annectens, Hanssens and Snoeks, 2005. Endemic to Tanzania. Its natural habitats


Flank patterning ...

Southern Congo's Upper Ogowe and upper Louesse drainage systems. Occurs in brooks and small streams in the rainforest. Not a seasonal killifish.

Aphyosemion pyrophore lives in small rainforest streams in the hills of Lékoumou, Southern Congo.

Micromoema xiphophora found at Isla Raton, in the Rio Orinoco a little south of Puerto

Arabian toothcarp - Image: Cyprinodon dispar mf Day Mintern 121

Афаниус арабский, Aphanius dispar dispar

aphanius+iberus | Aphanius iberus (Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1846) Origen: Albuixech

Map of populations in Spain ...

Phylogenetic relationships of Aphanius baeticus based on mtDNA cytb data using BI and

Cynolebias constanciae - Image: Simpsonichthys constanciae

Aphanius transgrediens (Ermin, 1946) (adult couple)

Adult ...

Endangered and endemic species found in Bermuda with highly fragmented

Figure 3. Observed (bars), growth-decline population model (continuous line

Named after Mr. Samba Sidibe and his family, who first collected and made it available to the fishkeeping hobby. Endemic to the Kindia region of Guinea.

The ...

A. baeticus is the only fish species present in this particular habitat, the water being far too saline to permit its main competitor, the alien Gambusia ...

Aphanius baeticus "El Roccio"

Aphanius baeticus "El Roccio"

Type locality: Lebrija, Salado River, Sevilla (region), Guadalquivir basin, (southwestern) Spain. Aphanius baeticus " ...

Austrolebias - Austrolebias adloffi

Documental sobre el salinete aphanius baeticus

Distribución histórica, actual y potencial de Aphanius iberus en la Región

... region and surrounding area in southeastern Gabon where it's been recorded from the Léconi-Djouya and upper Mpassa rivers, these forming a portion of ...

Aphyosemion bivittatum - found in small streams found around the Gulf of Guinea

Fossil of Aphanius crassicaudus

Aphanius vladykovi "Boldaji" Irán - Roberto Arbolea - Aphanius_vladykovi_Boldaji_Iran_-_Roberto_Arbolea_.

Fundulopanchax fallax from the coastal basin of west Cameroon, from Malende-Nyoke (north

Spanish toothcarp pupfish or iberian killifish

Number of Aphanius baeticus populations with the highest posterior probability expressed as (A) the

Distribution of Aphanius Iberus in Spain

Diapteron fulgens LEC 93/7. a beautiful, yet exceptionally small (35mm)

Map of the sample location of the Aphanius baeticus individuals used in this

Aphanius splendens (Kosswig & Sözer, 1945) (adult male)

On July 19, 2013, a new species of South American Annual Killifish from José

Spain 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Grupos Poblacionales Operativos (GPOs) en la gestión de Aphanius iberus

Aphanius anatoliae anatoliae, another Turkish species. These fish are from the population at Isikli. Male on right, female on left:


Dehesa Boyal (meadow for grazing animals), Bollullos Par del Condado, Huelva.

Rio de la Vega, Tarifa, Spain.

Finally ...

Ash Meadows killifish - Image: Empetrichthys.merria mi.dsj

1200 endangered killifish released in Barcelona, Spain

Figure 5.

Aphanius vladykovi from Iran. Two males:

Investigated marshlands in southwestern Spain. Control sites: C1, Guadiana

Valencia toothcarp

Location of the sampling site in the Guadalquivir Estuary Ž SW Spain

Fig. 1. Location of the Guadalquivir and Bembézar River basins within the borders of

Fig 1. Cottus aturi (Photo credits: Ignacio Doadrio)

Map of the Guadalquivir River estuary (Southwest Spain) showing the

Geographic distribution of fossil Aphanius -like species (a – c

The ventral part of the head and belly are light. The chin and sides of the head are speckled with melanophores. Below the eye there is a line of relatively ...

Hypsolebias picturatus was described scientifically by Dr. Wilson Costa, Brasil in 2000. Costa

Aphanius mento Elbistain - Hristo Hristov - Aphanius_mento_Elbistain_-_Hristo_Hristov.

Aphanius mento "Kirgoz" - Roberto Arbolea -

Rio de la Vega, Tarifa, Spain.

Figure 1. Aerial photograph of the Nature Reserve " Laguna de Zóñar " near Aguilar

Aphanius saourensis sp. nov. Holotype, MNCN 246655, Male,


Aphanius mento Elbistain - Roberto Arbolea - Aphanius_mento_Elbistain_-

Anablepidae - Four-eyed fish, Anableps sp.

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Aphyosemion congicum. The type series was derived from a commercial shipment and this species'

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