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An intimidating Argentavis magnificens the largest known volant bird

An intimidating Argentavis magnificens the largest known volant bird


"Rout from the sky" An intimidating Argentavis magnificens (the largest known volant bird) takes over a Thylacosmilus kill. The helpless predator can do ...

Argentavis Magnificens

Jehol Bird by DrawingDinosaurs | Dinosaurs | Pinterest | Bird, Extinct animals and Prehistoric

Argentavis magnificens kleptoparasitism

Illustration of the world's largest known flying bird (Argentavis magnificens) with a wingspan of

Teratornis has the largest wingspan of any known flying bird. It is seen here in dispute with two Dire Wolves over the carcase of a Pronghorn Antelope.


Argentavis Magnivicens. The estimate span was 7 – 7.5 m, height ca. 1.5 m and the mass approx. 72 kg. One of the largest flying birds known to science, ...


Teratorn - a massive bird that could weigh over 160 pounds, with a wingspan of

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Argentavis magnificens (literally "magnificent Argentine bird") is the largest flying bird ever discovered. This bird, sometimes called the Giant Teratorn, ...

Argentavis magnificens - Order: Cathartiformes Family: †Teratornithidae Argentavis magnificens (literally "magnificent

An intimidating #Argentavis magnificens (the largest known volant bird) takes over a #Thylacosmilus kill. Atwork and description by Velizar Simeono…

Why did birds live while dinosaurs died? It's a seedy story, researchers say

Brontornis - Largest bird of all time

Haast's Eagle; The largest eagle that ever lived. The Haast's eagle was from New Zealand where it hunted the Moa, a giant flightless bird that stood much ...

Aiolornis incredibilis

Argentavis Magnificens.

A huge Argentavis magnificens swoops in to claim the kill of a Thylacosmilus atrox by Velizar

Haast's eagle | New Zealand Birds Online

Changyuraptor yangi

Artist's rendition of a Teratorn.

Image Gallery: 25 Amazing Ancient Beasts


Pteranodon bird flying in blue sky Canvas Art - Elena DuvernayStocktrek Images (38 x 21

An enantiornithine is partially ensnared by tree resin, based on the "angel wing"

Birds of prey

6 Reasons to Upgrade to RebelMouse from WordPress

Euryapteryx curtus or the Coastal Moa by Paul Martinson

Haast's Eagle is hunting a moa and its baby the mom only has its foot talons to defend itself

Brachytrachelopan mesai by Gabriel Lío More

10 Dangerous Prehistoric Birds - Page 2 of 2

A reconstruction of Pachydyptes ponderosus by F.W. Kuhnert

Titanis walleri, terror bird. They were the only bird to be an apex predator

A couple of terror birds,Llallwavis scagliai found the carcass of a dead Pliocene Caviomorph rodent on a river bank. Llallawavis scagliai (Magnificent Bird ...

Gerelateerde afbeelding

An intimidating #Argentavis magnificens (the largest known volant bird) takes over a #Thylacosmilus kill. Atwork and description by Velizar Simeono…

The World's Largest Flying Bird Had a Wingspan the Length of Four People Laid Head to Toe

Cladornis pachypus

Why were Apatosaurine necks so robust,with large downward-projecting vertebral processes? Brian Engh illustrates a hypothesis.

Carlo Bonaparte and his Sivatherium by Pelycosaur24 on DeviantArt

Biggest flying bird Pelagornis sandersi

Now with that previous drawing of large prehistoric birds of prey a few days ago ( dontknowwhattodraw. More big prehistoric birds

Toxodon platensis from South America by Renata Cunha

Pelagornis miocaenus in the skies of Miocene Australia by Peter Trusler

Bird display

Hypothetical reconstruction of the skull of Proborhyaena gigantea, the largest of the sparassodonts, the predatory relatives of the marsupials that inha.

Pelagornis chilensis by highdarktemplar.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ida's World - Esther van Hulsen

Ankur Terror Birds by Viergacht on DeviantArt

A life restoration of Indohyus underwater by Lucas Lima

How Did Terror Birds Hunt? Link There Was Once a Bird That Ate Horses! - Cool and Interesting Facts for Kids


Roc - G.River

The mechanism that tells birds to return in spring is still a mystery, but signs suggest it's triggered by weather and its effect on food.

prehistoric-birds: A group of Dromornis, the largest of the dromornithids (Illustration


latest (750×505) | Prehistoric | Pinterest | Prehistoric, Prehistoric animals and Geology

This four-winged dinosaur is helping rewrite the book on prehistoric plumage

Beautiful strange birds: Roseate Spoonbills Send Warning Signs About the Florida Everglades

We now classify these creatures as Manta Birostris, or gigantic manta ray. They have the largest brain of all the world's fishes. Despite its massive size, ...

Diplodocus: Facts About the Longest Dinosaur

Argentavis Magnificens. See more. thalassarche: “ California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) - photo by Mary Ann Durkin ”

These giant flightless birds, similar in appearance to ostriches and emus but without vestigial wings, were once the world's largest birds.

Representación de An, dios sumerio. (Imagen: Historia Enigmática)

Illustration of extinct birds : Giant scimitar-billed nukupu'u (Hemignathus vorpalis) foraging amongst leaf litter for invertebrate prey, Hawaii.

Diatryma gigantea by Matt Martyniuk.

An early New Zealander witnesses two of the last surviving megatheropods. Artist unknown.

Flightless bird

Messelastur gratulator - A Dinosaur A Day

ArtStation - Cratoavis, Pepi Silva

Spinosaurus is my favorite dinosaur and praehistoric creature, a incredible animal. 15 -18 metres , 7-9 tons , the biggest carnivore saurian on earth.

Find this Pin and more on Paleoart: Visions of the Past by kirbitco.

Phorusrhacos of Miocene Patagonia by Lucas Lima

Teratornis merriami

Lesser yellow-headed vulture (Cathartes burrovianus).JPG

Mihirung (Genyornis newtoni) Altogether, at least six genera and eight species of mihirungs—which are commonly known as thunderbirds—lived in Australia in ...

Clockwise starting with the upper left head: the extinct Tasmanian Emu, the extant Common Emu, the extinct Kangaroo Island Emu and the extinct King Island ...

Pelagornís Sandersi, was the largest bird to have ever flown. With a wingspan of up to 20 feet, it was twice the size of a royal albatross, ...

Bison antiquus by Leviatan on DeviantArt

Comparison of Smilodon, a placental mammal, and Thylacosmilus skulls. Thylacosmilus was more closely related to kangeroos than to Smilodon.

Fossil of giant bony-toothed bird from chile sets wingspan record.So apparently birds are terrifying with teeth. So glad they lost those.

The largest marsupial to ever walk the Earth just got another accolade: It's also the only marsupial known to migrate seasonally. Diprotodon optatum was a ...

Argentavis Magnificens Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Argentavis Magnificens At Popflock.com

The Egyptian Vulture

Did the First Birds Fall out of Trees, or Use a Jurassic Runway?

Amphisbaena by Feig-Art

bij les 4: Nieuw-Zeeland Moa

A reconstruction of Pachydyptes ponderosus by F.W. Kuhnert | Prehistoric | Pinterest | Prehistoric, Extinct and Extinct animals

A resting giraffe

A reconstruction of Pachydyptes ponderosus by F.W. Kuhnert | Prehistoric | Pinterest | Prehistoric, Extinct and Extinct animals

Teratornis merriami, a large vulture-like bird from the Late Pleistocene of North America. It had a wingspan of to 4 meters.


Haast's eagle was the largest eagle ever to have lived and the top predator of the time in its ecosystem.

Crow. Charcoal, pencil.


Changyuraptor yangi | Lost Land Of The Dinosaurs | Pinterest | Prehistoric

Illustration of extinct birds : Maui nui finch (Telespiza ypsilon) plucking feather down from a moulting Maui Nui Moa-nalo (Thambetochen chauliodous) for ...