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An Oath to the Morrigan t

An Oath to the Morrigan t


The Morrigan's Call Retreat

Not THAT Kind of Priest: or why I don't proselytize for the Morrigan

Morrigan books 07.14.17

"Morrigan ancient crone of war I hear your voice, I'll breath no


The Morrigan


The Morrigan

Main Altar : Temple of the Morrigan photo by Joe Perri

'The Morrigan' and her crow by Sharon Aur.


The Morrigan was a shape-shifter, who would usually take on the form of a raven or a crow. Goddess of battle, strife & fertility.

SciFi and Fantasy Art The Morrigan by Sharon Aur

Morrigan 07.05.17 01 1200x600


The Morrigan, Celtic goddess of death

The Morrígan ...

リリィ & Morrigan - Oath Nova Apocalypse (WAVE - Citla Re: Verse) - YouTube

The Morrigan's Call. host

The 27th Oath

The Morrigan is the Irish queen of war and fertility

Card 4 of 7Artwork · Morrigan Awakens

04 110 Ravens at Newgrange 600x300

Morrigan at Beltane 2015 02


I had a great time connecting with old friends, plotting shenanigans, and talking and connecting with some great people. After the workshop ...

Exiting the Cave of the Morrigan – 2018

... up a copy of my Inktober sketchbook, I'll have them at ROT FEST, November 26th! https://m.facebook.com/events/286328005190106?ref=m_notif¬if_t=like … ...

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【オリジナル】 WAVE - Oath Nova Apocalypse

Temple of the Morrigan photo by Joe Perri Wolf Mercury Photography

[AIR Classical Arrange] WAVE (Morrigan) - Summer Wind -Natsu no Kaze-

Book of the Great Queen 600x300

Card 1 of 9Artwork · Above the Skies

Growing up in a culture saturated with Judeo-Christian values, we inherit that worldview. It doesn't matter if your family were of a minority religion or ...

The Morrigan Raven Goddess Art Parchment Book of Shadows Style

Ok, so I am back to writing now after a brief hiatus. I had to take some time off to get settled into a new life full of new challenges and journeys ...

Card 5 of 7Artwork · The Golem

MORRIGAN : Diananns Whisper TS L-size

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow Book 1 (English Edition) par [Townsend

... Imperial rule, at the Voice & Vote exhibition in Westminster, worth a visit if you are in London this summer - portrait on loan from Oireachtas!

CONCEPTJing Wei Morrigan ...

Card 6 of 7Artwork · Enter The Hero

ACRG Morrigan in the North - Concept Art.jpg

Card 3 of 7Artwork · A Moment's Peace

This isn't Hades, but the Creature brought back to life through unnatural means. Lusting for life, the Creature kills both Lucifer and Morrigan.

Coru Cathubodua Priesthood - A Polytheist Priesthood of the Morrigan

The Morrigan is the goddess of war, battle, strife, and fertility in Celtic mythology. Most notably in Ireland, but also in other parts of Europe.

SMITE - God Reveal - Jing Wei, The Oath Keeper

Did you know I have a Patreon for my art and illustration work? Older work

The Wicked + The Divine Fills the Hollow with a New Arc - The Fandomentals

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Morrigan's Cross: Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts ...

The Morrigan

Morrigan storm.jpg

Way of the Spear

When you see a crow or a raven, do you think of them as an omen or a message bringer? Do you believe them unlucky or enchanting?


Orphan Magic Part 2

The Morrigan's Blessing: A Battle Prayer

the river on camp grounds

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Bridge entering the location of the Retreat

Black Oath - To Below And Beyond

The Temple of Zeus, from the Acropolis – 2012

The Morrigan Limited Edition Print

Coru Cathubodua Priesthood - A Polytheist Priesthood of the Morrigan

Card 2 of 9Artwork · Flowers

ACRG Morrigan.jpg

Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan Paperback – October 8

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The following correspondences can be used for any work calling upon the Morrigan, the Irish triple goddess of sovereignty, battle, and death, as a whole or ...

I take a deep breath and look up at the crescent above. It's barely even twilight and she is already shining brightly in the autumn sky.

Dragon Age - Morrigan Collector's Plush

"Frigg takes oaths from all living creatures"and "Hermodr Before Hel, Norse Queen of Nifilheim" and "Phantom Queen Morrigu" MMXVII

Card 8 of 9Artwork · Wash Away

January 25, 2018 Why I Don't Like Sexy Morrigan Imagery

When I first started thinking about a follow-on series to the Pipe Woman Chronicles, I knew one thing for sure: the Morrigan was going to be in it. I don't ...

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Louis le Brocquy's Illustration from the Táin