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Ancestry DNA result North African Amazigh 23andme t

Ancestry DNA result North African Amazigh 23andme t


Ancestry DNA Results - Algeria - North Africa - Amazigh

African American Example

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My fellow Africans share your ancestral results from different DNA companies [Archive] - Anthrogenica

23andMe DNA Ancestry Results - L3e2b

As for this Moroccan guy:

... get similar results to what this guy got in that they look 90 to 100% East African and have small MENA percentages like 2-3-4-5-6-7%.

My fellow Africans share your ancestral results from different DNA companies [Archive] - Anthrogenica

The West African results can be more accurate. I know that some of what is being classed as West African here is actually Tuareg and Berber.

Ancestry DNA Results - North Africa (Algeria)

Somali Ancestry DNA vs. 23andMe


My 23andME Ancestry Timeline by G.C.Rogers 01/19/17


Sure !

Also interesting that West Asian > North African. it's the opposite on 23andme if i'm not mistaken. Reposting the Egyptian results ...

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23 and Me Results! Ancestry Dna

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23AndMe DNA Ancestry Results | Afghan [Hazara/Turkmen]

Ancestry Dna Results

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Ancestry DNA Reveal Party and results

Mixed person (Amazigh/Eastern European) live DNA results (23andMe)

North African DNA results and breakdown with pic sample

An example of an Asian American's ancestry results.

Similarly ...

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I'm Mixed with African My Ancestry DNA + GedMatch Results


A Blog Interview with my African DNA Cousin

Find this Pin and more on Ancestry DNA Results by lawangray.

The result is that there aren't really any reliable genetic markers that can cheaply and easily distinguish between these populations.

I've been a very busy bee so haven't had time to upload! BUT hope you enjoy dis video, basically me talking about my ancestry dna .

23andMe - Personal Genetic Service - Saliva Collection Kit - Front_Zoom

Me, being a DNA-test pro.

Can 23andMe Tell Us If Jews Are A Race — And Is That A Good Thing?

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And here again, the company didn't mention what those "UNIQUE" genes were. But once again, RHWW rides to the rescue - if you will allow us to help.

Customer Stories. Genetic Journeys.

What does 1.7% North African mean on MyHeritageDNA? (German, native, search) - Genealogy -Ancestry research, historical records, genetic analysis, ...

Ancestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results - Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016. - YouTube

So I ordered the test, which took a few weeks to arrive. I opened the test the day it arrived, submitted the sample, and rushed to the post office so that ...

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Attached to this post: ...

Thread: My 23andMe ancestry comp results – 1330 days old

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Co-founder, co-owner, and CEO of Family Tree DNA, Bennett Greenspan

23andMe Ancestry DNA Test by an Algerian

This is me from my DNA test from @23andme 💪🏻😊🤘🏻 If

What are your DNA test results? AncestryDNA ...

The red-hair gene is most common in among Scottish and Irish people.

Intentionally biased results

For what they were... we are

Cherokee DNA

Saliva collection kit - This box includes all the contents necessary to send your saliva (DNA) to the lab — including a pre-paid shipping label.

I wonder what type of Euro my 4.5% might actually be, is it just Spanish being misread as French and Sardinian I wonder? Any help from anyone more ...

Compared to Fulanis:

'Corrected' Middle East and North Africa Map: ...

Can't wait to get my results


... through the DNA test, many others are DNA matches is an eye opener. It opens another chapter of your life; you hear the voices of the unheard and share ...

Said to contain the largest database with the DNA test kits, the DNA can be linked to any one of the family trees if they are signed on the Ancestry .com.

Traditional Bavarian folk dancing in Munich. Via Wikimedia. Can a DNA test ...

Did you take a DNA test?

Note: please read the the earlier post on this topic if you haven't.


The results where very much in line with DNA studies done in the Dominican Republic. Details here for the amateur one I did myself.

Time to submit my @23andme DNA test and get more info from where in the

Maternal Haplogroup

Re: My DNA results

Ancestry DNA result North African Amazigh 23andme

The Fulani (Fula) people of the western Sahel seem to have a relatively old West Eurasian component which has distinct affinities with the “Maghrebi” ...

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