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An exotic impossible space propulsion technology known as

An exotic impossible space propulsion technology known as


Joel Hodgson/Guido Fetta/Cannae.com

The Money Makers Club now has 6 of 15 available seats. Learn more here! An exotic “impossible” space propulsion technology known as “ ...

Ride the Lightning - the British Interplanetary Society has published a new starship concept by the

... a related exotic propulsion method. niac2017phaseiheidifearn.jpg

Mosaic of Dawn's images of asteroid Vesta

Leaked NASA Paper Shows their 'Impossible' EmDrive Engine ...

The future of space flight

NASA Resurrected an 'Impossible' Microwave Thruster Technology

Within the Star Trek universe, traveling across the galaxy is a breeze thanks to the famed warp drive. This fictional technology allows humans and other ...

Alcubierre-warp-drive-overview (1)

Artist's Concept of a Solar Electric Propulsion System


These Theoretical Propulsion Systems Might Make Interstellar Travel a Reality #Infographic via @futurism_co

How Possible Is That “Impossible Space Drive”?

Realistic tech or lazy plot device – what do you think?

Artist concept of NASA's Dawn spacecraft

8 best Future (space) propulsion systems images on Pinterest | Fire crackers, Rocket ships and Rockets

Nuclear thermal propulsion was studied during the 1960s and early 1970s as a follow-up

antimatter rocket.jpeg. “

The copper bucket that supposedly breaks physics has finally passed peer-review. But, Cathal O'Connell writes, don't start packing your bags for Proxima b ...

Theoretical Physicists Are Getting Closer to Explaining How NASA's ' Impossible' EmDrive Works - Motherboard

NASA Sunjammer solar sail prepares to shoot the breeze By Francis X Govers III December 2013 Artist's depiction of the Sunjammer spacecraft leaving Earth ...

SpaceX's planned 2018 Mars mission could pave the way for a few different types of boot


The new EmDrive engine prototype in Germany.

For more than 50 years, NASA's robotic deep space probes have carried nuclear batteries provided by the U. Department of Energy. Even the crewed Apollo moon ...

New Published Results on the 'Impossible' EmDrive Propulsion Expected Soon

Image: Star Trek

A Bussard ramjet, one of many possible methods that could serve as propulsion of a starship.

This diagram suggests a rocket tail and the basics of rocket propulsion. - Lyapunov, B. Fight for Speed. Moscow: Young Guard, p.

This artist's concept shows NASA's Dawn spacecraft arriving at the dwarf planet Ceres (lower right

Illustration of the Dawn spacecraft flying towards Ceres.

Wiki Commons. The EmDrive, a type of space propulsion system ...

Private rocket company Ad Astra is working on a propulsion system that could make future space

New, Ultrathin Optical Devices Shape Light in Exotic Ways

Fuel-Less Space Drive May Actually Work, Says NASA

Propulsion System Requirements ...

... fu- when brought into contact with normal matter; thus, they must be sion propulsion systems. contained by electromagnetic elds in high vacuums.

Diagram showing the solar arrays of the Rosetta and Dawn spacecraft

ion engine, rocket engine, electrical space drive, space travel, engine, rocket The ...

... space The VASIMR ion engine could - if powered by an onboard nuclear reactor - take astronauts ...

Rocket Scientists Say We'll Never Reach the Stars

NASA Confirms: 'StarTrek' EM-Drive Propulsion System "Appears to Work --To Mars in 70 Days"

I am not writing this blog from a passenger ship orbiting Saturn, but the modern-day reality 50 years later is still pretty exciting.

warp drive space ship time travel faster than light nasa les bossinas

Cutaway diagram of the Apollo Applications Project Venus flyby spacecraft.

The 12 Greatest Challenges for Space Exploration

FRISBEE 1137 reducing the propellant requirement for a given spacecraft velocity change 1V or, alternatively,increasing the ratio of nal or dry mass Mb ...



25; 26.

space junk

The rare science opportunity of planetary transits has long inspired bold voyages to exotic vantage points – journeys such as James Cook's trek to the South ...

250px-Star_Trek_Warp_Field huktzitxzojen9b5nvoi




23; 24. Current Status on Conventional Systems ...

The recent Estes Park Breakthrough Propulsion ...

NASA Seeks Big Ideas for Small In-Space Propulsion Systems

Ion propulsion is a form of electrical propulsion that creates thrust by accelerating ions by the use of plasma. Ions pass through an electromagnetic grid ...

Electrically powered spacecraft propultion ...

Nature's speed limit – light – means it's unlikely we'll be able to hop in a space ship and roam the galaxy. Until we develop 'warp' technology, that is.

41; 42.

FRISBEE 1133 e ts include reduced gravity losses for liftoff from the moon or for escape/capture in low Earth orbit. Also, because of the potential to use ...

Slide: 2 / of 16. Caption: Caption: caption

“That's Star Trek stuff!”

With ...

The good ship Discovery from the classic 1968 motion picture 2001: A Space Odyssey. From right to left, we see the pressure sphere housing the crew; ...

No such material exists today, so it's currently unknown whether we'll ever develop a material strong enough to build a space elevator.

46; 47.

For decades, artists working on NASA projects have produced beautiful images that stimulated the imaginations of the people working to make them a reality.

Well, You Know: NASA's Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt

8 best Future (space) propulsion systems images on Pinterest | Fire crackers, Rocket ships and Rockets

NASA's Physics-Defying EM Drive To Be Tested In Space | BENDED REALITY.COM

100 Year Starship: An interstellar leap for mankind?

Ion propulsion is a form of electrical propulsion that creates thrust by accelerating ions by the use of plasma. Ions pass through an electromagnetic grid ...

Modern Pulsed Fission Propulsion Concept.

They have "initiated an interferometer test bed that will try to generate and detect a microscopic instance of a little warp ...

The postage-stamp-sized space probes of Breakthrough Starshot could make a flyby…

Although the EmDrive thruster was designed more than a decade ago, and proven to work by NASA's Advanced Propulsion Physics Research Laboratory, ...

Deep Space Transport and Gateway

Ion drives may sound like science fiction, but they're very real. (NASA)

Free Preview

NASA engages warp drive

EmDrive built by Eagleworks inside the test chamber.jpg

In 1960, Dr. Robert W. Bussard developed a interstellar propulsion system that drew its fuel from space itself. A cylinder shaped space vehicle uses ...

Dawn's solar arrays are folded to fit inside the nose cone in preparation for launch

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