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Apartment Serpents Pet snake Dog cat and Bird t

Apartment Serpents Pet snake Dog cat and Bird t


A grass snake showing off his forked tongue

It's not a cat or a dog, but it offers some advantages: a ball python eats once a week, poops just as rarely, and doesn't make a racket.


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In this picture, he's hugging my finger with his tail, because hugging things makes him feel safe.

Starring some of the city's finest dogs, cats, snakes, parrots, and squirrels.

Really amazing snakes, the Dog-toothed Cat Snake (species Boiga cynodon),

1. It's a dirty business. Snake in pet ...

4. Captivity is cruel.

Corn Snake from the Lower Florida Keys

Corn snake

There are plenty of dog lovers in Austin. We were named America's Best City for Dogs after all. You'll also find a lot of apartment dwellers with cats.

Python reticulatus сетчатый питон-2.jpg | Mariluna | CC BY-SA 3.0

Snake slithers in Maryland by Hannah Grove.

Invasive: A colony of around 30 Aesculapian snakes has been living by London's Regent's Canal

vivariums for pet snakes

Animals are great. There is no denying the fact that life would not be the same without them. Pets are a vision of our better natures, masters of the wisdom ...

Cats Rule

Reptiles are beloved by so many pet parents worldwide, and it's easy to see why. When compared to a dog or a cat, reptiles don't require as much care and ...

Snake head close up flicking its tongue


Thats why you don't see my hands in the picture. I let him go in the pasture too, because despite his bad temper, he's an important part of my plan not to ...

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Some snakes are beautifully iridescent, like this one.

green snake


Who's the cutest wittle snakey-wakey? Photo by Borhuah Chen

Garter Snakes

Adopted pets

Snakes make the best pets of all and here's why

Dan Brandon lies next to one of his pet snakes in a Facebook picture (Image: Facebook)

Collection of Domestic Pets Together. Dogs

nom nom nom

When I lived in Central FL, we had a black snake named Charley who was the neighborhood mascot - straight up!

I'm terrified of snakes.but I will look at a ball python's cute head shape and booplesnoot if I don't have to touch it or be alone with it.

(iStock). Cats ...


These are interesting markings on a snake. They look like flowers from far away.

Carpet python …

It's almost summer, and it's the right time for slithering snakes to

Cat eyes

2. This little pygmy goat is a great pal!

It is not uncommon to find these black racer snakes in Florida

Some Owls Keep Blind Snakes in Their Nests as Live-in Exterminators


Domesticated dogs and cats

Can't get enough of the beautiful black & white contrast this makes with the leucistic rat snake.

55 best Funny Snakes images on Pinterest | Funny photos, Ha ha and Funny images

Hog Nose Snakes As Pets. By Cindy Quarters. John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

... like a dog or doesn't shed like a cat. If that sounds like you, here are the best apartment pets for you to think about adopting: Reptiles – Snakes ...

These snakes are amongst my personal favorite! They are relatively small, but have as much or more personality than any other snake I have ever seen.

... if the pet weighs anywhere from up to 40 to up to 80 pounds. This eliminates most dogs, and all smaller animals like birds, cats, ferrets, and snakes.

What Does Your Pet Choice Say About You? Some Stereotypes Might Actually Be True

Gina Cioli/I-5 Studio

A well started (already eating readily) Corn snake is hard to beat for the novice snake keeper. These snakes ...

Snake mites access the soft skin between a snake's scales.

Animals That are Victims of the Exotic Pet Trade

A tabby cat and a mixed Molosser dog

Behold… the little thief…

... are already irreversible. snake_bitedog

Best Dogs for Apartments. Source: Rent Tampa Bay

Why is he doing that?

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

I can't even... But kudos to this guy for giving his snakes some exercise, and the other guy for having well-trained dogs.

Different Types of Snakes Eat Different Things

Image for Corn Snake (Only Available In Store) from Pets At Home

Black snake with head raised

Sweet Pea, normal ball python. Pet SnakeSnake ...


Don't like snakes but it is a part of our eco system. Therefore, they have purpose and I love ALL that God created.

Klomphan Khiewwan found her dog Fino half eaten by a Python

Best Cats for Apartments

Best Apartment Pets - What's Allowed? Cats Rule. Dogs - Size Sometimes Matters

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Photo: Shutterstock

5 Reasons NEVER to Buy a Snake

Yellow Snake Dream

Snake Management Tips - How to keep snakes out of your backyard.

Common California King Snake

Klomphan Khiewwan found her dog Fino half eaten by a Python

Klomphan Khiewwan found her dog Fino half eaten by a Python

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It's finally here: The list of household pets ranked from worst to best. Cats and dogs ...

Snakes, like all other animals, do get sick. Regurgitation is the casting up of undigested food and is most frequently associated with husbandry.

Ball pythons

We've had a love for pets ever since early man first trained wolves to obey commands. You won't find many wolves in family homes today, but dogs, cats, ...

Dog walkers are being warned to stay vigilant for adders

Cats' impressive individuality makes it hard to study their smarts

Pet Ball Python