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Andean mountain cat The Andean cat is considered to be one of the

Andean mountain cat The Andean cat is considered to be one of the


Andean Cat

The beautiful Andean mountain cat (Leopardus jacobita) is a small wildcat found in the Andes mountains. Fewer than 2500 are thought to exist.

Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobita)

Andean mountain cat

#1 Spreading The Word. The biggest, most reversible problem facing the Andean cat ...

The rarest cat in Americas, the Andean Mountain Cat is perhaps the least studied feline

Andean cat walking over rock

Andean Mountain Cat - There is a difference between the coloration in juvenile…

Andean mountain cat

Andean mountain cat The Andean cat is considered to be one of the most endangered wild cats in the world and perhaps the rarest South American felid, ...

A Dollar for the Little Guy: The Andean Mountain Cat Project

Andean Cats (Leopardus jacobita) are one of the most beautiful of all wild cats

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Caturday Feature: Andean Cat · 1 Comment Posted by Felids on September 29, 2012. Andean Cats Oreailurus jacobita are one of the ...

Andean cat sitting in shade

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The Andean Cat Leopardus jacobita is found only in the arid, sparsely vegetated elevations of the Andes Mountains in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.


Gr.) ; Andean Cat #3 (62 Kb JPEG) (Terrambiente) ; Andean Cat #4 (95 Kb JPEG) (Cat Act. Treas.) ; Andean Cat #5 (99 Kb JPEG) (Cat Act. Treas.)


Andean cat in habitat

Andean Mountain Cats, Leopardus jacobitus - *as seen from a camera trap "During

Andean Mountain Cat

Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobita) female at night, Abra Granada, Andes,

Andean Mountain Cat

... Coloring Pages Trendy Andean Mountain Cat 7 andean mountain cat facts ...

Andean Mountain Cat - Leopardus jacobita. Posted Image

Side profile of Andean cat

Andean Mountain Cat

Jacobo in close up, just moments after his release. Photo by Juan Reppucci / courtesy of Andean Cat Alliance

Andean Cat

The Andean mountain cat is one of the least known felids in South America. It is extremely rare, with a very small distribution.

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Andean cat peering over rock

AGA E. Delgado D. Berna ML. Villalba

source by wikipedia


source by wikipedia

Endangered Species of the Week: Andean Mountain Cat by June Bug

Researchers have waited 25 years for confirmation that Andean cats lived in Chile's Los Flamencos National Reserve.

Why is the Andean mountain cat special?

Dead Andean cats, used in ceremonies as icons with special powers

Dead Andean cats regarded as sacred items

Okay so, my last edit was really lazy so I decided to do another one of an Andean Mountain Cat. This came out alright, better than some of my edits (*cough* ...

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Andean cats suffer from an identity crisis: with so few of them prowling around such a large mountainous Latin American landscape, most people don't know ...

2010-06-05 14:56:34. Andean Mountain Cat photographed with a ...

Little Mountain Kitty Rules the Andes

Seeking Andean Cats

... Andean Mountain Cat | by Felidae Fund

Andean Cat Distribution Range Map

The Andean cat is one of the world´s most endangered felids and the only one in the Americas classified as endangered by the IUCN. Previously known only in ...

Andean Cat Alliance

Andean Mountain Cat

Andean cat in cave

Pampas Cat

pampas cat leopardus colocolo

A vizcacha (Lagidium viscacia) prey of the Andean Mountain cat near Rio Grande in

'Snow leopard' of the Andes is one of the world's most endangered cats

Facts about Andean Mountain Cats. Among wild cats, the ...

A few moments later this “ghost cat”, first seen wandering a Bolivian soccer field, vanished back into the wild. Photo by Juan Reppucci / courtesy of Andean ...

Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobita) stuffed animal hanging in house, considered to bring

INTERESTING Andean Mountain Cat Breeds Facts And Information

Andean Mountain Cat Stock Photos And Pictures Getty Images

Reprinted with permission of the Andean Cat Alliance, a group of professionals from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru working to develop coordinated ...

Andean cat range

Andean cat habitat

andean cat range map

Description. Pampas cat with a ...

Andean Cat Alliance · Rocio Palacios · SF Expo 2016

Download Andean Mountain Cat stock image. Image of around, alpaca - 96094067

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Stuffed Andean cat in Peru.

Like many house cats, the Andean Mountain Cat is rather camera shy. Via CONAF

Andean cat! March 2016

The Andean Mountain Cat is the most endangered small wild cat of America. The body length ranges from 57 to 64 centimetres (22 to 25 inch), the tail length ...

... an Andean mountain cat, Leopardus jacobita, and it had been killed and stuffed. Brian ...

Jacobo leaves his cat carrier. Photo by Juan Reppucci/courtesy of Andean Cat Alliance

Habitat of the Andean Mountain Cat. Lope Jara - Southwest Bolivia (~4100 m.a.s.l.

Andean Cat (Leopardus jacobita) - Leopardus Lineage

The Andean Mountain Cat has been in my heart for a very long time. It is a high altitude specialist and less than 2.500 remain.

Alianza Gato Andino - Andean Cat Alliance

A super rare Andean mountain cat. Tiny owl and tiny kitten. Tiny owl and tiny kitten. Mommy needs to snuggle

Cats Of The Andes Andean Mountain Cat Conservation

... Coloring Pages Gorgeous Andean Mountain Cat 29 Head andean mountain cat endangered ...

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Khastor Region - Southern Bolivia - Habitat of the Andean Mountain Cat.

Andean cat habitat

Andean Mountain Cat (Leopardus jacobita) at night, Abra Granada, Andes, northwestern

Andean Mountain Cat Stock Image

How to draw a cat - innnabut style

Andean-Cat-JimSanderson Sedated Andean Mountain Cat

The pink coloured nose distinguishes the pampas cat clearly from the Andean cat.